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The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones and to transfer information and link people.
The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones and to transfer information and link people.
The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones and to transfer information and link people.
7,665 backers pledged £241,947 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brad Silcox on

      I haven't received my product yet.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    2. Missing avatar

      Corey Hedger on

      Dropping in to say I still think about how John ripped so many of us off. Thief, liar, con man.

    3. John McLear 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, the voucher update was posted on the blog and as an update - is the blog link :)

      Please do email if you need help, we don't keep an eye on these comments :) Thanks!

    4. Arran Hunt on

      What voucher? The last email I got was from 2 years ago saying that my 'temporary' ring had been sent. I never received a voucher!

    5. Michael Charles on

      I just wanted to give an update here, to make the "amazing" support I received public. I reached out to the and had correspondence with John directly and with Emma and Thomas. I pledged for "The Collection" for which I did not receive any of the rings I had originally pledged for. I just got two place holder rings which were OK looking but not my style and a factory second which is horrendous, the only use anyone would try it for is testing NFC capabilities, a couple of NFC inlays (same size), a couple of stickers (sweet spot) and no chain.
      When it originally arrived I reached out to advise of the no chain, I wasn't really that concerned but I received the equivalent of too bad so sad.
      Then after receiving the three vouchers (two years? after original pledges?) I tried to use it straight away but no place to put it on the store and the newer rings were not available. Update stated we would be informed when the newer rings were available with no date on any correspondence stating how long vouchers would remain valid. I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY NOTICE OF VOUCHER EXPIRATION nor when the newer rings became available. I followed up less than 2 months later asking how these vouchers can be used as you can see in comments below I got nothing much out of John other than an answer that over 1000 other people managed to use the vouchers fine.
      So I followed up support to see if I could get any compassion. After many emails back and forward the only thing I could be offered was 50% off 1 ring. What a joke.
      I know this is kick starter and you expect some projects to fall over. You may also think boo hoo first world problems. However John was the one who made all of the promises. His treatment of his "customers" is disgusting. This last voucher stunt he did was the icing on the cake and there is no excuse for the limited time (how long was it? It wasn't published anywhere I could find and even himself or his staff could not tell me when I repeatedly asked and they avoided the question) and lack of ownership of his problems.

      I will never back anything else that John is behind in the future. Good riddance. I look forward to not having to look at your bullshit updates again.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Casella on

      I know it's been awhile but I never got my ring

    7. Andreas on

      Hi folks, just wanted to tell you that voucher rings for CF and co. backers have been sent out and being delivered- I have had mine for a few days now. Kudos!

      If you have complaints or missing something, do not hesitate to contact their support at, it's --super thick bold font-- the best way of communicating with the NFCRing Team !

    8. Michael Charles on

      @Creator / John - I am a backer... how else could I post here. I have looked back through correspondence and have not seen any sort of expiry date. Are you able to be specific on what date they expired and also advise where you posted this date?

    9. Brandon "DonSerrot" Torres on

      For those of us that managed to get our voucher orders in is there any sort of time frame that we should expect our new rings? I haven't seen anything in the way of a shipping notice and I had thought the reason we got to access the store early was so that ours could be sent out at about the same time as the 2016 backers. Is that actually the case or was I mistaken? I'm looking forward to my new ring as my old one finally gave up the ghost and stopped working. One of the NFC tags had died about a year ago and the other side gave in a couple weeks ago. I had been using it to unlock my old phone, but since my new phone has a fingerprint reader I've just been wearing it out of habit. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with the improved space of the new rings.

    10. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @Michael They were valid from the point of issuance to the date they expired (backers were told when this was). We emailed the voucher recipients when the vouchers went live. Over 1000 backers managed to use them successfully which is great and we're excited for them to receive their new rings!

      @Charles All rings shipped years ago, but if you didn't get a ring from us from this campaign please email and I will look into it for you.

      @Borky The 2013 ring we shipped you worked with the S5. We didn't send you a crappy template reject. You had the ability to return the ring for a refund if you didn't want it. We emailed you to ask if you wanted a voucher for a 2016 ring, you didn't respond or take the required action. Calling our projects scams is hurtful to ourselves and our community and I disagree with it.

