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The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones and to transfer information and link people.
The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones and to transfer information and link people.
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Bitcoin ninjas, I (John) need your help.

Posted by John McLear (Creator)

I'm really keen to support bitcoin payments but one (among many) thing I lack is the experience and knowledge about bitcoin to make this possible. I need you.

I need our bitcoin effort to be community driven, I'm happy to write the code and speak with partners but I need you to tell me:  

1) What you think the NFC Ring bitcoin experience should be.

2) What security is adequate and different approaches to security.

3) Who (if anyone) you think we should partner with to provide this service.

I think the best place to have these conversations is on our forum so please share your thoughts and opinions.  

From my perspective I think it would be perfect if I could just walk into my favorite pub and use my NFC ring much like how I can use a credit / debit card for contact-less payments (limited to £20 per transaction and max 3 a day or so). 

Minor delay update

With regards to production delays/updates, we are delayed, we're still not sure exactly by how much yet but it's at least a month, as soon as we have an idea of our updated schedule we will let you know, at the very latest mid next week.  I'm very sorry about the lack of updates about delays, I just don't want to send an update saying "Hey we're delayed we don't know how long for", I'd rather wait a week and say "Hey we're delayed and we think it's by X weeks", if you think I'm doing it wrong just let us know in the comments, I'm happy to change the frequency of updates if it helps.

Getting together

If you are going to use your NFC Ring for a special occasion such as a civil union/partnership/wedding or some other formal/official event where the ring plays a huge part please do get in touch via our including the date you need the ring for.  My plan is to get prototypes sent out to these people, please don't abuse this offer, the numbers are obviously limited.

Join the conversation to get started making the NFC ring a bitcoin payment device


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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Fulbright on

      Personally I don't care about bitcoin, between the trust issues and the general PITA that is procuring and using them

    2. Shawn Bush on

      John. Keep up with the good work ! Thank you for the communication and informing us on the way .

      I am looking forward to the ring when it gets here .

    3. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @Philippe Laberge Thanks for that, TIL :)

    4. Philippe Laberge

      @John McLear
      Anybody knowing your bitcoin address (ie. anybody you've ever had a transaction with) can know your Bitcoin balance at anytime they want. It's actually public information, so there's really no problem with that. My plan with the NFC Ring always was to use the public side as my Bitcoin Address.

    5. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Ti is worth the wait.

    6. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @ThePiachu I'm a little uncomfortable that you the system would allow for the "brofist" to know my balance. I will get in touch via KS messages :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jake Harvey on

      You cant rush a quality product. Your updates are brilliant and your regularity in the comments are outstanding. I think your doing everything right and handling everything incredibly well as a team.

    8. ThePiachu on

      I have created some Chrome plugin that might be close to what you need.…

      In general, you would want an option to share your Bitcoin Address on the public side of the ring, and have the private part of the ring be used to sign transactions. The typical payment would work like this:

      You want to pay at some place, so you brofist the NFC reader. This gives the payment system your Address, which the system uses to fetch your unspent transactions, create a payment transaction and present all the necessary information to you ("This is your balance, this is how much BTC you'll be charged, etc"). If you accept that transaction, you use the secret part of the ring to get the raw transaction from the device, sign it on the ring, and return the signed transaction. You want to avoid broadcasting your private key under any measures (asides getting some backup of it at home or something).

      If you want some people to partner up with, contact me and I'll do my best to hook you up with a few companies that would make this mutually beneficial for both of you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Yes it is worth the extra wait :)
      It shows you listen to advice and make things better, today's update being yet an example of that.
      There is a reason you see less titanium, it is harder to sculpt, but as a material it is so much better:
      Tougher, lighter, non-allergenic.
      Metal price is a bit higher, but for most modern products crafting and shipment accounts for so much more of the price that you might as well use titanium.
      It is a good choice, and because of "The Collection" someone special is going to get a very special present she isn't aware of :)
      The only thing I miss is real images (not renders) of the various covers, but we will get that later.
      Also thanks for the very detailed explanation on rings and human finger anatomy on your blog (
      You and your team are doing so much more than just delivering a product.
      Thank you
      ✌ live long & prosper

    10. Andy Simmons on

      Having backed a number of KS projects that were all over the spectrum in terms of communication to backers, I can tell you this: in general, it seems like updates every week or two are enough to keep most people satisfied. I wouldn't go longer than a couple of weeks without any updates unless you're at a point where you've already communicated that there will be no progress for a specific period of time ("the widget is being manufactured, I won't receive them until November, so there won't be any news until then).

      That said, I think you're doing a fine job of keeping us up to speed so far. Thanks for the update!

    11. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @Randall just FYI sizes aren't a problem, we're fully geared up for that, the problem is our switch from Stainless Steel to Titanium! It's totally worth the extra work and wait though (imho)

    12. Randall Richardson on

      First to leave whiny comment!
      *whines and cries*
      Okay I'm done!

      In all seriousness, I do not mind the delays. Looking at (…) it seems if you had only offered 3 sizes there wouldn't be as much mayhem right now but that approach is so limited.

      Thanks for making the NFC ring limitless :D