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Why do young men get all the power armor and cool guns? Military SF with a middle-aged enlisted mom for a heroine.
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M.C.A. Hogarth

114 backers pledged $3,510 to help bring this project to life.

New Incentives, and Brushes

Yesterday I decided on the next couple of incentives, since we've met our goal:

At $2000, I will write an epilogue for the novel, told in letters between two of the main characters, Spots and Claws, to be sent to all backers in the electronic format they prefer;

At $2500, I will get custom "Team Kitty" patches made for all backers. I was playing with logo designs for that yesterday, I attached my cellphone pic of my favorite so far below!

Yesterday I also got the e-book up on Smashwords (; those of you who chose the e-book reward will get a Smashwords "100% off!" coupon at the end of the project period so you can go choose what format works for your e-reader/device/computer. :)

My current steps right now involve doing color tests for the book cover after a long evening at Barnes & Noble browsing the SF/F section to get a feel for what kind of color scheme is typical for space marine books (which is how I found out that space marine books aren't typical, period, outside the media tie-in section). I'm doing this while waiting for my brushes to come in... having destroyed my size 4 and 6 brushes on my last painting ("The Bramble Bride", which you can see here, I've had to order new ones. And I'm grateful we've gone over our goal here, because my brushes have doubled in (discount!) price since I last bought them. My cheapest was $12 this time, rather than about $6. Ouch! Something must have happened to the sable supply in the region my manufacturer gets its specific animals from.

But anyway! That's where we stand! This morning we're at $1720, which means we only have another $280 to go to unlock the story! Keep spreading the word, and thank you all so much! :)

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