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Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
Get Bit! has been hugely popular and our new Deluxe Tin Version will feature lots of upgraded art, new innovations and a cool tin box!
1,135 backers pledged $52,264 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Seth Hiatt 49-time creator on

      @Scott, we are trying to get a special run of these made and on our website for order (super cheap). We didn't put those in the game but our French partner put them in their version and our printer put them in our version as well at no extra cost. Strange but true!

    2. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      Sorry, make that "special Black 'Panda' cards in addition to the normal Black 'Pirate' cards".

    3. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      I understand that the Get Bit! Deluxe Tin Edition that is currently available in retail contains special Black 'Panda' cards, and Dolphin Cards with the correct card backs.

      However, we, the backers who made this possible, only have normal Black 'Pirate' cards, and Dolphin Cards with the wrong card backs.

      Who knows in what other ways we backers have an inferior product.

      @Mayday: Is there any way we backers could obtain these cards?

    4. Seth Hiatt 49-time creator on

      @Stoked, I messaged you and your shipment is on the way to you now, should be there early next week! -Seth

    5. Seth Hiatt 49-time creator on

      @Tony, you filled your survey out late or something because we didn't have record of you, but we are shipping out TODAY to you directly from the USA to you in Australia and you should have it shortly, thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony Pullen on

      Still waiting on my copy in Australia. My name does no appear on Update 26 outlining shipping details for those in Australia.

    7. Niels on

      My game arrived today in Germany.

    8. Niels on

      @Stoked: Still waiting in Germany...

    9. Stoked on

      Anyone else still waiting on their copy of the game? I know I'm looking forward to finally getting my "advanced copy" before any stores do. Oh wait, my friend ordered it from CSI back in May, I guess my copy won't be quite as advanced as I'd hoped. It's nearly August and I'm still a waiting. Come on Seth, let me know what is going on here?

    10. Missing avatar

      M. McClelland on

      I received my shipment here in Canada about a month and half ago, with the additional stickers arriving 2 weeks ago. We've had the opportunity to play as a family a few times, and the game play has been fun. I picked up some coloured sleeves to mask the backs of the cards so that we could play with the dolphin add on
      My only complaint is that, had I paid for the included sleeves, I would be upset; Adding in the pink player, I wouldn't have enough usable sleeves for all the cards. Most of them seem to be sealed fully on both ends, and a few have been cut off at half the described width. As I say; had I paid, upset. As they were a free addition, it's no harm, no foul.
      The game is great, and the add ons give us a lot of fun options to play with.
      Now, I'm just waiting for Walk the Plank to arrive, with the dual purpose play mat.

    11. Niels on

      @Stoked: They emailed me yesterday and it looks like I will get everything but a couple of sleeves soon and those missing sleeves in a second shipment.

    12. John Ibarzabal on

      My tin box just arrived in Brazil, it looks gorgeous, thanks Mayday :)

    13. Malachy Gavin on

      Did anyone else not get everything they were supposed to? And who do we email about missing items. I emailed Seth via Kickstarter and Mayday Games via their website but still no reply at all!

    14. Stoked on

      You are not the only one waiting Niels. I'm in Canada and still haven't seen mine and like you I also ordered the premium sleeves from the other kickstarter. The wait has certainly been a long one.

    15. Seth Hiatt 49-time creator on

      @Niels, we are emailing you directly to get to the bottom of your shipment, it should have been there by now!

    16. Niels on

      Am I the only one who hasn't got his game yet?

    17. bongoHerman on

      Got my package yesterday. It all arrived undamaged. Thanks.

    18. Bob Gardner on

      Got mine this week :D Played a massive seven player game last night. Turns out Get Bit is an excellent drinking game :D

      Anyway, I put all of mine in KMC normal sized sleeves, and its awesome.

