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70 items inside to cover all major emergencies. Engineered by travelers, doctors, soldiers, rescue and survival experts.
70 items inside to cover all major emergencies. Engineered by travelers, doctors, soldiers, rescue and survival experts.
70 items inside to cover all major emergencies. Engineered by travelers, doctors, soldiers, rescue and survival experts.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Müller about 5 hours ago

      Any news regarding the production?

    2. Missing avatar

      Daryl D. Mar on March 4

      Is there at least an updated timeline? I feel like its been so long since I put money into this project.

    3. Riny Creator on February 25

      Zosia, Thanks for your support :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Zosia Religa on February 25

      It's unfortunate that you ran into problems with your group early on. Sometimes these things happen. I completely understand and am behind you. It's a great concept. You go team!!!
      Can't wait to see product details.

    5. Missing avatar

      david rabinowitz
      on February 23

      I think it's time for a detailed update about the actual product that we backed and a time frame for when we can actually expect to receive it

    6. Missing avatar

      Josh Robbins on February 22

      Any update Folks? Its been another month of Silence.

    7. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Müller on February 12

      A good update regarding delivery is nedded

    8. Teresa Kines
      on January 28

      This is starting to feel like another Kickstarter rip off.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Müller on January 26

      Lovely update but when can we expect a delivery?

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh Robbins on January 25

      Hows that update coming along?? Havent heard anything yet

    11. Riny Creator on January 25


      We'll post an update today. Info about refund will be there.

      Meddsy Team

    12. Missing avatar

      Sam Van Herzele on January 25

      I have backed multiple projects with production delays. And I don't mind as long as I'm kept in the loop. But without updates on what is being done with my money, I will be contacting my credit card company for a refund soon.
      Just tell us how far along we are in the production please!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sabrina on January 22

      Dear Meddsy Team,

      Second request, how can I get a refund?

      Thank you.

    14. Riny Creator on January 18

      Hey guys,

      Sorry for silence. Something went wrong with our hosting and our email didn’t work. We are recovering our hosting and preparing new media materials. We’ll post an update next week.

      Meddsy Team

    15. Missing avatar

      Josh Robbins on January 15

      Any Progress updates??

    16. Missing avatar

      Sabrina on January 9

      Hello Meddsy Team,

      I would like to know how I could get a refund?

      Thank you,

    17. Missing avatar

      Sam Van Herzele on January 4

      Any update on shipping dates? 18-30 weeks was said about 10 weeks ago.

    18. Riny Creator on December 20

      Hey Kenneth!

      Yap, we've already mentioned the new Meddsy size. Dimensions were changed as the fact of re-design. We can post it here or send it in direct.

      Meddsy team

    19. Kenneth Brewer
      on December 20

      Not sure if anything was said in updates, but is the final size still as in campaign? Also, happy with the video and looking forward to getting this in my hands.

    20. Riny Creator on December 19

      Hey Teresa!

      Thanks for your message. Today we had the meeting with ArtKb. They've showed us the fully functional sample of Meddsy. We've made the video showing it's features. Please follow todays' update that would be released a bit later.

      Meddsy team

    21. Teresa Kines
      on December 17


    22. Riny Creator on November 29

      Hey Chard!

      Thanks for your message and your question regarding our product.
      We've showed the real pre-production sample for our backers because we want them to be confident in our team professionalism. It would be very silly to give up when the product is almost on the final stage and we're almost on the market when everything only begins...)

      As for today we plan to ship the product in spring 2018. Due to the current timeline this plan is more than realistic. We don't want to give you promises about more specific date but we do promise that Meddsy would be in your place/car and it will be excellent executed.

      Meddsy team

    23. Riny Creator on November 29

      Hey Andro!

      Thanks for your comment. We hope to make another one color for Meddsy but now only the cool grey is available. It strictly depends on production volume.

      Meddsy team

    24. Chard Roberts
      on November 28

      OK, so this project will keep us looking on for a whole while longer.... keep up the good work. Don't give up! Just don't chace all the rabbits, keep focused.
      Any chance of a good best guestimate as to when delivery of the project will be expected?

    25. Andro Renema on November 28

      Thank you for de update!! the prototype looks very nice.
      Regarding the colors: what colors are available, and when do we get to choose our personal

      With kind regards,

      A. Renema

    26. Riny Creator on November 15

      Hey Stefanie!

      We're preparing next update concerning pre-production prototype and it would be released very soon.

      Meddsy team.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Müller on November 11

      Please do regular Updates

    28. Riny Creator on October 22

      Hey Dāvis!

      Thanks for your message and your support. We really believe in what we're doing and other people (our investment partners) also believe in our idea. Meddsy is our first product and we can't let it be mediocre. Maybe, we won't have another chance...As a startup we struggle with indifference, facing problems and making hard decisions. Our product is not cheap and we have our own niche. We're premium all-in-one solution to cover most major emergencies even though our moto is: "The cheapest form of life insurance". This is our ideology, our cult and we stand for it no matter what.

