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Fight for survival among the stars in this next generation tabletop wargame from the team behind
Fight for survival among the stars in this next generation tabletop wargame from the team behind
Fight for survival among the stars in this next generation tabletop wargame from the team behind
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Shipping Updates...


Hi everyone,

As most of you probably noticed, our picking and packing emails have gone out for all orders finalised in time. If you've not completed the pledge manager yet, the next wave of shipping should go out around Jan 20th, so you'll need to complete the pledge manager by Jan 17th or so,

It has been an extremely hectic week for us here, so our apologies for the lack of updates! The biggest news is that we suffered a delay with book production. We got samples back of our printed rulebook and it was just not what we'd hoped for in terms of quality. This meant adjusting the print options, and reprinting them all. As such, we incurred an extra 2 week delay on the print and they will not be in our warehouse until next week. A 2 week difference, while a total pain at this time of the year, was small enough to justify the big increase in print quality compared to the early proofs and still lets us get everything shipped out in December.

We also suffered a delay of a few days in customs, but all should be good now, and the last of the plastic should be in our warehouse tomorrow :)

The Maelstrom's Edge box set boxes are all done, are in our warehouse and are looking great! Everyone who has seen them so far has been very impressed with the vibrancy and we cant wait until you get your copies!

We'll be packing over the next two weeks most likely, and then shipping between Christmas and New Year. Terrible timing for assembling models during the holidays, but they will still be with the vast majority of backers before the holidays are over, and will be with everyone while the weather is bad outside so painting, modelling and gaming can keep you cozy!

For the 16 backers who have not been able to finalise their payment yet - we have space allocated in the packing queue for your stuff. We will sort it out this week with you. Your orders might go out a few days after the rest as a result, but will still be in the wave 1 shipping. If you failed to complete your transaction before, please try now as we've fixed a bunch of the things that were hampering people. If it still fails, we will email you within approximately 48 hours to follow up.

For the 2 backers who have non-standard boxes (cardboard contents only), these will be sent slightly after wave 1 to avoid risk of errors. We will have to manually process your orders rather than going through our shipping system like the rest of the orders, so are a bit more tied down around the holiday season.

For New Zealanders - anyone with multiple box sets in an order has had their order split into two distinct orders in our packaging/postal system to keep you below the NZ customs threshold.

Thank you all very much for your support and patience - nearing delivery is extremely exciting for us all! To be able to do it on time is especially rewarding and we cant wait to see what you do with your models!

Spiral Arm Studios


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    1. Spiral Arm Studios USA Creator on

      @Larry, No problem, you'll be shipped out in the next wave by the end of Jan now (possibly earlier if we can fit it between now and then). We'll be sending emails out to everyone who has not completed the pledge manager at the end of January as I'm sure there are plenty who have had it slip their mind! :)

    2. Larry Irish on

      Oops - my bad. :( I thought I'd already done that but... *now* it's done. :)

    3. Spiral Arm Studios USA Creator on

      @Larry, from what we can see you've not completed the pledge manager yet. You need to visit and sign up with the email address that you use here on kickstarter. It should then pull in everything correctly, you enter your address and we get the terrain shipped off to you in the next batch of shipping. Feel free to message or email us ( if you need any more help! You can also read through the pledge manager kickstarter update for more information:

    4. WarriorPriest on

      @Larry. It depends on what group your order was in and where you live. Does the status show shipped? If so for how long?

    5. Larry Irish on

      My order is just for terrain sprues but haven't received anything so far. Should I be concerned?

    6. WarriorPriest on

      I am on the east coast so here is hoping for before the new year.

    7. Spiral Arm Studios USA Creator on

      @WarriorPriest, it depends if US customs is operating at full efficiency. In theory you should get them before the new year, and they will be in the US before the new year, but shipping times take anything from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on USPS or the courier our shipping agents end up using.

    8. WarriorPriest on

      So for those of us in the US we can expect them after the new year???

    9. Luke on

      Sorry that you guys will be spending your holidays packing though!

    10. Luke on

      Saw the email and was very excited! Slightly later shipping works better for me anyway since I will be travelling over the holidays, and unless it makes the journey to Canada in less than 3 days I should be home when it gets there :)