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mealhero combines a smart steamer with home-delivered food boxes to prepare you a healthy and delicious meal with zero effort.
mealhero combines a smart steamer with home-delivered food boxes to prepare you a healthy and delicious meal with zero effort.
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As a mealhero, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal - with zero effort -  thanks to smart cooking technology. Mealhero consists of a smart steamer, home delivered food boxes containing freshly frozen ingredients and a smartphone app.

Let’s be honest: we don't always want to or have the time to cook a healthy and delicious meal for ourselves. For example, after a busy day, it’s tempting to grab a convenient alternative instead of cooking yourself. And these alternatives are usually not the healthiest meals.

That’s why, we imagined: “what if something would exists that cooks a healthy and delicious meal for ourselves without having to put effort in it?”. Fast forward two and a half years later and here we are. Mealhero: smart cooking technology that cooks for you and lets you gain 30 minutes back of your busy day.


Mealhero consists of:

1. The smart steamer which recognizes the ingredients from the mealhero food box and prepares them automatically into a delicious meal. Burnt chicken is a thing of the past! 

2. Home delivered food boxes containing freshly frozen ingredients which you can combine into a nice meal. No need for shopping lists anymore, just go mealhero. 

3. The smartphone app that assists you and inspires you to compose the meal of your dreams, based on your mealhero ingredient stock and taste profile.

easy to use 

The mealhero smart steamer automatically prepares your healthy and delicious meal. The only thing you have to do is to scan the ingredients, place them in the steamer and press start. No more fiddling with settings; just scan and start! Easy, right?!

smart, so you don’t have to do anything 

The steamer recognizes the mealhero ingredients using the built-in scanning technology. Therefore, it knows how to prepare every ingredient individually, so you don't have to. During cooking, you are free to do whatever you want.

Using WiFi, the steamer updates your virtual pantry in the cloud, so it's always an exact copy of the mealhero ingredients you have in your freezer. This allows the app to give you meal suggestions containing only ingredients you already have.

beautiful design and dishwasher friendly

The design is minimal and modern so the smart steamer fits into every kitchen. You don’t have to do the dishes as you can put each component into the dishwasher

The smart steamer can cook a meal for one or two people at the same time.



Making lists and shopping are real chores. Mealhero completely replaces them and delivers food boxes at your door step. Now you can prepare healthy and delicious meals, with zero effort.

no preparation

The food boxes consist of freshly frozen and separately packaged ingredients that are cut, chopped and packaged individually by us. You just have to put them into the steamer, so you don’t have to spend more time preparing them.

large variation

You can enjoy a big selection of meals by combining the mealhero ingredients in many different ways. So every time you eat, you can choose a unique meal just as you like it. 

Currently, there are 100 ingredients available that you can combine to up to 300 unique meals. After Kickstarter, we will scale this up to 200 ingredients and 700 unique meals.

healthy and delicious

Mealhero's freshly frozen ingredients are healthy ingredients. Thanks to optimal conservation of nutritional values, correct portions and the absence of additives, mealhero chef Jeroen guarantees you a healthy meal.

shelf life of 6 months

Did you ever have to throw away food because the expiry date was passed? The mealhero ingredients are freshly frozen and have a shelf life of at least six months, making food waste a thing of the past. From now on, you determine the schedule!

personal suggestions

To make sure that you always have inspiration, the mealhero app - your personal virtual chef – assists you. Just like a real chef, the app learns your taste profile in order to make personal suggestions for you. Are you in a creative mood? Then you don't even need the app and you can make your own combination.

Based on the ingredients you have in your freezer and your personal taste preferences, the app gives you the best personal meal suggestions. In addition, you can order your personal food boxes using the app. For example, if you are vegetarian or you do not like sprouts, you will not get meat or sprouts in your food box.

handy notifications

Like a real chef, the app informs you about cooking updates. Is your meal ready to be served or are the ingredients in your freezer almost exhausted? A handy notification on your smartphone keeps you up to date!

