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$11,552 pledged of $31,000 goal
$11,552 pledged of $31,000 goal

Keep spreading the word! And how about them legs?

We are gaining momentum as we pass the half way mark. Thanks for all those who are tweeting and sharing. Those who have blogs, we really appreciate any linkage you're sending our way. Adam has written up a guest post discussing his experience with standing at work if anyone would like a copy.

We are getting questions about international shipping, and I'm sorry to say I'm still waiting to hear from our shipper. We are trying to get the best price for shipping a 25 pound desk surface to y'all, so thanks for your patience.

Finally, I wanted to start a discussion if you wouldn't mind clicking over to the updates page and commenting. We've heard from a number of people that their desk area is just a little too small for the legs to fit. You'll need an area 45 inches by 21 inches in order for the legs to fit. So here's the discussion. We are cutting holes in the bottom of the desk so the legs sit flush and create that gorgeous design. What if we were to pre cut another set of leg holes farther in giving each person an option of where to mount their legs? Aesthetically this would leave the un-used set of leg holes open but be more functional for more people. Would having an empty set of holes on the bottom be too ugly for some people?

We are not doing this yet, we just wanted to hear feedback on the idea.

Thanks! And we hope to hear from you soon.


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    1. Kevin Dunn on

      I think what Pace is saying is that there are different positions the legs can be inserted into the bottom of the desk surface, allowing you to not only adjust the height of your stand up desk, but also to make it fit on top of different size floor desks to make it useable by the maximum number of users. The surface of the stand up desktop is smooth.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rob Youngberg on

      I'm not too familiar with those holes, but maybe you could offer small rubber stoppers that plug up the hole. It still may not be flush, but it might look better than holes. Just an idea.

    3. Pace McCulloch 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the input. Sorry if I didn't make that clear, these holes don't go all the way through. They are 32 cm thick etched out to make the top of the leg fit into the desk providing more stability and adding to the design.

      @Phil, yes we have considered a stool, butnot of our own design. A little break is highly recommended and we plan on selling various kinds of stools on our site after we mass produce.

      @Mike, Bertha, Yeh, Kandi, thanks for the input and I'm interested to see what others think.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I would rather not have open holes or non-flush fillers on the table.

    5. Missing avatar

      Phil Terribilini on

      Yes. More holes. Have you considered an accompanying stool or high chair (some assembly required so it's easier to ship) for an occasional rest-your-legs?

    6. Missing avatar

      Bertha on

      More holes are fine for me--I can run wires through them!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dracil on

      Functionality > Aesthetics for me

    8. Kandi Blomquist on

      Love the idea of different/smaller width holes...I think the more variation you can have that way, the more versatile and portable and usable the desk will be for me, enabling me to use it in various places and on jobsites, as well as in my office!