    11. Michael Charles on

      @Creator / John. Can you explain the Vouchers use and how long they should be / should have been valid for? I got the 3 vouchers in the email in Oct and put it aside because of the fact there was no expiration date listed and the following text: "The 2016 Rings wont be available until they go live on the store, but you will get an email before anyone else when this happens."

      I just went into the store and tried to enter the codes as a "discount code" but they were listed as invalid. Perhaps there is a different place to input them?

      So. Please explain?

    12. Borky Borkbork on

      I never received my ring either.

      I got a crappy template ring in it's place, but I'm sure it was just a reject they sent out to all customers that backed the fibre ring because it sure didn't work with a Samsung Galaxy S5 (one of the most popular phones in the world).

      I really hope the real rings worked better than the template reject they sent me (but I wouldn't know).

      (Telling people about this scam is going to be my new hobby)

    13. Missing avatar

      Charles Hagin on

      Hello - I still haven't gotten my ring; any idea when I can expect it?

    14. Missing avatar

      Insomnia on

      I thought it was really great that you guys gave us voucher codes to replace the stealth bomber rings. Too bad I came back from vacation to find it expired. :(

    15. Mark Fisher on

      Hi, I have 2 vouchers for replacement rings. I've tried to order 2 rings on the website but there is no place to enter the voucher codes? and advice?

    16. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @Brett no worries, glad we got it sorted for you :)

      Btw guys pre-orders are up for new rings if you missed the KS you can get in on them!

    17. Missing avatar

      Brett Symons on

      In regards to my last comment, after providing more information I was provided a replacement code. So I was a little rash in criticising.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brett Symons on

      I also never received my ring and when I contacted them got a very curt your ring was shipped and you had three months to let us know you didn't get it,Issue resolved.

      I have never received at any point any indication it was even shipped to know it was over 3 months. Just assumed this project was like so many and I'd probably never get the product but why are kickstarter Project managers always so rude to backers when you contact them.

      I do not support kickstarter anymore after 4 projects and pushing $500 investments I never saw one pledge reward. Lesson learned.

    19. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @tioan: We shipped all rings years ago. Please email if you didn't get yours.

    20. Missing avatar

      tioan on

      When is it supposed to be shipped or can i get my money back?

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hogan on

      I just had to comment and say thank you to John for being a stand-up guy and doubling the voucher so that those who pledged for carbon fiber can get what they paid for. THANK YOU.

    22. Brandon "DonSerrot" Torres on

      I just got the voucher email and I feel quite a bit better now.

      @Hardy From the email. "The 2016 Rings wont be available until they go live on the store, but you will get an email before anyone else when this happens."

    23. Hardy Awadjie on

      I'm confused. So I have an email for a voucher for the newer ring since the stealth bombers were a wash? But on the store I only have three rings to choose from? All 3 which are hideous designs (I don't care to see the inlay). Am I missing something here?

    24. Rex Scates on

      Brandon I can confirm they are basically completely new design. much more advanced antenna in the tag, new more data capacity tag, new materials, the fiber has been tested and was created because nothing existed before that would work, the ceramic ring requires a mold to be made for each size and width (john is very demanding on tight tolerances when people do work for him, he has also learned much in the last few years to get to this new point), Watch johns videos and you will see he is completely open about each and every item above and more.

      Jamie the black carbon fiber (stealth bomber) was an entire model series in this version and I expect that is why the special attention.

    25. Brandon "DonSerrot" Torres on

      So looking at the new project I'm starting to notice some stuff. My original pledge was £25 and the new rings are £23. The new campaign is nice enough to show it's about $35 USD. We are getting a voucher for $15 and according to the NFC Ring store the previous selection of rings are selling for $49.99. If the new rings see the same kind of price jump the old ones had it looks like the voucher is only going to be enough to cover that price jump compared to the new KS project.

      I was told that the new rings were completely new and would really impress me, but it looks like the same old rings with some small design tweaks. I'm honestly not all that impressed. Seems like minor upgrades compared to a "completely new ring". I certainly hope that you guys can find a way to keep the price lower when these launch on the online store otherwise I think people are going to be really upset. Maybe introduce the new rings at KS price for a short while then bring the price up after the introductory period is done. I know you guys promised more than you could deliver so getting the ring for free is is out of the question, but I think the vouchers + KS price and asking us to make the difference would be fair. After shipping that'd be about $13 or so. $35+ just seems unreasonable to ask of us after all this.

