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We're trying to build an appropriately armored robot arena to hold our very awesome robotic battles in.
129 backers pledged $7,012 to help bring this project to life.

Countdown to Robogames/Mech Warfare 2012!

Posted by Andrew Alter (Creator)

We've got 4 days until Robogames. I'm flying out tomorrow to get an early start on the arena build. I'll be doing my best to document the build process, and when the dust has settled and I've gotten back from Robogames I'll organize all the build data, 3d models, and BOMs so that anyone can check it out.

Some information about the arena:

We went with Ridout Plastics for the lexan/abs panels ( and went to Misumi ( for the extruded aluminum. Both gave us a bit of a discount for being an educational type robotics competition, which ended up saving enough money to upgrade all of our wireless router equipment to some top-notch stuff. The arena parts alone (lexan/abs/aluminum) ended up being around $5000, for those interested. I'll have a BOM with pricing information available when things wrap up.

I went with a custom built Mikrotik RouterBoard RB/800 with 4x Ubiquiti XR2 XtremeRange2 2.4 GHz 600mW miniPCI radios (both from This + some hefty directional antennas should provide some great coverage for our wifi IP cameras. We're going to see about recording video from the FPV feeds off of the mechs this year as well.

Thanks again for all of your support. Please let me know if any of you have questions about the competition, arena build, or the networking equipment we're using.

Here's the final version of the arena:


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    1. Andrew Alter Creator on

      Alden- absolutely. Part of my goal here is to make this arena as 'kitted' as possible, so those who would like to build something similar can have an accurate parts list of what is needed, how it goes together, as well as 3d models to change/view how everything goes together. If we had gone with 80/20 brand extrusions, we'd have gone over budget. I've got the BOMs with pricing, I just want to organize them a bit better once the dust settles. Luckily Misumi has some great pricing on their stuff, AND it's all in metric!

      In the mean time, stay tuned for some build pictures. I have a very busy week coming up prior to Robogames, but have 3 full days to build it and a few friends helping out.

    2. WayGroovy on

      Love it. Awesome. I've been afraid for kickstarter's I've helped out with since: so I'd love to see a final stat of the numbers, once it's done. Good luck!