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$11,552 pledged of $31,000 goal
$11,552 pledged of $31,000 goal

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Now available! Get yours today.

Buy a Stand Up Desk Kit Today!

Someone emailed me today asking if these were for sale. I realized I needed to post a very clear message that they ARE for sale. Even though we failed to Kickstart twice, you can order one today! 

Visit and choose your options. Hurry we're close to selling out our first production run. 


The Stand-Up Desk Kit Lives! Order yours today

I'm happy to announce that the Stand-Up Desk Kit is in production right now! We are the only custom built adjustable stand up desk solution for under $300. We're also proud to be made in the USA!

We are launching with 14 surface finishes including 7 wood grain options, we have 2 leg colors, and 3 sizes! I'd say collect them all but I'm not sure if anyone would fall for that.

Place your pre-order now to reserve your custom made adjustable Stand-Up Desk Kit. And I'd love to hear your feedback/questions via the contact form.




Last update to our first backers

Thanks everyone for your support, we already hit our 10% mark on attempt #2! Wooo hoooo. I'm going to make this the last update to you original amazing backers!

I got a couple of questions I wanted to answer, first, "Does my previous pledge roll over to attempt #2?"

No, we did not get nor can we renew your pledge from attempt #1. We can only use attempt #1 to talk to you. To re-order a Stand-Up Desk Kit, you will need to pledge again on attempt #2 at

And we hope all of you do pledge again!

Secondly, "How do I help spread the word, I've already Facebooked you?" Many of the sites you read each day have teams who find new content. Look for a contact us link, or an editor's email address. Then send them this:

Hey (my favorite blog),
I read your site all the time and thought you'd like a tip on this cool product I'm in love with.
I want to stand at work and this is how I want to do it.

I've copied their press release, url, and here's even a media kit (

Will you please blog about it?

Your big time fan

Their Press Release:
Two Utah entrepreneurs have just released their newest product designed to benefit millions of office workers worldwide. The Stand-Up Desk Kit is an adjustable desk surface allowing the user to stand at their desk rather than sitting for long hours.
“Sitting all day at work was making us sluggish, slow, and stiff. Plus, we didn't have much energy when we got home,” said Pace McCulloch, a web developer from Springville. “After switching to a standing work station, we immediately saw an increase in mental sharpness, more energy and less back pain. It’s hard not to move more when you’re standing. And by the way, I lost 15 pounds!”
The Stand-Up Desk Kit is a smooth 47 x 23 x 1 inch desk surface that sits securely on top of a current desk, easily converting it into a stand up desk. There are four non-slip, adjustable legs made of recyclable ABS plastic which adjust in 1" increments for various heights, allowing just about everyone to reap the many health benefits of standing while working. At its lowest, the Stand-Up Desk Kit is 12 inches above the original work surface, while at its highest setting the Stand-Up Desk Kit is 17 inches above the original work surface.
“We tried stacking boxes and books on our desk but it was impossible to safely get just the right height for a monitor and keyboard,” said Adam, a software engineer from Spanish Fork. “So we came up with the Stand Up Desk Kit and it not only adjusts for the perfect height, it looks really professional too.”
The Stand-Up Desk Kit's smooth top surface is made of high quality MDF composite wood, and is available in a choice of finishes. The Stand-Up Desk Kit is made in the USA with high quality materials.
“There are a number of studies showing that being more active throughout the day has positive results, both physically and mentally,” said McCulloch. “The human body burns more calories standing than sitting. Personally, I can’t imagine any employer not offering this as an option for their employees once they see how much more productive they are.”
For more information or to see the Stand Up Desk Kit in action, visit:

Attempt #2 is LIVE!!

The baby woke me up earlier than planned, so the Stand-Up Desk Kit is ready to go early! Again tell everyone you know to at least visit today. We need some awesome Day 1 traffic and pledges. I'm changing my profile pic right now to a backer icon, you should too!

And as promised here we are on our NBC affiliate, KSL AM, talking about the Stand-Up Desk Kit. Also available via YouTube.

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Approved and launching Monday at 6am EST!!

Thanks to our awesome backers we got a hold of more than the automated kickstarter help system and found out that due to the change in policies and guidelines for design projects there has been a large delay in approvals. Our project meet all the new requirements and risk checks etc and we now have our green launch button ready. Seeing that stats show projects launched on the weekends don't do so well we're gonna rally one more time for Monday at 6AM Eastern time to launch.

The Stand-Up Desk Kit needs you! We know that you're more popular than Adam and I, we're just a couple of developers, so we need your social mite to spread the word. Remember if we don't hit our goal then nobody gets a Stand-Up Desk Kit. :(

Lets get out and spread the word this weekend and especially on Monday morning about the healthy benefits of standing at work and the affordable, adjustable Stand-Up Desk Kit! We will have our appearance from our NBC affiliate available this weekend as well.