Decentralize the web with Diaspora

by Maxwell Salzberg

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      David Yoken on October 18, 2010

      Eegads, I have made a number of requests for the "backer survey" to be sent to me as I pledged 25.00 dollars. Here is the documentation:

      We have received your Wed May 12 21:43:19 GMT 2010 authorization to let Diaspora charge you. Details of this transaction are below:

      Authorization summary:
      Recipient: Diaspora

      For: Pledging $25.00 to Decentralize the web with Diaspora on Kickstarter.
      Payment method: Visa
      Valid from: Wed May 12 21:43:18 GMT 2010
      Valid until: Tue Aug 31 03:59:00 GMT 2010



      David Yoken
      Pakkarinkatu 5 C 17
      20100 Turku

    2. Chris Laycock on October 18, 2010


      Me too, still not had one. In the same boat as David but don't want to add my home address to thye comments field.
      Can you please send me the backers survey?


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      Heidy on October 18, 2010

      I'm in the same boat as those above me. I never received anything in my spam folder either.

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      eliezer Sobel on October 18, 2010

      Maybe it's just me, but I don't care even a tiny bit about tee shirts or stickers or whatever, why not skip all that and put the money into the project?

    5. Hanns Tappen on October 18, 2010

      Wondering about the tee shirt design. Actually haven't seen a preview.

      "Also, the tee shirt design is almost done, so we will be giving you a preview of the final design before we ship it out.!" (Sep 9)

      By the way, did you receive my backer reward survey? Yes, I want the stuff - thanks!

    6. Neil Krupnick on October 18, 2010

      Don't see a survey in any mailbox. Hmmn...

    7. Missing avatar

      geok on October 18, 2010

      Add me as a backer who has no record of receiving a survey. I've tried sending in my address via other means, but haven't gotten any acknowledgment.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wilson on October 18, 2010

      Checked my spam folder and all the rest of them and I don't see a survey. That doesn't mean that I didn't fill it out but I don't remember filling one out. FAQ say I should have received a message on Kickstarter that information was required for fulfillment purposes but I don't see that either.

    9. Missing avatar

      Aravinda on October 18, 2010

      I don't seem to have a survey, have searched all mail folders.

    10. Simon Starr on October 19, 2010

      All the messages to backers, including a couple about the survey and one with the t-shirt design, can be found here: or by clicking the 'Updates' tab at the top of this page.

    11. Jonathan Chowdhury on October 20, 2010

      Didn't receive the survey and I have emailed Kickstarter and Diaspora three times about this and no response, and there is nothing in my spam folder!

    12. Missing avatar

      taroman on October 23, 2010

      I found my backer survey, but get a 404 error when I click the link. Please let me know how to get my rewards, I assumed they would be coming automatically after I gave my $25 & thought I gave my mailing info then.


    13. Nicole Maron on October 25, 2010

      I don't recall receiving a backer survey, and all my old spam is gone by now. What did I miss?

    14. Missing avatar

      geok on November 4, 2010

      As I posted earlier, I am also a contributor who doesn't recall getting a survey. Following the link in the message that can be found here somewhere gives a 404. It would be nice if one of the "team" could take an interest and respond.

    15. Maxwell Salzberg Creator on November 4, 2010

      Hi, you can email if you had a problem with your backer survey.


    16. Missing avatar

      david goldin on November 12, 2010

      Let me add my comment with all the others re: survey..never got one, not in spam folder. Sent my info in Oct '10. never got a response YET ! David Goldin

    17. Stephen Starkey on November 13, 2010

      I filled out the backer survey, but got nothing for my money. What is up with that?

    18. Jamie Bradway on November 15, 2010

      I need to add my name to the list, too. I received the survey and filled it out immediately, but have still not received the t-shirt and stickers. Has anyone received word back from the diaspora team about these complaints?

    19. Missing avatar

      geok on November 17, 2010

      They got $200k from us. Why should they respond? Chalk this up to "lessons learned."

    20. Missing avatar

      Ian Tornay on November 20, 2010

      I never received anything :( Can you help me please?

    21. Missing avatar

      d00dy9 on November 21, 2010

      I still have not received my T shirt of software disc. Are they still being processed?

    22. Belinda on November 22, 2010

      Hey guys, it's November and we still haven't received t-shirts ... how's it going? cheers.

    23. Joshua Karjala-Svendsen on November 23, 2010

      I still haven't received my swag.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joe Coutcher on November 23, 2010

      I haven't received mine either...and I DID fill out the survey before it was due! It's been over two months since you shipped things out to the fulfillment company...where's my stuff?

    25. Jeremy Voshage on November 23, 2010

      Hello I am a backer. Can I get access to the site. I tried to make a user name with no luck.

    26. Xande Macedo on November 23, 2010

      Can we backers get the alpha access, please?

    27. Jayson Elliot on November 23, 2010

      Hi, I'm a backer, but don't have any info on how to get an invite to the alpha.

      Can anyone help out?

    28. Jamal Hamou on November 23, 2010

      I also filled out the survey and never received anything

    29. Jarosław Lipszyc on November 24, 2010

      No survey, please send it to me.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Samuels on December 5, 2010

      No CD and can't logon. Not recognized

    31. Anna Lena on May 19, 2011

      @ Robert O'Connor cheers from Ireland...haha, same face expression.