      I also agree with Jamie that it's poor form to go all in on a second KS when there are so many loose ends over here. I also don't think it makes your next project look good when there are quite a few people on the previous one criticizing you over how you have been handling it. You can apologize and say "my bad" but unless you actually make an effort to make things right it doesn't really mean anything. The vouchers are a start, but without pricing information we won't know how serious you are about making things right with your original backers and I'm sure any of the new backers looking back at this project are being left unsure if it's worth investing in someone who has previously left backers disappointed.

    26. Jamie on

      Like Michael below I ordered silver inlays (or was it white? I know I wanted all silver and was told it couldn't happen) and silver carbon fiber and received a replacement black/white ring during the kickstater. I havn't lodged tickets or complaints as I have been a good little consumer and gone along with the creators statements - and hey its a kickstarter. But I have a feeling the silver fiber guys are being overlooked because the conversation is always around the black carbon rings.

      It seems in poor form to launch the new kickstarter before some of these details have been sorted. I get the feeling you're more interested in competing with the Kerv campaign then closing this off neatly.

    27. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      ;) Posted the question in the wrong NFC ring project, I have moved it to the right one now :)

    28. John McLear 2-time creator on

      It's live :)


    29. John McLear 2-time creator on

      New campaign going live in 10 mins -

      Good luck everyone!

    30. Adrian on

      If you haven't used the new forum yet just register with the same email an your account will be migrated.

    31. Andreas on

      @Michael Charles
      The forums migrated over to another software, and in the process created a single-login system, it's still the same account but you use your email instead, if you can't log in with the same password, try forgot password or contact support.

      Also; I am a carbon fiber backer aswell- and i can tell you first hand that it's worth spending a tiny bit of money for the improvments 2016 model will bring you. I certainly don't mind the extra price bump, seeing as the price we backed on here doesn't even cover shipping anymore.


    32. Michael Charles on

      @Creator / @John McLear
      As requested here is my entry on kick-starter referencing contacting support from Oct 14th 2014 (I don't know what has happened to my login details to your forum as it now asks for email address where my previous credentials did not use email):
      I was like @Michael Clarke as below. Ordered silver inlays and silver carbon fiber as part of the collection and received 2 rings with black and clear inlays (no stealth bomber of course). It all arrived just yesterday. I also did not receive the chain, fancy display box (just a pretty basic box came) and 3 inlays which were all the same size. I have emailed support and received reference 11025 but thought it was worth sharing the knowledge.

      @Jason I understand this is a kickstarter and things change. My personal opinion of why there has been the negativity below is not due to kickstarter woe's and things changing. It's from being told that backers were being sent temporary place holder rings and would be sent more appropriate products when they become available. Later to be told that it would be a bad business case to send out free products to said backers. If things change for the customers benefit = happy customer, if things change for the detriment of customers = unhappy customer...

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @Uncle Buck, I'm a backer just like you. I ordered carbon fibre and didn't get it, I also had issues with the wrong size being delivered and it took months to resolve. But at the end of the day it was resolved.

      Kickstarter is not a shop. With kickstarter your buying an idea, an intention. When reality kicks in there may be challenges to overcome and unforeseen technical issues. Working in IT I have to deal with these types of situations all the time.

      What I see from John and NFCRing is a small company doing the best they can to build up a great product and expand an emerging technology. Sure I wish I had got my carbon Fibre ring. Sure I wish they could afford to have more people in support. Sure I wish my wrong size mix up was sorted out with less fuss.

      But at the end of they day they have kept all their promises where possible, and even over delivered in other areas.

      I want the next kick starter to succeed, I want the new Ring. Please don't poison all the backers so it doesn't happen. Most of us want it and we fully realise that this is not a shop and things may not work out exactly as expected, but based on past history I am confident that John will deliver us a newer better ring.

      So please don't ruin a good thing for everyone else. If you want a finished guaranteed product, just hold off and wait until you can get it in the shops.

    34. Brandon "DonSerrot" Torres on

      @John I wouldn't take all those vouchers as people who are happy. I've been criticising this from the moment it was posted for us backers and I still applied for the voucher. I just don't want to potentially miss out by not doing anything and I expect most are the same as me. It's kinda a moot point for me because I probably won't have the money to spare of the new rings still cost about the same.

