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Update #31

All Materials are Away!


We're Done!

Today the last of the packages and envelopes went out with your postcards, patches and books... which means from my end, this Kickstarter project is complete! Thanks to you, there is now a print version of Spots to go with the existing e-book version. I couldn't have done it without your help!

You should expect your goodies to arrive anywhere between 1-3 weeks for people in the US, and somewhat longer outside it. Books are traveling book rate, which takes a bit longer; envelopes are going regular mail, which means they should arrive somewhat faster.

If in 3 weeks (4, if outside the US) you have not seen your materials, please contact me so we can figure out what happened.

If you're still feeling excited about Spots, there are some things you can do even now that the project is complete! You can share the story with your friends! Or leave a review for me on Amazon or your blog, or wherever you hang out online. There's even Spots merchandise, if you're feeling like you need a mug or poster!

The Future

What's next for me? This year I'll be finishing up my fantasy-of-manners serial, currently running concurrently on my blog and livejournal, and starting a new novel sequel at year's end: either a follow-up to my novel of the alien Jokka The Worth of a Shell... or Spots! I'm even considering giving my fans the choice of which sequel they want most, by running a Kickstarter in autumn to help fund the writing process and letting the backers vote on which project they want most.

In addition, I'm launching a new Kickstarter next week for a piece of nonfiction: a collection of my business columns for creative professionals, illustrated with cartoon jaguars. I hope you'll keep an eye out for it if you're in the market (ha!) for such a book.

Once again, thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm. This project's been a wonderful experience for me, and I hope it has been for you too. :)

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Update #30

Good News, Everybody! (Mostly!)


If you backed at the $50+ level and did not participate in my Rosary kickstarter (in other words, if you are only expecting a Spots book), then your book is now in the mail.

If you're expecting a patch alone, or a patch and thank-you card, I'm currently addressing those.

If you're expecting a Spots book and some Rosary gifts, your package is on my floor right now, waiting for the last bits of the Rosary gifts to arrive so I can distribute them according to my (checked three times) checklist.

That's the good news!

The not-so-good news is that international shipping cost me far more than I had calculated. It's a significant enough hit that I'm having to seriously consider how to handle international backers in future projects--if I can at all. This was a great disappointment to me, since discovering I had international fans was very exciting... but unfortunately, I can't afford to take that kind of loss per book.

Obviously someone must invent a transporter. Someone alert IBM.

Anyway, expect another update in the next few days once the small envelopes are on their way!

Update #29



I decided to power through as much of the list as I could today, and here's where I stopped. I should be done processing the list by Wednesday, so if you want additional patches, tell me now! If you can't pay immediately, still tell me now; I will send them out on the honor system and you can get me the money when it arrives. It's what Spots would do! -_-

Please note: if you earned a backer reward on my other project (Rosary), I'll be holding your packages a couple of days so I can bundle them together. I'm not anticipating that delaying the mail-out by more than 2-4 days, though.

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Update #28



Note: I stopped because I RAN OUT OF ENVELOPES.

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Update #27

Patches are Here!


Have a look! I'm really happy with how they turned out... and they are enormous! Big enough for the palm of my hand. It turns out 3" rounds have some real presence. They're all almost entirely embroidered (the company said 99% embroidery, but I'm having trouble finding the unembroidered part) and backed in plastic, which means they need to be sewn on. The colors are black, silver, gray and dark red. I hope you like my design choice!

Anyway, this is the part where you tell me whether you want extras. As you can see from photo #2, I have a big stack! I should have about 75 extras, so there should be plenty to go around for people who want more than one (or two, etc). Extra patches are $5 each, and the easiest way to get the money to me is via Paypal (haikujaguar at gmail). When you send me that email, make sure you tell me what name you gave me on the Kickstarter project so I can put it with your existing loot to be mailed in the same package. Also tell me how many extras you want!

If you live Far Far Away from Florida and want to contribute extra money toward postage fees, you may also do so at this time. :)

If you do not want a patch that's fine too! Just tell me and I will save yours for someone else, or to sell at conventions.

With the arrival of the patches, I have everything I need to start assembling your packages. Look for an update next week as I start that, once Easter Vacation is over and I once again have more than ten minutes to myself a day!

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