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Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
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A Twist of Fate in Shark-Infested Waters

Boy, the sharks are acting strangely today. You'd swear you've heard singing several times as you've tried to avoid getting bitten by the ravenous beasts...  

There it is again! "Who will buy..." The sharks are friggin' singing! Hm. Maybe it has to do with that new ragamuffin that fell into the water the other day. Every time he's avoided getting eaten by the sharks, you've inexplicably heard him say, "Please sir, I'd like some more!" Is this kid crazy?!

Wait. ...that's Oliver Twist! He must have fallen in while on his way to help Mayday with their newest project, Twist of Fate; a microgame inspired by Oliver himself.

That would explain all the cards and finding sanctuary the kid's been going on about. How did it go again?

New Swimmer, Jumping The Shark, Magic in the Water

New Swimmer

Ahoy there, shark fans! We've got a few announcements for ya. First off, you may not have noticed, but there's a new swimmer with ya tryin' to stay ahead of that dang shark. Why, it's Scott! He's the new lubber Mayday brought on to set up, run, and maintain Kickstarter campaigns as they run and are fulfilled. Don't worry, though; he's not the best swimmer.

Jumping The Shark

Get Bit certainly hasn't, as Mayday recently printed 3000 of both regular and deluxe Get Bit, and is already 40% through it in just a month! That's a lot of panicked swimming. What *will be* jumping the shark, though, is Get Bit's next expansion; aptly titled, Jump The Shark. They're hopin' to have more details in the next few months, so stay tuned!

Magic In The Water

As you manage to keep ahead of the shark and everyone else, you notice the water's getting all sparkly... That's probably from Mayday's latest Kickstarter campaign, Voodoo, the Magical Party Game of Curses!

In Voodoo, players roll dice in order to cast silly curses on each other such as requiring to keep your elbows touching and things like that. You can check out the video for it here:

OK Get Bit Fans... here comes another hilarious game for you!

Garbage Day

Garbage Day is now LIVE on Kickstarter! It is just $18 delivered to your door in the USA and no more than $20 delivered worldwide! CRAZY! Check out this amazing project HERE.


Wanna FREE Game?

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Meteors are Falling!


We try to be careful not to fill you prior backers' in-boxes with too many emails, but we have had more than a few of you upset in the past that we didn't give you the heads up early enough on new projects.

Check out the artwork Marco put together!
Check out the artwork Marco put together!

 Well here we are giving you the heads up early on day one so you have the change to get in on the FIRST ROUND of 250 backers for METEOR, our brand new 1-5 Player cooperative game that plays in 5 minutes or less! Watch the video if you DARE!

 Check out the KICKSTARTER and back now if you want in on this, we expect it to fill up even quicker than Dead Man's Draw!