    35. Missing avatar

      mbm on

      @Uncle Buck - It's a kickstarter, nothing ever goes quite as planned but I don't think there was any intentional effort to rip you off in any way. I backed the exact same kickstarter as you and while I'm sad to see that some of the options like stealth bomber and carbon fiber couldn't be mass produced at the level of quality required, it's also a problem that I completely understand. This particular kickstarter has been amazingly upfront about the issues and alternatives.

      I'm actually looking forward to the new campaign.
      (Cheers John, try not to let the negative comments get to you)

    36. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @Jamie Nah you haven't missed it. We're due to sort the voucher stuff on ~5th of Oct, we're currently frying other fishes :)

    37. Jamie on

      So i put in my request straight away but have not heard anything back as yet- have i missed it somehow?

    38. John McLear 2-time creator on

      @Uncle Buck - That's completely up to you but I would ask you to please be supportive of the project and not purposefully destructive, in the spirit of crowd-funding. Try to remember I'm human please. I haven't ignored you once despite you taking a really bad attitude and tone towards me. Would you participate in a conversation or are you purely on a destructive path now?

      @Brandon It's just a few people who are really vocal, the majority of the people (over 1k+ have taken the additional voucher and will happily pay a little extra for the additional functionality). We can't say just yet what the expectation will be with the vouchers, like you said, we can't over promise until we know the actual situation! We do have to remain grounded here, each backer got a ring and we're doing a huge push to provide an additional ring for as little cost as is realistic. Only the visual style of the ring changed -- Perspective is really needed here.... The Logbar product changed from Silver to plastic, we changed from Stainless Steel to Titanium.... I'd hardly say it's a nightmare ;) The thing that is different is that we're willing to respond to criticism and deal with it... We actually made the ring way better, a fact which kinda gets ignored due to all the noise / hate over a color change..

      @Uncle / others with complaints, do you wanna have a chat over the next few days to see if we can resolve your issues? Like I said I'd happily do a live stream to resolve the issues, you can shoot questions at me in real time.

    39. Brandon "DonSerrot" Torres on

      This whole thing is a PR nightmare from hell. I kinda feel bad for you guys. You did this to yourselves though by over promising and not delivering on said promises. Honestly, I would be OK with paying extra if it was just for shipping, but as far as I can tell it's not unless you are going to be selling the new rings for a fraction of the cost you sell the current ones. If that's the case you should say so now and start fixing this mess before more damage gets done. If it's not the case I expect people are going to rage even more once they find out how much they have to spend out of pocket to get what was promised to them in the first place.

    40. Uncle Buck on


      You are such an a**hole! "do what you gotta do and have as much fun doing it as you can!" What a great way to resolve an issue, from a scam artist that ran an incomplete campaign.

      I'm going to have fun all right... I am DEFINITELY going to be backing your next campaign... for $1.00. Just so I can blast YOU and your "COMPANY" in the comments section all the way through it! I will make damn sure that all Backers - a.k.a. People for you to rip off, know that you are a liar, a cheat and a no good double talking used car salesman.

      "Kindly pay me today, for a product I will never make. Then, I will ask you for more money to deliver another product based on the one I never gave you, WHILE talking sh** you as you ask where the switcheroo took place and why I can't hold up my end of the bargain. In the very end, you'll be angry, but I'm okay with that, 'cause I took your money see... and for a thief, that's all I'm concerned about... stealing your money!" - John McLear (in a 1930's comic style villain voice)

      I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW CAMPAIGN... IT'S OPEN SEASON BUDDY! Long live crowdfunding!

    41. John McLear 2-time creator on

      I'm just thinking actually, would you guys like it if I did a live stream so you can ask me questions(in real time) RE fiber and other stuff pre-launch? Say on the 30th?

      I think that would give me a better chance to clear up any confusion that might exist and rebuild any bridges?

    42. John McLear 2-time creator on

      Hey @Alexander We had a two week window to get the voucher claim in, bump support an email - and we will see what we can do.

      @Darren Did you not manage to get a voucher claim request in?

      @Rob You are entitled to your opinion, I however, disagree with you.

      @John Beeson - Feel free to join in and contribute! We welcome all thoughts and opinions.

      @Koldar & @Michael Fair enough, that's completely your call not to use the voucher. If you didn't get the collection box though I'd like to know how that happened. Did you let us know at the time or is this the first we're hearing about it?

      @tripp The vouchers are being processed so I can't remove you from the list. When you get the offer just don't use it, no problem there :) Thanks for supporting the project.

      Just in general, the beef you guys(and to be honest I have) have here is that we're asking you to fill in a form to get a voucher for a second ring. You have the right to beef, in fact I encourage it.. In an ideal world we would simply ship each person a new ring but that has a whole world of new problems...

      Admittedly our campaign was rocky(understatement) but I have been open, clear and transparent throughout the whole process and I will continue to be so :)

      Thanks everyone for backing!

      6 days, holy moly things are crazy busy! Sorry if I missed anyone's comments!

    43. Missing avatar

      Alexander Groth on

      Hi, just got today the message that i have to request a voucher for my carbon ring which i not got in the past. But the forum is closed. What can i do?


    44. Missing avatar

      Darren Lawton on

      Wow sorry about the formatting, was much neater when I prepared it and the silly tiny comment box here didn't give me much chance to check before posting.

    45. Missing avatar

      Darren Lawton on

      In July 2013 I signed up as a backer for this project.
      You went fully funded two months later and at the time this was my pledge and your promise :
      Pledge Summary
      Amount pledged: £47.00
      Reward: 1 x NFC Ring 1 x ALPHA MAN SIZE RING
      Estimated delivery: Oct 2013

      In November 2013 my rings were apparently in production :
      Your order is:
      Normal Size Ring with Titanium Normal Color Metal. Your inlay choices are Black and Silver Carbon Fiber and the Ring Size is US Size: 9.
      Alpha Size Ring with Titanium Normal Color Metal. Your inlay choices are Black and Black Carbon Fiber and the Ring Size is US Size: 10.

      By the 8th of March 2014 anyone wanting carbon fibre had to order replacements :
      Your Ring Choice(s):
      Normal (Classic) Ring in Titanium Normal Color Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a White bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 9
      Alpha Ring in Titanium Normal Color Metal with a Black top inlay cover and a Black bottom inlay cover in USA Ring Size 10

      Though were promised "you will get a voucher for a free carbon fibre ring when they are available. "

      On the 31st of July 2014 I get an update stating that both replacement choices I made in March are out of stock and unavailable. I replied directly basically saying I'd be happy with any color but the Alpha (my ring) should remain Alpha and size 10, less fussy with the 2nd ring.
      I did receive the substitute ring later in 2014 (September I think) but this is still not what I ordered so frankly I don't consider this successful.

      Checking my emails today it seems as of the 31st of August the carbon fire inlay rings are no more. Ok so fair enough but do I get my voucher for a free ring anyway ? Nope, apparently I get a £15 vouchers which give me 50% off a £30 ring (£35 for the Alpha) not including shipping.

      So here now over two years since I paid out my money these are my complaints :
      How does shipping within the UK take so many months ?
      Clearly I should have been complaining louder.
      I simply still don't feel like I got what I ordered.
      The vouchers claim window was ridiculous at 2 weeks when the last update was 1 year ago.
      I accept that your users on your form agreed to this but what about everyone else ?
      Standard practice for any claim window is usually 30 days.
      No I'm not joining your forum, this is a kickstarter project so here my comments go.
      I guess the sooner you put this kickstarter behind you the better eh ?

      I'm sorry to say this but I will never have any future dealings with any Kickstarter or company you are involved in and this project has generally soured my kickstarter experience.

