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We're trying to build an appropriately armored robot arena to hold our very awesome robotic battles in.
We're trying to build an appropriately armored robot arena to hold our very awesome robotic battles in.
129 backers pledged $7,012 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rohan on

      Yeah, I never got anything either, despite being advised that it was shipped twice. At this point I've just written it off.

    2. Jay Beavers on

      Still no posters for me :-(

    3. Rohan on

      @Alden - Good to hear that some of the posters are making it out :)
      Seems a bit odd that the sponsors page was never updated, would have thought that would be the least work of the project.

    4. WayGroovy on

      I received two posters on 17 April 2013, Estimated delivery: May 2012. The extra poster was nice. I still see no sponsors on the page.

      Thanks for following through Andrew.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bill McIntyre on

      Any word from Andrew since summer?

      I don't think that any of the rewards have been delivered; website links, posters, in-arena signs, etc.

    6. WayGroovy on

      I contacted the original artist for the commissioned poster, Søren Bendt, and requested a high resolution download of the art file.

      While the artist is unable to provide a high resolution image of the poster, he has put me in contact with the individual who commissioned the piece from him.

    7. WayGroovy on

      69 posters. That was all that was committed, if I'm reading the rewards page correctly.

      I don't even see any sponsors listed at

      Have any of the reward levels at all been delivered?

    8. Rohan on

      @Alden - Sadly looks like it...
      I also had a look at the website for any further info and it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while.

    9. WayGroovy on

      I'm guessing the posters have gone vaporware?

    10. Rohan on

      Any updates?

    11. WayGroovy on

      Ah good. I was worried. Cool beans.

    12. Andrew Alter Creator on

      Hey Lem! We ran into some pretty major budget issues in terms of going way over. Everything is sorted now and I'm getting ready to ship out the goodies very soon. I just finished uploading the huge gallery for this year's Mech Warfare, expect an official update this week with status updates on everything.

    13. Lem Fugitt on

      Just wondering what the current schedule is for the deliverables, like the website mentions/links, posters, etc. Could you give us an update?

    14. Rohan on

      Congrats on a successful project :) Is there any update on how things are progressing?

    15. Alexander Dietrich on

      All systems nominal, congratulations!

    16. Artorios Rex on

      Agreed with Paul Gentile about street-level bot cameras. If you can add real-time processing to the feeds, adding a bunch of telemetry data to the edges of the feed--as if it were a real mech cockpit--would be keen! E.g. speed, heading, ammo remaining, health status (??), an enemy radar, fuel (power) remaining...

    17. Soren Jensen on

      Congrats! Well done!

    18. Andrew Alter Creator on

      Hey Paul-

      We have a competition at Shepherd University which is near DC. Not quite east coast but close!

      We actually had a hexapod robot with a camcorder strapped to it getting a lot of video for us the last two years. I'll probably build a smaller wheeled bot for the purpose though- thanks for reminding me!

    19. Paul Gentile on

      Love it! We need an east coast league now.

      I love when your videos are from the "street level." It would be awesome if you can record the bots video feeds and display them during the competition. How about having some "News bots" in the arena - small little robots that act like video reporters, just running around getting video of the action from the "street level" point of view.

    20. Robert Lam on

      Congratulation on your success!

    21. Missing avatar

      Justin Treon on

      You may want to add a $5 donation option. I do not think a lot of people know that you can just crank the $1 donation up to $5.

    22. Andrew Alter Creator on

      r060t, you're in the same boat as most of us involved with Mech Warfare. We all dreamed of giant robots and are doing our best in making it a reality. Thanks for your support!

    23. Joshua Robot on

      This is the type of thing I used to dream of when skipping English class to work on a robot. I wish you luck and hope to see this at the next games!