    19. Terence Bowlby on

      I did receive my game like I mentioned. I now have all the stickers. What I'd like to know is what color figure is supposed to go with which stickers? Like, I know anything can go anywhere, but the Skeleton was made with the white figure in mind, not the red, blue, etc. Also, was wondering what Swan sleeves are best for both the Deluxe Edition cards, and for the other sized cards. Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Sini on

      RE my previous comment: I managed to smooth the tin out a bit so that it looks nicer. It's a bit rough around the edges, or more accurately the top left corner of the lid, but I've been having fun playing the game. Nice work! :)

    21. Malachy Gavin on

      @Seth - I have left you an email about part of my pledge not present in the package I received today!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sini on

      Mine arrived today in Finland, and although the tin was spectacularly dented I'm happy to finally hold it in my hands. All the other bits are intact.

    23. Niels on

      Any update where my copy is? I know it is supposed to take a bit longer due to the combination with the sleeves, but maybe you can still give an update on the status.

    24. Seth Hiatt 49-time creator on

      Wow, lots of comments to reply to, let me see if we can get them all now:

      @Jamie Heintz, delivered June 10 per USPS #9405510200986088952959

      @Eduardo Redoschi, sorry but we could not find a good partner who would handle all of these together for us so we sent all the Brazil shipments on USPS instead, yours is on the way on USPS #LN455547106US, it went through Los Angeles on June 7, should be to you soon if it hasn't arrived already!

      @John Edward Lauritzen, you filled in your survey late and we didn't get your address, but I see we did get it eventually and we have your reward going out this week for you! You will get an email shortly with the tracking!

      @Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill -Glad you finally got your rewards and we have been in touch on the email system directly. Please confirm what is missing and we will get it right out to you directly from the USA. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any trouble, we are just glad you are getting everything, finally!

      @Terence Bowlby, did you get your game yet? You can just open it up and see what stickers are inside. Your tracking is showing delivered on June 14 per USPS # CJ413941003US

      @Kevin Thompson, yours shows delivered on June 8 per USPS #9405510200986088955035, let us know if you need anything else at all!

      @Stephan Reitz, glad yours finally showed up.

      Most of the rest of the comments look like you are just weighing in on the delivery status or saying you got yours. Thanks very much for the feedback. We are sorry the EU copies took so long to arrive but we hope the savings on VAT/customs fees made it worthwhile. Thank you very much everyone for your support and let us know if you need anything else at all!

    25. Richard Sandberg on

      So I got mine in and yes I read the update above sometime ago so I knew this was coming. But I just have to say...All games/expansions should come with instructions. Yeah we can print them out ourselves but that looks bad and there isnt any room in the tin for another thing as it is. The entire back side of the instruction booklet (which is now just a picture of water) could have been used to print the expansion instructions. Additionally, having the "Deluxe" edition with mismatching cards doesn't feel very deluxe. While the over all look is good it feels like several corners were cut for the sake of profit. To all game company's out there if you want me to be happy with your game you MUST give me a clear, good looking, legible and PHYSICAL copy of the rules. If that cost me an extra $5 I don't care. In the end the rules are not something you can cut corners on. It is the life blood of your game.

    26. Terence Bowlby on

      Got mine today. It's going to take me some time figuring out if I got the correct sleeves from the other project... so many! I didn't read the rules yet, but it looked like the different card backs for the dolphin expansion might be an issue. Anyway... does anyone know what size sleeves are recommended for the deluxe game, and what size sleeves are recommended for the other cards?

    27. Stephan Reitz

      Finally - my copy arrived in Germany and everything seems to be included - yeahhha !

    28. Fraser Grant on

      Mine arrived yesterday. Great production values and looking forward to playing it!

    29. Samuel Harris on

      Have mine in Australia, which I am pleased about.
      I don't care that it took so long as my pledge wasn't a pre-order, it was to help get the game manufactured and the bonus was the game.
      My white pirate was and still is missing part of his arm from out of the packaging but I got back up pirates so no big deal.
      Thanks again.