      Finally on the positive side the update emails were great so 10/10 for communication but these updates all contained mention of additional delays (that's additional, not updates to existing delays) :
      23/09/2013 Project Update #13: Bitcoin ninjas, I (John) need your help.
      02/10/2013 Project Update #14: Production update and delay status
      08/11/2013 Project Update #22: Surveys, designs and goblins
      03/12/2013 Project Update #24: Production update
      07/12/2013 Project Update #25: December Update
      21/12/2013 Project Update #26: Christmas Update - Verification Code, Inlays and Shipping.
      23/12/2013 Project Update #27: We're sticking to real carbon fiber
      03/02/2014 Project Update #31: Shipping begins! Stickers, Packaging, App updates, Nexus 5/7 and Carbon Fiber
      26/02/2014 Project Update #32: Production, shipping, moving mountains, fiber, apps, deadlines, Q&A, pre-orders and press/media!
      02/03/2014 Project Update #33: Important update for carbon fiber orders
      25/03/2014 Project Update #36: March 25th Shipping update
      08/04/2014 Project Update #37: Shipping, West Coast USA, Transparent Inlay, Feedback, Software update, Scheduled Forum downtime
      05/05/2014 Project Update #38: Current Production Status, Key Stats, FAQ's, Whats in the Package, New Forum, NFC Unlock App Verification Code, Feedback, Events
      12/05/2014 Project Update #39: Social Tentacle Feedback, Shipping, Stealth Bombers, Improvements, App updates, Rewarding innovation, Real time QA session, Thank you
      22/05/2014 Project Update #40: Kickstarter Shipping update, Stealth bombers update, Replacement Rings info, NFC ring Unlock update and the awesome Forum
      02/06/2014 Project Update #41: 1400 rings shipped since last update, order fulfilment up to 70%, delays on Alphas.
      27/06/2014 Project Update #43: Bears will never be safe again – Kickstarter Update
      07/07/2014 Project Update #44: Rings on route, custom rings and possible carbon fibre break through
      21/07/2014 Project Update #45: Much Pride of Lion
      29/08/2014 Project Update #46: Progress in many shapes and sizes
      12/10/2014 Project Update #48: NFC Ring by John McLear
      25/10/2014 Project Update #49: NFC Ring by John McLear
      "Coming soon...
      Carbon Fiber update".... yeah right.
      31/08/2015 Project Update #50: NFC Ring - One Smart Ring, Unlimited Possibilities by John McLear
      "Q. When will the new rings be shipping assuming Kickstarter is successful?
      A. We're aiming for December 2015."
      HAhahahahahahaaaaaa.... sorry if I'm sceptical.

    46. Rob DuBoff on

      John McLear (NFC Ring)
      Sep 25, 00:25

      Hey Rob,

      It's worth noting that Kickstarter works by pledges, those pledges are not purchases. Your attorney may or may not be aware of this.

      As we fulfilled your pledge by delivering an NFC Ring we fulfilled our requirements. Reading through your campaign and your shipment it looks like we did that.

      We recently contacted you offering a voucher for the cost of a stealth bomber too did we not? In total that provides a retail value of £70 for your £22 pledge. That means we offered you over 3 times what you pledged for.

      ICan you confirm if you got the voucher offer and if you filled in the voucher request form?



    47. Rob DuBoff on

      I complained as well. When I emailed their "support" explaining how I felt like they ripped us all off (those who ordered the carbon fiber ring). I was pretty much told to return the "holder" if I wanted to receive the item they promised. I'm more then happy to share all these emails from their "support" and include anyone interested in the legal case I've been building. It helps so many backers have complained about Mclear and his inability to deliver the items promised by his company.

    48. Missing avatar

      John Beeson on

      And here's my complaint to Kickstarter Support, please send your own to

      "I'd like to open some kind of complaint about the Creator of the NFC Ring (John Mclear), who lied to the people about his project. He did not deliver what was stated, Reneged on his promise of equal compensation (free Ring). At this time hes posting about starting a new campaign, after blatantly defrauding people from the previous campaign.

      At a minimum I want my money back, he only provided place holder items, which he said were free, with the actual promised Items to be delivered later. Then he switched to a discount code for $15 on his offsite store.

      Please remove his ability to start new campaigns and or Refund our money."

    49. Missing avatar

      John Beeson on

      @john Mclear

      Your full of shit. " Our community agreed two weeks was long enough" Who is your community? Apparently its not the group of people on here who funded you, who believed you when you LIED to all of us. You constantly try and push people to your forum, where you can control the message. and your excuse? Oh well it would be to much trouble to extend it past 2 weeks.
      And you earlier comment about it being poor business to give away free rings.
      "in an ideal world we could give rings away for free to everyone but we then we wouldn't have a very good business model would we? ;)"

      WTH do you think lying to your customers is? Your the one who said you would do it, but now its poor business!?!?!
      Apparently its good business to create short timelines and deny the people you DEFRAUDED, even half the value for what you promised.

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