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Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
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Seth Hiatt

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Wanna FREE Game?

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Meteors are Falling!


We try to be careful not to fill you prior backers' in-boxes with too many emails, but we have had more than a few of you upset in the past that we didn't give you the heads up early enough on new projects.

Check out the artwork Marco put together!
Check out the artwork Marco put together!

 Well here we are giving you the heads up early on day one so you have the change to get in on the FIRST ROUND of 250 backers for METEOR, our brand new 1-5 Player cooperative game that plays in 5 minutes or less! Watch the video if you DARE!

 Check out the KICKSTARTER and back now if you want in on this, we expect it to fill up even quicker than Dead Man's Draw!  

Get Bit Opportunity and Dead Man's Draw, and free shark!

Get Bit coming up for sale on our website for GenCon

As a backer of our Get Bit Kickstarter, we wanted to let you know that the game is going to be featured in a new promo sale on our website for GenCon. GenCon is the USA's largest board game convention and starts on Thursday! We will be in Booth #143 and would love to have you come by and say hello. We are also going to be offering a special bundle for our first 100 customers only on our website with the following: 
Get Bit Base Game, Dolphin Die Expansion, Squid Expansion, Pink Robot Promo (with girl pirate stickers), bonus white shark, black panda promo with stickers, Bruce Lee promo, Sharkspansion with meat hunger tokens, bonus sticker sets. -Retails for over $50 with all the expansions and promos! 
Walk the Plank, base game ($20 value), ghost meeple expansion and special pirate playmat ($22 value) that works for both Get Bit and Walk the Plank. All of this together would be $100 but we are doing a very special price on our website for this week only, starting Thursday. Check our website at for this crazy deal!

Dead Man's Draw

If you haven't heard, we have a new game called Dead Man's Draw coming out and it is half way through its Kickstarter Campaign now. This 2-4 player Press-Your-Luck game is already a very popular app on IOS and is already funded, but if you're looking for another $20 game that is fast, easy and fun, this might be just what you need!

Check out the Kickstarter HERE.

Free Great White Shark

Want more? How about this... if you backed Get Bit here AND then go back Dead Man's Draw (HERE) then we will send you a free Get Bit White Shark with your Kickstarter rewards for Dead Man's Draw for FREE!

Free custom Get Bit Squid Die for Get Bit Backers

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Shameless plug for our new Kickstarter, Monkeys, Coconuts, Dexterity and laughs.. yeah this is going to be good!

Check out our latest Kickstarter project, it is at $23 per copy and the retail will be $36, we are super excited about this one!


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 It is only 20 days and it will go fast, please help us!  As a former backer of Get Bit we will throw in 2 free bonus coconuts at no extra cost... we know you are going to fling them everywhere and lose some of the originals!