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A genteel, conversational fantasy of society, culture... and the perversions that threaten them.
A genteel, conversational fantasy of society, culture... and the perversions that threaten them.
133 backers pledged $6,221 to help bring this project to life.

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Audiobook Prizes Have Been Sent!

Today I got the coupon codes for the unabridged audiobook and distributed those to the backers who chose the audiobook prize! Those coupon codes, along with instructions on how to redeem them, are now in your Kickstarter inboxes. If you have any problems with them, please contact me! Or if you were expecting a code and haven't received it, please send me a message either here through Kickstarter, or in email (haikujaguar at gmail).

A couple of notes: several of you are getting your prize in email as a "gift" from Audible, which was me buying them when I ran out of codes... your prizes might come a bit late, since Audible's sending you the email, not me.

Finally, I added the audiobook levels after we hit the stretch goal for the audiobook; the audiobook is not an "e-reward," which covers the e-books and the short story. To receive the audiobook you had to have backed the specific audiobook prize rewards at the $35 and $85 levels. I'm sorry if there was some confusion on that matter, but at $24.95 each I can't afford to give those prizes to people who didn't back at the audiobook levels. I am sorry about the confusion! :/

This should take care of all the prizes I am responsible for sending to everyone beneath the $1000 level! Which means that except for my business fulfilling C's prize, this project is now complete. If you don't have your prize, or expected it and haven't received it, or if there's some other problem (like me forgetting something, God forfend!)... please contact me! Otherwise, once again: thank you all for supporting this independent artist. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Kherishdar; if you did, please, tell your friends. All three editions, e-, print and audio, are now available for sale at retail outlets. :)

Audiobook has Hit Retail!

I see that the spate of e-book pick-ups have died down and I've seen a lot of photos of the book "in the wild" in your hands, on your desks, or on your porches, so hopefully by now most of you are enjoying your copy of Black Blossom!

Audiobook backers... you're next! The audiobook hit retail this morning. Consequently, I've emailed ACX to request the promotional codes they've promised me; once I get those in my hands, I'll be distributing them to backers who chose the audiobook rewards. I'm hoping to have that wrapped up by the first week of December... which will close the book (no pun intended) on the last of my prizes, all save the $1000 level. Who is getting so many goodies I'm making an entire grammar section of the language just to fulfill them!

In the next few weeks, I'm going to be experimenting with audio equipment of my own, not to record audiobooks, but to try podcasting. One of the things I want to try is an Ai-Naidari language segment... so my test recording will probably include that. When I have something available, I'll pass it on. :)

I hope you're enjoying--or enjoyed--the book. And if you cared about it, please consider leaving me a review or a like or a star rating! Several of you have asked where best to do that; most of my traffic comes through Amazon, though I get people through Goodreads as well. And I'd be glad to send review copies to your favorite book reviewers, if you've got some. :)

Anyway--happy holidays to those of you celebrating! The audiobooks are on their way!

New Books Have Arrived

And they are even better in person than they look online, I think. Yesterday I mailed the packages for my $250 backers! Also, between the narrator and I we untangled a bit of a hiccup in the audiobook approval process, so that's back on track. I expect to issue those rewards by the end of the month, ahead of schedule as planned (is that possible?).

The New Covers :)

The $250 backers have had their new-edition books ordered. Once those arrive, I'll be sending them on. :)

Pushing Toward the Finish Line!

We're just about done with this project, everyone!

Over the weekend I started the approval process for the audiobook edition! All things going well, it should hit retail sites in two weeks, at which point I'll have coupons to distribute to backers who signed up for that prize reward. I got a chance to listen to bits and pieces of it yesterday while making sure the last of the small errors were cleaned up and it is a marvel. Daniel did an amazing job on it, and I can't wait to share it with you all!

This week I am finishing up the new cover for The Aphorisms of Kherishdar. Once it's complete, I'll be able to mail off the last few prizes to people who wanted copies of it and The Admonishments with the new cover. I'll have a screenshot for you of all three covers together once I'm done... watch for that next week.

The last piece of this project directly affects only our top backer (hi, Cynthia!), which is the Kherishdar guidebook. I'm planning on having that ready in early January. I'd like to get it out before then, but I'm not sure what the schedule for my layout professional looks like near the holidays, so we'll see. And yes, the guidebook will be available for sale!

Once I wrap up that part of the project, Black Blossom will be done (though for the majority of you, it's already complete! Thank you for your photos of the books "in the wild", particularly the ones of you holding it up, or the book on your desk or in your favorite spaces!). But I have plans for Kherishdar next year; not just the new volume Four Tales of the Tryst, but also a possible podcast segment on the language. We'll all learn to speak Ai-Naidari together. :)

More in the next few weeks! And those of you who already have your prizes, enjoy!