      We want you to know everything. Every step we take.

      Meddsy team

    29. Dāvis Freimanis on October 22

      Thanks for yet another good update, when you guys tell us everythig as it is, thats the best way to get updates. Good luck with moving forward with the project, no rush, we all want the best possible product, not a cheep rushed one. :)

    30. Riny Creator on October 19

      Hey Stefan!

      Thanks for your kind words.
      We're keep on moving because of your belief and support.

      We really need your patience and we won't let you down.
      We promise that.

      Thanks for all the energy you're sharing with us.

      Meddsy team

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefan Trudeau on October 19

      Thank you for the update and clarification.
      Appreciate the prompt response.

    32. Riny Creator on October 17

      Hey Stefan!

      Thanks for your question.
      We have wrote such way only to emphasize the importance of additional investments source was needed to create really great product. And we have found the investment partner.

      The official agreement would be received in a few days. And we'll show you the one.

      All liabilities would be covered completely after production phase is over.
      We had 2 paths of creating Meddsy. The first one - cheap tooling without any special case redesign. But there is no afterlife for that decision. We've picked the second one - longer and more expensive to bring the product to automotive/household market and turn our startup in a profitable business. Finally you'll get the best all-in-one portable solution.

      We're showing you every step. From the very little idea to the investment stage and production.

      Anyway there will be an option...Those of you who believes in our efforts and our team, we want them sacrifice their time to realize the full potential.

      Or we'll just give the money back.

      Meddsy team

    33. Missing avatar

      Stefan Trudeau on October 17

      So what exactly does “We've already mentioned the fact that Kickstarter and Indiegogo funds are not covering the expenses we have regarding the production cycle.” mean??
      I’m all of a sudden less interested in the fact that you are going to miss your estimated delivery date by more then 6 months “ ....Thus, the launch period can be from 18 to 30 weeks in a normal situation” and now more concerned that you won’t make production at all.
      Please expand on what is being done to at least secure product for your backers.
      Thanks, Stef

    34. Riny Creator on October 17

      Hey Stefanie, Sam and Chard!

      Thanks for your questions.
      We're just on the way of creating the update so you'll be informed about the project status today.

      Meddsy team

    35. Teresa Kines
      on October 14


    36. Chard Roberts
      on October 14

      I'm with Sam, an update to production and shipping status would be grand!

    37. Missing avatar

      Sam Van Herzele on October 9

      Are we still on track for an October delivery?

    38. Missing avatar

      Stefanie Müller on September 26

      Hey guys
      How is it going regarding the delivery?

    39. Riny Creator on September 17, 2017

      Hey Ng Ching Lam!

      Thanks for the question!

      We've improved the PCB of the core so it will have 2-position switch: Off and On/Auto.
      The lightning will automatically appear when the main button of the case (the one with the cross) will be pushed. We've also added SOS and strobe lightning features. There would be no other colors except the white.

      There will be 2 sources of lightning. The torch and the top illumination.

      All the best,
      Meddsy team

    40. Ng Ching Lam on September 14, 2017

      Can the light be flashable or changing colors (red, yellow, or even ultraviolet light), I think the light sources is critical during night time making a diagnosis to the patient. I saw there are 2 lights in the central part - the torch and the lamp one, will the battery is separate on the both lights or just linking together?

    41. Riny Creator on September 12, 2017

      Hey Sam!

      Thanks for your question.

      We've took autumn 2017 for our project to finalize production and start shipping!
      Now everything goes smooth so we think we'll ship Meddsy in time.

      You never know what can come across while setting up the production process but we hope there would be no unpredictable situations.

      Please stay tuned. Now we're on the stage of pre-production prototype creation.

      Meddsy team

    42. Missing avatar

      Sam Van Herzele on September 10, 2017

      Color vote:
      Deep grey for the case with white or red top section (inside).

      Is the delivery time line still October?

    43. Riny Creator on September 7, 2017

      Hey Kenneth!

      Sorry for late reply. We've finally received box dimensions: 320mm*240mm*167mm

      Thanks for your question,
      Meddsy team

    44. Riny Creator on September 6, 2017

      Hey Gary!

      You can leave messages here. We're watching you...! =)

      Meddsy team!

    45. Jaime Aromin
      on September 6, 2017

      Prefer white.

    46. Gary Pascoe
      on September 6, 2017

      Not sure where to vote for colors

    47. Riny Creator on September 5, 2017

      Hey Kenneth!

      Thanks for your question.
      Yap, the final dimensions are known.

      Please follow the update that would be released very soon. We'll add the info about the case size.

      Thanks for your patience!

      Meddsy team

    48. Kenneth Brewer
      on September 2, 2017

      May have missed it, but are the final dimension for the box known?

    49. Riny Creator on September 1, 2017

      Hey Cohnny!

      Thanks for your question!
      We're preparing big update for you guys! And we hope you will love it 'cause we got something really interesting.

      We're waiting for our engineer to complete the hardware to make the update.

      Thanks for believing in us!

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