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Dylan Sharpe has the ability to rewind time at will. But when he tries to cash in, he comes face to face with The Undone.
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Undone backers.... Meet The Time Trader

Posted by Michael Dolce (Creator)

Hey folks!

Whoa! It's been SUPER long since i last communicated to you guys. I actually put together an update for you over the summer, but stupid Kickstarter never published it! Wtf! And stupid me for not checking to make sure it sent. SO much going on, let's dive right in:

First off, not sure if you guys have been following my new ZENESCOPE series The Mainstream about an inter-dimensional task force that polices alternate realities. It's been going really well and is in comic shops everywhere. Go check it out! I also did a SIRE TPB Kickstarter which completed and shipped in September. And as always I host the Secrets of the Sire podcast every week. 

To stay up on all this cool stuff, If you haven't signed up for my newsletter you can do so here:

NOW... that catches you up on what I've been up to in between Undone and here. But what's up with the comic itself? Glad you asked!

So actually some pretty cool stuff going on here. I pitched UNDONE to Columbia pictures in May and am now working on securing a publisher for the book. Before we pitched, Soussherpa and I spent the holidays cleaning up some of the art on issue #1 and re-drawing and tweaking. I'm now busy coloring and lettering and my target is to have it all out the door to some publisher contacts by the end of this week. Here's a snippet:

I'm pretty confident we'll link up with a publisher but if all else fails we WILL do a Kickstarter for it in 2019 as I'm developing it for TV and the thought is we'd Kickstart the full 4 issues into one big GN if we can't get a publishing deal I'm happy with. 

The BIG news however, is that I've renamed the project "The Time Trader" Check out the awesome new logo from Andrew Luvoulo:

So i THANK YOU for your patience. Between the time i Kickstarted this book and this update I've been working to establish myself firmly in the industry so I can ensure projects like this GET MADE! And between the Podcast, 2 TV pilots I've written, The Sire and The Mainstream, I've managed to do exactly that! The time for TIME TRADER is NOW! (no pun intended :)

I'll keep you posted but again, check me out at and my twitter account: @Michael_Dolce to stay up to date!

I'll post another update when the pitches go out - THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


NEW from Undone creators Michael Dolce & Soussherpa

Posted by Michael Dolce (Creator)
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Hey folks!

Been a little bit of time since we last spoke. How've you been? What's new? How's your 2018 treating you? For the creators of the Undone it's been a VERY busy year so far. I'll run down everything in a moment.


Here's an update on Undone. First, I've decided to rename it to The Time Trader. I've also been heavily shopping the concept around to various comic book companies & production companies and have gotten some interest. Nothing confirmed, but you'll be happy to know the project is out there. Once i know more, you'll be the first to know.

PLUS: I've scripted out the rest of the series and am plotting out a new Kickstarter finishing the first story arc by the end of the year. So hang tight... Undone/Time Trader news a coming.

Meanwhile: The Sire is on FIRE!

The latest issue of The Sire (my creator owned superhero book) is available now on COMIXOLOGY, that nifty download site that everyone buys digital comics from. And it features art by none other than Undone alum Soussherpa!

Download the "Lost in Time" crossover event featuring Mariano Nicieza's Phazer!

But Wait There's MORE!

The Sire Volume 2 trade Kickstarter is coming! Featuring a brand new 8-12 page story and some additional goodies, the trade will collect issues 7-10 for the first time ever.

I'll be releasing the cover artist and art tin the coming weeks. He's a familiar face the Sire family and I'm stoked to have him aboard for this!

And Finally....

For those who don't follow me on social media I've got a new project called The Mainstream coming from Zenescope Entertainment in April, co-created by none other than myself and Sire alums Talent Caldwell, Tony Moy and Darren Sanchez!

It's about an inter-dimensional police force that polices alternate realities and keeps the people that don't belong from mucking up ours.

If you'd like to pre-order this jammy just follow the link below. All pre-orders go towards our Diamond Sales so that's a big help:

Ok, so stay tuned for more announcements! More Sire! More Mainstream!

More anything? More everything!


Undone Update & Sire News

Posted by Michael Dolce (Creator)

Howdy folks! It's been a while since I last reached out. Wanted to let everyone know that I've been shopping the Undone around to publishers and agents. I've been met with both resistance and promise and hope to have a home for the series in the coming weeks. You'll be the first to know when i do.

Meanwhile I wanted to clue you in on my latest project. It's for my first love: a comic book called The Sire and it's live on Kickstarter. Go ahead and check it out here:

The Sire tells the story of a superhero forced by his own costume to fight evil. In this issue he's trapped in prehistoric times courtesy of another hero called Phazer. I hope you'll take a moment to browse around!


New Kickstarter From Undone Creator Michael Dolce!

Posted by Michael Dolce (Creator)

Attention Undone fans! Creator Michael Dolce (me!) has a launched a new Kickstarter called Plan 10 From Outer Space!

Plan 10 From Outer Space Kickstarter
Plan 10 From Outer Space Kickstarter


That's right - we're doing a sequel to the 1959 Ed Wood classic that pits humans vs aliens vs zombies in a monster mashup with a modern twist! The aliens create a mobile app called Sentient that downloads o everyone's phone and turns them into mindless zombies. How do we stop a force that we can't live without? Be a guest on my radio show & podcast! Be a guest on my radio show & podcast!

Be a guest on my radio show & podcast! Pledge NOW!
Be a guest on my radio show & podcast! Pledge NOW!


PLUS: We've also got some KILLER rewards that include a spot on my weekly Radio Show/podcast Secrets of the Sire, custom sketches, prints and alternate covers and more! So click the link below and head over to our new Kickstarter!

And if you're looking for the next issue of Undone - fear not! The book is currently being shopped around to several publishers as we try to find a home for it. More news as we learn

Click here for the Plan 10 Kickstarter!

Final Tally: Everyone Get Their Book?

Posted by Michael Dolce (Creator)
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Hi folks! By now everyone should have received their copy of The Undone #1 along with any other rewards that came with your pledge (unless we have previously corresponded)

Please let me know if you HAVEN'T received them (again unless we've already spoken) Also, would love any FEEDBACK on the book itself! A lot of hard work has gone into this book so any feedback negative or positive is appreciated.

Look for updates further down the line - thanks!