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Roll the dice to determine which windows you can open on the Macroscope, revealing more of the picture. Guess early for more points!
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The Macroscope is a wonderous device that's used to investigate things up close... provided you can figure out what it is you're looking at. Roll the dice to determine which windows of the Macroscope you can open, revealing more of the picture inside. 

The fewer windows you open before guessing, the greater the reward if you're right, or penalty if you're wrong.

After 10 images, the player with the highest score is the winner!  There are 400 images in the game so there is a TON of replayabilty in the game.

Build Your Own Amazing Macroscope!
Build Your Own Amazing Macroscope!




  • Early delivery to your door! Backers will get this game several weeks in advance of the release date, or even earlier.  You'll have it before retailers! 
  • Discounted Pricing! Macroscope will retail for $30, but you can get it for $25!
  • Cheap Shipping! We're subsidizing the shipping for all of you so shipping is extremely affordable. 
  • Stretch Reward!  Yes, we don't have many options for stretch rewards due to licensing constraints, but some is way better than NONE!  
  • Amazing after-campaign add-ons possible!  Yes after the campaign is over we will be offering some great backer-only exclusives that you won't find anywhere else!





Macroscope Assembly Required AND FUN!
Macroscope Assembly Required AND FUN!






















A Note About Stretch Rewards

Please note that Macroscope is a licensed game for Mayday. Per the terms of our license we don't have the right or ability to offer any more "extras" for stretch rewards. We are keeping this particular project very simple and easy for that reason and believe the quality of the game and the components at this price are already an outstanding value.  



 Shipping is calculated based on your country, so please pledge and enter the country you want your reward delivered to. Each country's shipping cost is based on an additional $5.50 pricing support from Mayday.

The game is lightweight (just over 1 KG) and durable so the game will ship in a bubble mailer for all non-USA backers. Each copy will also come wrapped in bubblewrap, for extra protection. We are shipping all the rewards outside of the USA directly from our fulfillment warehouse in China to you. 

We will state the direct manufacturing replacement cost on the customs form for all non-USA shipments, which means your reward should fall well below the VAT/CUSTOMS/DUTY thresholds for you. We have fulfilled several other projects in this same manner and our backers have happily had no issues getting their rewards duty-free due to the low cost of our games.     

Will my shipment be traceable? I want a tracking number when it ships.

No, your shipment will not be traceable, it will show up as package through your post office in most cases and those do NOT have tracking numbers. We can say that your reward will arrive in 7-30 business days after it ships. We can send you a screen shot of the shipping notice and confirm that it went out if it doesn't show up, but there is no tracking number. That is how we are able to offer such low shipping rates.  

If you want a tracking number, you can pay a little extra on your shipping service to get a tracking number. Here are the rates:  

Tracking Number Add On is $2 for non-USA backers and $1 for USA backers.

I want my game shipped in a box instead of a bubble mailer.  

We're quoting very cheap shipping because of the weight, and this specific game comes in a nice sturdy box. It's tough and we expect it will be able to handle the rough ride through the mail thanks to shipping it wrapped in bubble wrap and then in a bubble mailer. Shipping the game in a box will add about 200 grams and another $0.30-0.60 in packaging costst.  

If you want your reward to ship in a box rather than a bubble mailer, you will need to pay an extra $1 within the USA or $3 WORLDWIDE.

I want both a tracking number and a box for my shipment.  

No problem, just add both the costs for the shipping box and the tracking number. That is +$2 within the USA or +$5 WORLDWIDE.

Note Regarding Late Surveys And Shipping  

We won't ship rewards more than six (6) months after we finish shipping Macroscope to our backers. We'll be sure to make several attempts to reach any stragglers over those six months of course.  After those 6 months we will release any reserved inventory to our distributors so won't be able to fulfill rewards if you wait to fill out your survey.  In this case that means after 2017, we aren't going to offer any late rewards or refunds on pledges that never told us their address.

 We've had a lot of previous successful Kickstarter projects in the past. You'd think by now that we'd be set and not need to run such a project any more, right? Well, not so much. While Mayday has been successful, we're still very small with our cash is tied up in other projects. In fact, if you look at Mayday's early publishing history, we introduced just three new games in 2010 and 2011 before we discovered Kickstarter.

Since utilizing Kickstarter, we've launched 25 new games, and that is ALL thanks to backers like you. By using Kickstarter, we're able to gauge interest and get the game made in much larger quantities and with cheaper prices to our customers. This is a large part of why we were able to offer our last few projects at such a low price point. With this much stuff in the game and such a small company, this would only be possible with the support of the Kickstarter community.





Risks and challenges

This will be our 36th successful Kickstarter project, and it doesn't have any risks to speak of if we meet our goal. The factory is ready to publish and the art and layout has been completed. Any additionally needed changes should be completed prior to the end of the campaign. We've launched 30 prior Kickstarter projects.

Anyone missing anything at all from any prior project please send us a message here on Kickstarter and we'll get you replacements or other solutions as soon as possible. We've had over 33,000 backers (UPDATE TO INCLUDE JULY CAMPAIGN'S NUMBERS), so we expect a few of you may have slipped through the cracks. Thanks again for all of the support!

We have a few partially undelivered KS projects at present, but we expect to have this one delivered on time. We're putting extra time into our forecast for delivery to ensure this project will NOT be delayed beyond the estimated delivery date.

For a list of prior campaigns please check here:…

For a current list of the status of all our projects that are not fully fulfilled yet jump over to here:

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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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