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Each player steers a unique rescue ship to complete a cooperative mission in the Arctic.  Save the Polar Bears together or we all lose!
Each player steers a unique rescue ship to complete a cooperative mission in the Arctic.  Save the Polar Bears together or we all lose!
Each player steers a unique rescue ship to complete a cooperative mission in the Arctic. Save the Polar Bears together or we all lose!
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    1. Jondi Soper Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Mohommed production is finished and all the games are on the boat on the way to our warehouse. We will begin fulfillment next month.

    2. Mohammed Al-Mohanna 2 days ago

      Hi Jondi,

      Is the picture of the production got clearer? If so what's the new timeline?

    3. Jondi Soper Collaborator on

      Hey everyone! I have some pictures from GenCon of the game to post for you and I am going to work on getting an unboxing video done for you all to see the components and how great the game turned out! I hope to have the video done this weekend (as I get caught up on the pile of work on my desk!)

      Hopefully some of you made it to GenCon and stopped by the booth to see the game in person!

    4. Miles on

      Anyways I'll just zip it and hope I get my game at some point. Thank you

    5. Miles on

      So all of the backers hard earned money is going to pay for you to ship 20 copies to Gencon and give them to reviewers who dont care about the game and just add it to the stack of thousands of games they review ?

    6. Tammy Skinner Golden on

      Thanks for the update! I'm so excited to get this game! The polar bear miniatures alone make it worth waiting for :)

    7. Missing avatar

      heather on

      the pieces look GREAT! well done, team!

    8. Missing avatar


      I'm excited to play this game. These kind of delays our quite forgivable if the product is the quality it was promised to be. And this game looks to be gorgeous! Hope we hear an estimate on a date soon! :)

    9. Jondi Soper Collaborator on

      @Alexis - I also answered you in the Update, but we sent an email to the factory yesterday and this is what they said:
      "Our supplier told us that it is "earth-friendly resins". But the resins isn't recycled material. it is similar to the stone and ceramic."
      I hope this helps.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      I have asked several times and have not gotten a response. Considering the theme of this game are the components going to be made of recycled or earth friendly resins?

    11. Jondi Soper Collaborator on

      @J.P. Great meeting you and your family at Origins as well!!!

    12. Jondi Soper Collaborator on

      @mohommaed I hesitate to give a date as of yet, as we have not seen a proof to approve of the dice yet. But we will continue to keep you updated.
      I am posting the update with production shots today. I got sidetracked with some personal things over the last few days. Apologize for the delay!

    13. J.P.

      Sounds good, Jondi. Thanks for the update.

      P.S. It was so nice meeting you at Origins.

    14. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Thanks Jondi. Looking forward to see the pictures and video.

      If the issue is fixed, do you have estimation for the production wrapping up and fulfillment?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Rivera on

      That sounds awesome. Thanks.

    16. Jondi Soper Collaborator on

      Hey folks! The factory sent us some production pictures! They are working to get the problem with the dice fixed and I am going to get an update out today to show you the progress with the other aspects of production! I'm really excited that I have some pictures and even some videos of production to show you today!

    17. Michael A. Urban


    18. Missing avatar

      Mike Rivera on

      Michael it seems we do have different expectations. I will chose to support companies who exceed mine which there are several that do. You are free to agree or disagree with me or think of me or people who think like me what you will.

      I simply have one expectation and it's called transparency. They missed a delivery date, I would expect to know why. Had they done that in a timely manner, you would have never seen a comment from me.

      Side note, I posted on July 10th. After that on the exact same day the creators wrote an update apologizing and explaining in part the delay. They acknowledged that there was something wrong with communication and took accountability.

      I respect adults who can own their mistakes. They have said they will do better and they have up until the day they deliver to do so.

      I know the risks involved. I'm ok with delays or even the possiblity of things falling apart completely. All I expect is communication.

      Lack of communication leads to speculation which is when negative comments start flowing.

      I think it's great you wish for no accountability from people you invest in, that shows an ability to trust that goes far beyond what I am capable of.

      Take care and since the July 10th update, I no longer have a dog in this fight. I apologize my OP triggered you in such a way. Wasn't my intention.

    19. Michael A. Urban

      Please go back to the campaign page and reread "Risks and Challenges". You've become spoiled and entitled with KS. You think creators are beholden to your whims. The game will deliver. I have no doubt. They have a great track record. I could care less if they tell me something in delayed every two weeks. Threatening not to support creators due to things beyond their control (like your narrow expectations) is text book entitlement.

      Updates show us the process of producing a board game. If you cannot handle the information, don't follow the process.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike Rivera on

      It doesn't make us entitled to become vocal after projected dates come to pass with no communication. The lack of communication naturally makes people nervous. To say your speaking for all backers is a tad bold.

      There are companies far better at communication than what has been displayed here. I just simply won't back these guys again, which ultimately won't matter because they already have my money. Here's to hoping we all get our games and they are wonderful.

    21. Michael A. Urban

      It's amazing how entitled some backers get. I honestly could care less how often updates show up. This weird mentality that they need constant affirmations leads into a particularly toxic place. This is how the sausage is made. You insisted in knowing about it. Live with it. I apologize on behalf of all backers for this vocal irritating minority.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Rivera on

      I have 11 currently backed projects atm. This project makes the top three in poor communication. I will never back this company again.