    30. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      For me it's not a matter of "more communication", but rather "better communication". One shouldn't make statements like 'you should get it this week' after the point at which things first started to go wrong unless one knows that for sure. It's much better say something like 'Sorry, such and such has happened, but you will get your rewards as soon as possible', and leave it at that, rather than repeatedly raising, and then failing to meet, expectations.

      Also, I knew already about the Dolphin card issue, and we got sleeves to put the cards in, so that doesn't bother me too much. What is more bothersome, however, is that I got two copies of the game, one signed, one unsigned, but only one set of all the stretch goal rewards. :-/

    31. Ebony on

      Whelp, mine finally arrived also. Hopefully Mayday will have learned some valuable lessons on how to conduct their next venture. More communication wouldn't go amiss. Although I'm quite pleased it finally turned up I'm still somewhat jaded by the entire experience. A large promise of this Kickstarter was to have the game before everybody else and in a timely manner, this obviously didn't happen as it was possible to buy online at a cheaper value (including shipping) before anybody seemed to even get a whiff of a delivery.

      I'm also a little confused by the Dolphin expansion cards. Without the correct matching artwork on the back they are practically worthless which somewhat dimishes the value of the overall reward even further.

      Still, I have the game. And that's good. Thanks to everybody here. Enjoy!

    32. Sean Likely on

      mine arrived today, very pleased with it!

    33. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      and possibly a copy of the Squid and Dolphin expansions, and a pack of sleeves...

    34. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      I think I may be missing a set of stickers though...

    35. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      Mine got here today too! At last!

    36. Mark Galloway on

      Mine has just been delivered in the UK. Looks great, as per comment below wish I had ordered more pirate figures to make use of the stickers.

    37. Barry Hood on

      Got mine in the UK today, great timing as I get to take it to the parents' this weekend and play it with the family, thanks guys :)

      Now wishing I'd ordered some more bots so I could use all my stickers, I just can't decide which ones to use...

    38. Malachy Gavin on

      Nice to hear that the Eu packages are starting to be delivered. I'm still waiting on mine. I think the 3rd party distributor in the Euro zone should have sent out an email to all Eu customers to tell them that the packages were sent out and thus would avoid any issues. I just hope I get the main game, extra stickers and all the other extras I ordered together!

    39. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      Mine arrived this morning (England), and very nice quality it is.

    40. jonathan platteau on

      Received my game in Belgium Today! thanks

    41. Vivienne Dunstan on

      Got my set today, here in Scotland. Looks good. Very pleased with it.

    42. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      Agreed. Communication is key. However, it should also be understood that no communication is better than hopes, wishes, and promises, such as "You in the UK should be getting yours this week", for example, that do not happen. That only makes us backers yet more frustrated and annoyed.

    43. Jamie Heintz

      I got mine today and it was complete and as advertised. My voice in the debate over whether we should or shouldn't be frustrated is a very simple, "Please communicate." We all understand that delays happen and I would never have posted a complaint if they would have simply given regular updates. If you go back and look at the other kickstarter projects that mayday games completed, the comments are consistent with the comments here. People are frustrated because the deadlines were missed, new promises made and broken, and little to no communication. Finally getting the game in hand is a great salve for my frustration, however.

    44. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      And that's another week gone with no delivery.

    45. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      Terence, other small, if not smaller, companies (e.g. Travis from Indie Boards And Cards) with equally big projects (e.g. Flash Point: 2nd Story, Urban Structures & FF Figures ( manage to get Kickstarter rewards out the door in to the hands of their backers on time.

    46. Terence Bowlby on

      Small company, big projects. Have some patience. I'm sure they're doing everything they can.

    47. Simon Anderson on

      Still not seen anything, not even the stickers :(

    48. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      I've given up on *hoping*, Ebony.

    49. Ebony on

      Just looking back... Seth (1 June): "The good news is it is IN the UK and the EU stuff is ready to go out." I should have imagined it wouldn't have taken more than 5 days but it has... which is why I am *hoping* it gets here this week.

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