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A genteel, conversational fantasy of society, culture... and the perversions that threaten them.
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M.C.A. Hogarth

133 backers pledged $6,221 to help bring this project to life.


I went to bed thinking yesterday would be a Day Without a Backer... and woke up to us having crossed the $4K line.


I'll be pondering a $4500 prize; my $5K prize remains your names on the calligraphy background download, but I'd like something in the interim! Ideas are welcome!

Yesterday I talked a little on Livejournal about the problems of editing, like when you discover what you thought was a mistake is actually a reflection of a translation issue. As I was telling someone on Twitter, my guess is that this sort of thing happens because I grew up bilingual; I'm used to the troubles caused by trying to shove one language into another. The way we write tells us a lot about how we think, and while I've always known I was interested in the intersections of cultures, I am learning that I think of language as the primary carrier of not just the culture, but its differences, into the minds of others. I guess that... makes sense. No wonder this book sometimes feels like a treatise on language...!

I am also relieved to report that despite the translation issues mentioned in that entry, I'll be passing the manuscript to all the various people who need it to prepare final forms of it by tomorrow. Then I can relax and get to work on all the various prizes I've promised you that I'm not done with yet, like the calligraphy, the drawing and that one cut scene. I am looking forward to making the goodies while waiting for the producers to do their magic!

Many of you know this is my fourth Kickstarter project. Right now, this is the highest-paying project I've ever run. Some part of me wants it to make other records too... my most do-able one is "more backers than any project I've done." We're at 78 and we need 115. There are pie-in-the-sky goals, but I really hope we can find those last few people. We'll see!

But anyway. $4011. I can redo the covers on Book 1 and Book 2 now. You all are awesome. Too much more awesome and I'll have to do an embarrassing video of me squeeing and saying... Thank you, and pass it on! :)