      I even have projects that had poor communication early on and wrote an update just to apologize for it and they are trying to do better. Anything is better than nothing, we shouldn't have to search for info or email constantly to get bits of information.

      Thank you to those of you who have done so and shared their responses with us.

    23. Missing avatar

      David on

      "But with our experience comes wisdom. We also know that we cannot control every factor in the chain from manufacture and printing to delivery. That is why we have built in extra time into our forecast to account for any unforeseen events that could arise. We believe the addition of this extra time will ensure that delivery of this project will NOT be delayed beyond the estimated delivery date.[...]
      We have two partially undelivered KS projects at present, but we expect to have this one delivered on time.[...] We're putting extra time into our forecast for delivery to ensure this project will NOT be delayed beyond the estimated delivery date."

      From the campaign. Three separate statements. I'd advise them NOT to bother with this language in the future and just tell us that we'll get them eventually, because that seems to be the pattern.

    24. Missing avatar

      The Don Mega on

      Based on the link from the last update (which stated would be the most up to date info) it reads:

      "Factory delayed a bit but production is scheduled to be complete in mid to late June. This project should ship out by late June for non-US backers but it may be a few weeks late for US backers"

    25. Missing avatar

      Marvin Knighton, Jr. on

      Do you have an updated ship date?

    26. Missing avatar

      Edward Davison on

      @Jeran DeLapp I messaged them and got a response of there is no update at the moment, I replied saying there should be an update as in a previous comment they had assured us we would have the game in June and now July even if it’s to say it’s been delayed. I got a response saying they have been at conventions so couldn’t do an update at the moment. I guess they don’t have phones or anything at conventions to do a quick update for us.
      I know most KS don’t meet their expected delivery date but they did say it was going to when asked and there was nothing telling us this had changed.

    27. Jeran DeLapp on

      Have any of the admins for this game responded to any comments or said anything about being on time or being delayed or abything!?

    28. Erik on

      Any updates on when shipping will start?

    29. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      I think established publisher uses KS as preorder system and don't feel like sharing information. It seems self published KS are the best in communication inspite
      of their fault of misjudged fulfillment timing and production cost but at least they keep you engaged all the way.

    30. Missing avatar

      Asahel Kinfrie on

      Could we have an update? Although there are negative news we want to know about the process.

    31. Ryan Peterson on

      On 4-17 I asked:

      "June expected delivery date seems extremely fast... is that a typo or is that the actual projected delivery date?"

      They assured me that it was a realistic goal. Anyway, I've done enough kickstarters to know that the actual odds of getting this game in June were extremely low. I'm expecting (based 100% on speculation and previous kickstarter experience) to get my game in August, and I'll be happy with that. Any sooner than that and I'll be surprised, but even happier.

      Hopefully we'll get an update soon.

    32. Missing avatar

      Iboga on

      I wonder if they are having trouble with the polar bear meeples. A poster on BGG had bought a copy at the UK Games Expo, some 20 odd days or so ago, and had commented that the white enamel coating on the bears was all chipped up. IDK, that could be from the other publisher and not Mayday. So, take this with a grain of salt.


      Yes, we need a update. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Iboga on

      Typical for Mayday. They had improved, but it seems they may have reverted back to their old ways.

    34. Jim McMahon

      This is looking like one of those "The project has funded, and going forward we'll respond and update only when we feel like it. And we don't feel like it much." projects. Disappointing.

    35. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      I think we can assume for the lack of communication that this will be delayed at best in July.

    36. Brian Hou on

      Somehow this project has very minimal communication...are we still expect it get ship out by end of June? If is going to be delay please communicate out so it won't be a surprised to everyone.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jaeger on

      The production status google sheet hasn't been updated since 5/2/18, whats the current status considering its 6/29 today....

    38. Missing avatar

      Edward Davison on

      End of June in coming, anyone received their game yet?

    39. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Any new update??

      The last update on the tracking sheet shows that slight delay that will not affect end of June fulfillment. However we are at the end of June and no update yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      Fontaine Lam on

      Any update? What’s the latest on production?

    41. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Richard Ham (Rhdo) just posted a run through a game of two players:

      Part I: Gameplay Runthrough…… (Static Camera)

      Part II: Extended Gameplay…… (Static Camera)

      Part III: Final Thoughts…

    42. Missing avatar

      Ari on

      any updates? its almost end June. where is my tracking number for the shipment?

    43. Grant Massey

      Why is the addon game $10 cheaper than the backed pledge? Are they both the resin bears?

    44. Missing avatar

      narls on

      For everyone who wants to know the status of production, don't forget that there is link to a spreadsheet in update 14.

    45. JKP

      When will pledge manager close?

    46. Erik on

      @Seth, delivery date is this month, is the proyect still on time to achieve that delivery date?
      Is the shipping already started?

    47. Missing avatar

      Ari on

      @seth, when will we get our tracking order for the shipment?

    48. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      So people thought that the one on the box will be plastic so they ordered them along with thier pledges. There are some who want to refund them after the recent update so there might be a chance to grap some when that happens.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ari on

      its all taken.

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