Decentralize the web with Diaspora

by Maxwell Salzberg

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      Laurent Fortin on

      Congrats to all of you Diaspora* team! Looking forward to receiving your invite!

    2. Mathieu Charlebois on

      With a welcome screen en français ? J'aime.

    3. gregory thomas on

      Fantastic work guys, I hope you make millions.

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      Gina Phelan on

      This is toooo exciting... I got my T-shirt and notes and stickers. I LOVE them--they're so uncold, uncomputer-y, un-massproduced-y... Can't wait! Can't wait!!!!

    5. Patrick Reeves on

      What kind of douchery is this? "You need to use a real browser in order to use Diaspora!"
      Knock of the hipster bullshit and learn how to program for all browsers and this may be a success.

    6. Missing avatar

      Laurent Fortin on

      @walter & sleepingbear: Come on! You don't have to be Mac or Linux users to enjoy modern browsers. They can run on Windows too.

      Here you go:…

    7. Anthony Contoleon on

      Is there a support contact? My email had an issue the other night on the server, and I don't know if I got my invite sent to me and then lost it as a result.

    8. Emmet Gibson on

      No invite here either :( And it doesn't recognize my e-mail when I check to see if I am registered.

    9. Jarosław Lipszyc on

      Still no access to survey and - as a result - no t-shirt. I was emailing (to, filling reports, posting to forums. Is there anyone in the know how to get in touch with actual Diaspora team human being and let them know, that some backers still do not have their swag, and have no way to communicate that fact???

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      Matt Maher on

      I'm wondering why people who have been invited already have been given their own invites, when it hasn't even been opened up to all the contributers yet. I'm still waiting and I'm hearing about people who are already in being able to bring in other people. I suppose it makes sense that you'd need to have people start creating their personal networks, but are you really already getting overwhelmed by 6500+ initial invites? How are you ever going to catch up to Friendster at this rate? ;)

    11. Elliott on

      @Matt I'm right there with you. When I saw the Ars Technica review, and noticed that he got in on an invite, I went back to check my mail, but invite.

    12. Steve Burnett

      No survey and no invite as yet.

    13. Missing avatar

      Babak Javadi on

      Never received any surveys. Still haven't received an invite.

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      Michael on

      I haven't got an invite yet either. That is all I wanted and feel a bit let down.

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      cary gibaldi on

      Totally. These guys said they'd be wrapped by september...and here we are. it's december and friends who didn't even donate to these guys got entry and i didn't.

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      Laurent Fortin on

      @everyone: I think this should give you an answer for your invites worries:

      I have a kind of feeling that we are going to get our invites soon! :-)

    17. Dan Goldenberg on

      Hi everyone,
      The Diaspora guys have been working really hard and asked me to help them out with some issues that have arisen.
      All of the backer rewards have been sent out. If you have filled out a survey and not received yours, except to receive it soon. If you have not filled out a survey email
      I am currently going through the emails that are already there.
      I apologize for the delay.

    18. Dan Goldenberg on

      keep checking for more info about the invites

    19. Simon Kjellberg on

      I'm really disappointed that you let users who haven't even donated get an invite before us. I didn't even pledge to recieve any backers award, so i made a solely donation to the project. The least you could do is sending us all an invite, THEN let already signed up members invite their friends.

      Sorry, i'm a bit grumpy, trying to quit smoking...

    20. Missing avatar

      frannypak on

      Is everyone else still missing their "alpha invites?" Has anyone gotten it in the last day or so? I haven't.

      Sort of shoddy PR going on here, but if it works out in the end I'll still be happy.