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Each player steers a unique rescue ship to complete a cooperative mission in the Arctic.  Save the Polar Bears together or we all lose!
Each player steers a unique rescue ship to complete a cooperative mission in the Arctic. Save the Polar Bears together or we all lose!
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Backerkit survey coming and production update!

Posted by Seth Hiatt (Creator)

Surveys Coming!

Ok folks!  We have been using another platform for post-campaign surveys recently but have decided to go to BackerKit for this project and there was a bit of a learning curve to getting it set up.  Sorry for the delay!  The good news is surveys are going out today.  We have rolled out the survey to about 50 of you just in case there are any problems and will roll it out to everyone tonight.  Pay attention to the add-ons in the survey, we are offering some of our other games at special pricing!  There are also a very limited number of extra bear-meeple sets available, we made a few of those and we won't be making them ever again.  Any future print runs of the game will include the plastic meeples with the mustache bear that got so many mixed reactions from our backers.  Anyway, get your surveys filled out so we can send you your rewards without delay.

If any of you don't get your backerkit email within 24 hours please just go to the backerkit survey HERE.

Production Update

The game is in production and we will post some photos/video of the production process soon.  You can check the current status of production any time at this link.  We keep that spreadsheet up-to-date so all our backers can know where things stand whenever you'd like, without having to wait for an update.

The latest on production is that the game IS in production and the factory anticipates the game being finished by mid/late June at the latest.  We are shooting for June 20.  That would put the game to our non-US shipping partner the following week so non-USA backers should have their shipment mailed out in June.  USA backers will have to wait a few extra weeks for the game to get to the USA via boat, so we are sorry to say the US fulfillment will be a few weeks late.  Bad news we know but hopefully the wait will be worth it.  

The big hold up was in the meeples, those resin meeples just take a while to hand paint and production was delayed a bit as a result.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lahn on

      I think it's really funny that after so many complaints about the plastic bears, there is now demand for the plastic bears as an option. I think that says something about us as gamers... if there is a different version/promo out there, we need to have it for the collection, even if it's similar to (and from some perspectives, inferior to) what we already have.

      No disrespect intended @Mohammed. I totally understand the impulse. I just think it's funny.

    2. Seth Hiatt 51-time creator on

      Sorry but the plastic bears are not available for now. All of the KS version copies will have the resin bears. IF we get some of the plastic bears in the future we will let you all know for sure!

    3. Mohammed Al-Mohanna

      is there a way to get a copy of the plastic polar bear as add-on. I know we hate the mustache but they are different type which make sense of getting a set.

    4. Missing avatar

      Edward Davison on

      @Cris thanks, I hadn’t see anything about the plastic and resin pieces as backed after update and didn’t get time to go through older updates. When I saw the add on on the backer kit was the 1st time I saw about it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cris Chong on

      @Jason and @Edward the KS version comes with the resin bears :D you can check it on the FAQ and previous updates

    6. Jason Penney

      Same question about which bears come in the KS edition box.

    7. Missing avatar

      Edward Davison on

      Are the bears with the game (KS edition) the resin ones or plastic and the resin only available as an add on?

    8. Lauren

      Thank you for offering the option to buy extra bear meeples! :D