The app will be available for free for iOS, Android and web browsers.


delivery on order

The ingredients that your smart steamer prepares are delivered in food boxes at your door step. Using the app, you can order these food boxes and choose your desired delivery time; this can be done every day of the week, even after office hours.

national coverage in Belgium and the Netherlands

The food box service starts in Belgium and the Netherlands and will be carried out in cooperation with experienced partners in frozen transport so that your food boxes are delivered in a food-safe manner at the time of your choice. What if, by chance, you are not at home? No problem, we’ll take your food box back to the warehouse and contact you for a new delivery date.

meal price: larger food box = cheaper meals

The cost per mealhero meal will vary between 6.5 EUR and 9.5 EUR per person (including delivery). This depends on how many ingredients you order per food box at the same time. A 9-pack food box (3 meals) will cost 9.5 EUR per meal, while a food box of 36 ingredients (12 meals) will cost 6.5 EUR per meal. It’s simple: the more ingredients you order, the lower the cost per meal.

mealhero meals and the mealhero steamer

The mealhero stomer is very easy to use. There is only one button: the start button. In order to guarantee the quality of your meal, the steamer must know what to prepare and therefore, it requires the smart label on the packaging of the ingredients. The mealhero steamer only works with mealhero ingredients. Thus, you do not have to think anymore about what you would like to eat, make shopping lists and do groceries. And from now on, you do not have to cook anymore.

There are many alternatives for convenient meals: online shopping, prepared meals from the grocery store, fast food etc. Healthy meals, of course, also exist; for example you can prepare one yourself or eat one at a healthy restaurant. A meal that is both convenient and healthy is way more challenging. And that’s exactly what mealhero wants to change. In comparison to a convenient alternative, mealhero is healthy because of these arguments: 

Steaming is a very healthy cooking technique: no baking fats are needed and nutritional values are preserved.

Freshly frozen vegetables are frozen in less than 150 minutes after harvest. This stops the loss of vitamins and other nutritional values. The vegetables you buy in the supermarket were harvested at least one day before and hence, have lost some of their vitamins already.

mealhero chef Jeroen ensures the correct, healthy portioning of each ingredient. Jeroen is a butcher and caterer by training and together with experienced nutritionists, they test each ingredient in our food lab. As a result, you will have the right recommended daily amount of nutrients, while making sure you are not hungry anymore.


internet of (kitchen-)things?

The mealhero steamer is probably the first device in your kitchen that is connected to the internet. The WiFi connection makes your life easier:

  • storage management: the smart steamer informs your mealhero app account of the ingredients that are consumed. As a result, the app knows which ingredients are still in your freezer. 
  • al dente or scotta? The recipes that your smart steamer uses guarantee your personal preparation. For example, do you favour your pasta al dente? Your smart steamer takes care of it! Every time again, without you having to do anything.

behind the scenes 

Take a look behind the scenes. We explain how we went from the initial idea to this Kickstarter campaign. 


At this moment, we have been developing for more than two years. We have developed numerous ideas and built several prototypes which have been tested by more than 200 people. Step by step we came closer to what mealhero is today: no more meal planning, shopping, preparation and cooking! 

We want to thank our beta testers who gave us valuable feedback on both the smart steamer and the food boxes. We went through the build-measure-learn loop several times. A big thanks to all the mealheroes! Without you, this would not be possible! 

In preparation for the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve given demonstrations in more than 150 locations and more than 700 people have tasted and approved the mealhero meals. The result: very enthusiastic people! 


When we met as students at Vlerick Business School in Belgium in 2013, we noticed we had a common interest: entrepreneurship. We have the same similar vision and our different educational background allows us to create a complementary team: the mealhero founding team consists of: 

  • Steven Debaere: software engineer and PhD researcher in data analytics who fails to cook, has to think too much and often needs inspiration. He cannot stop talking about mealhero’s data-driven cooking technology. 
  • Jeroen Spitaels: half butcher/caterer who likes to eat well, half business guy who likes to move forward. Two passions combined in mealhero.
  • Anton Claeys: electromechanical engineer who likes to automate things as much as possible. Thanks to mealhero cooking is now one of them.

We are three young guys with experience in hardware, software and food. We are keen on it and are supported by experienced partners to deliver quality.


You can choose one of the rewards below to become a mealhero and to add a smart steamer to your kitchen.


We believe in Kickstarter as a platform where entrepreneurs and early adopters meet to let new, innovative and disruptive projects come alive.

Mealhero is a completely new technology that still has to find its place in every kitchen. Kickstarter allows people like us to meet; people not satisfied with the status quo, early adopters and people excited about the value of technology in their daily life. After more than two years of development, we are ready to take the next step and start the production of smart steamers. And that’s why we need your help. Thanks to Kickstarter we can determine the size of the first smart steamer batch and start the production.

We strongly believe that we have developed a technology that many people desire. The biggest evidence is that many beta testers have proven us that they can benefit from this healthy meal without any effort. However, without your support, we can never realize this technology. Therefore, help us bring the cooking technology of the future to your kitchen.

This is the timeline that we will follow after a successful Kickstarter campaign:

 We appreciate all feedback and remarks on mealhero. If you'd like to share something with us, write us:


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