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Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
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Introducing Macroscope, the party image guessing game!

It's the latest party game breakthrough innovation: MACROSCOPE!


The Macroscope is a wonderous device used to investigate pictures and discover what they are as apertures are removed one at a time. Can you guess what the picture might be?


Each round, players take turns removing one aperture from the Macroscope and then possibly making a guess if someone thinks they know what the picture is.

[continuation of above animation with a guess after X apertures are removed, then card revealed]

Making a guess with fewer apertures removed will score you BIG points, but be careful! If you're wrong, it'll cost you big points instead.

Whenever a guess is made, whether right or wrong, the Macroscope is reset and a new round begins. Be the best Macroscopist an win the game!

Are you ready to join the ranks of Macroscopists the world over? Then back Macroscope today and get to guessing!



Just 10 Days left to get in on Crokinole for $99!

We know you love great games, which is why you backed this project for card sleeves for games. We wanted to let you know about Crokinole that has just 10 days left on Kickstarter. The game is #3 for family games on BGG and usually costs $200-$300 or more, but our Crokinole board is just $99.  


 We've already sold out the first two containers for 2017 and the third container is selling quickly, so if you've ever thought about owning this amazing game, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  


 Check out this amazing campaign that is already over $100,000 right HERE.


Walk the Plank: Tin Edition is live on Kickstarter!

It's back and better than before! The bumbling pirates of fan-favorite Walk the Plank have returned to Kickstarter with Walk the Plank: Tin Edition! We've updated the artwork and packed the game into a tin the same size as Captain Carcass.  



The Cap'n is making all but two of the the laziest pirates on the ship walk the plank! Program your pirates for three moves each turn in the hopes that you'll be able to drive your opponents' pirates off the plank into the briny deep before they do the same to you.  

This edition brings wonderful new artwork, fun stretch goals, and all new content ONLY available during the campaign in the Deluxe Tin Edition with the Walk the Plank Promo Pack! Five new cards for every player!  



The Deluxe edition will also be in a larger tin to hold all that extra craziness, too.  


So what are you waiting for?! To walk the plank yourself? Head on over and grab a copy of Walk the Plank: Tin Edition or the Deluxe Edition that'll ONLY be available during the campaign!  

Get a copy for yourself right here!

HIDE-ing from Sharks

2140, Atlantic Ocean.  

Well THAT could have gone better. There you were, enjoying the luxury of a cruise liner while figuring out how to steal the contents of the ship's safe for The Agency, you were made by an astute security guard and had to jump overboard to not get caught (or worse).  

Fortunately, you won't even have to swim to shore thanks to the inflatable microraft you have in your coat. It's a good thing, too, these waters look to be *really* shark-infested.  

While there are decidedly fewer sharks, Mayday Games' latest project, the hidden identity deduction dice game HIDE (Hidden Identity Dice Espionage), actually captures how missions more typically go.  


You recall how the game plays to keep yourself awake as you start rowing to shore:  


Monsters or Sharks?

Unbelievable. All that swimming and just BARELY keeping ahead of the sharks (and your friends) has paid off. You've reached an island, but not just any island; it's the Island of Nowhere Atoll, home to the famous scare faires.  

You've only heard tales passed about the crew of various ships you've worked. Stories of frightening (but harmless) monsters, cunning monster tamers, and the scare faires themselves, where monster trainers try to scare the most people with their captured and raised monsters.  

As you make your way up the beach, you remember the source of the tales in particular: this is where Mayday's next project, the set-collecting & resource gathering Isle of Monsters, takes place.  


While you finish drying yourself off at a convenient towel stand next to a dunk tank at the scare faire, you overhear how to play from the locals: