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This 2-player Stand Alone Card Game can also work as a 5/6 player expansion for Eaten by Zombies, the 2011 runaway hit! More brains!

UPDATE: FINAL FEW DAYS of the campaign!  The $15,000 stretch reward was recently met and blown by!  We have only a few days left to go so we have put out the $20,000 reward.  Originally we had planned on a $25,000 reward after the $15,000 but we wanted to give this project a realistic chance to get another reward at the $20,000 level so are happy to announce FREE CARD SLEEVES for all rewards over $17 if we can get to $20,000!

Yes, if your reward is the $17 level reward you will get a free pack of Mayday Card Sleeves.  If you are at the $25 reward level you will get 2 packs.  At the $45 level or higher will get 4 packs of card sleeves in addition to everything else, if we can reach the $20,000 funding goal in the next few days!  

Please consider taking advantage of our backer-only bonus items you can take advantage of and help us reach this goal!

You asked for it, you got it!  Here is a brief review/overview of the game on!  

Also The Dice Tower Preview is up:

Also, here is the color of the Tshirt, add to any pledge for just $8 and we will ask you later about the size, S, M, L, XL or XXL (+$2) or XXXL (+$2).  The logo will be like the one on the image in the Update #7.

Check out more specs and discussion on this game over on BoardGameGeek HERE.

Be sure and check out the rulebook that comes with In Cahoots! HERE.

Let's first start by saying if you've never heard of Eaten By Zombies then you're missing out!  It was one of the top 10 most funded Kickstarter Board/Card Games of all time, effectively selling out almost the entire first print run in late 2011.  You can check that Kickstarter project HERE.

Here is the review of the mechanics of the game by Drakkenstrike.  Note the mechanics of "In Cahoots" are the same as the original 4-player game.

Tom Vasel's review of the game, the first 9 minutes are explaining how the game plays, the last couple are how he loved it! In fact, EBZ Card game made his top 10 Card Games of 2011 and he even mentions how he likes the game best as a 2-player game like In Cahoots will be!

But what if you are one of over 1,000 people who already backed the first game on Kickstarter?  Well a lot of you have "In Cahoots" already coming to you by your prior pledges, that has not changed.  You will get your advanced copies as well as all of the bonus cards or other stretch goal items we promise here to new backers, even if they were not specifically promised in the original kickstarter!  For those of you who only backed the base game last time, you can back the new "In Cahoots" and still get all of the extras too!

We are finally coming out with the much anticipated expansion/sequel to the Eaten By Zombies game.  Max, the designer, designed EBZ to be expandable which means the new In Cahoots! is not just a 2-player stand alone deck builder, but ALSO works as a 5-6 player expansion to the original!  That's right, it combines with the 4-player game to make a 5-6 player game.  The 4-player game comes with a foam insert which can easily be removed to accommodate In Cahoot's.


You can check out the full rules HERE.

Max and John have really outdone themselves with the cards in this game!  Featuring 11 totally new swag cards, two new starting player decks, and five unique zombies JUST for this game!  The new zombies are REALLY great, they come directly from fans from the last Kickstarter!  They supplied the images and   Max and John supplied the gore to make some really great cards!  We just loved these and know you will too.  See below the pictures submitted along side the final zombie cards from each contributor!

We hope you will agree the two new starting players "Dean" and "Nancy" fit right in with our growing survivor family!

With 11 new swag card sets you'll be able to replay this game many, many times and never have the same game twice.  You can add these to the existing swag piles from the original 4-player game for even more diversity!

The award-winning Eaten By Zombies game was immediately recognized as one of the best game boxes in a long time.  So how about for In Cahoots?  Max has designed it to look like an ammo pouch and to be quite minimalist in it's final presentation, while still retaining a nice package for retail shelves.  Here is Max's brief overview of how the final box will look.  

The box will be of the same great material as the original EBZ game and the cards will also be of the same amazing quality!

So let's get down to the nitty gritty.  What's in it for you?  Well as a backer to this project we will start with some really great rewards including:

EVERYONE who backs this project for a copy of In Cahoots! will get an ADVANCED copy of the game.  We will ship it out at directly to you at least 3 weeks before it is for sale anywhere else!  You are making this project happen and deserve to be rewarded!

Promo Packs!  That is right, there are some promo packs that every backer at $16 or higher will receive.  What promo packs are there and how many?  That all depends on how the funding goes.  We can say for sure that we have at least 4 promo packs possible right now!  As we reach our stretch goals we will reveal the new promo that EVERYONE over $17 in backing will receive.  

Let us be perfectly clear here, these are NOT kickstarter EXCLUSIVE PACKS! We will run enough to be sure we have them for all Kickstarter backers, but that will mean there will be a few extra and we will probably sell them to people somewhere/somehow.  But they will pay more since you are getting them first, and at no extra cost!  They will not be widely distributed however and you won't be able to pick them up in stores (unless a specific store is a store backer of course).

There are a very few limited or signed editions up as rewards for backers who go the extra mile.  There are very few of these as many of them have already been pledged to backers of our first EBZ kickstarter campaign.  If you want these you will have to fight through the horde to get them! 

These are just crazy nice!  Max and John did two of these for themselves and they have agreed to do 10 of these special gallery wrapped, 24 X 18 inch posters, signed and numbered for just 10 backers.  These are truly incredible and you will love them!  Check out these pictures from Max's wall.

Here is where it gets good!  We reached a total of almost ten times our goal on the first Eaten By Zombies, and expect this campaign has a lot of potential as well.  So where can we go with this?  Remember EVERY BACKER over $17 gets ALL of these rewards for every level we attain.  We will update this image every time we achieve a new milestone too, unlocking details of each reward as we go.

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  • Sorry about that, we wanted to charge $16.95 for it but Kickstarter doesn't allow cents, so we had to change it to $17. It is $17 for this reward and not $16 as written in the text.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, that is right, everyone at the $17 level and above will get all of the promo packs or other stretch rewards we are offering!

    Last updated:
  • Yes, if you will pledge at the $17 level you will get the In Cahoots + all the promos offered here. To get the We Have The Bomb promo you just need to add another $4 to your pledge. In other words, pledge $21 but select the $17 reward. When the Kickstarter ends we will send out a survey asking what the extra funds are for, you will just need to tell us you pledged the extra $4 for the "We Have The Bomb" promo pack.

    Last updated:
  • We have been overwhelmed with questions about how to increase pledges beyond the existing pledge levels. Yes you can do that and yes it is very easy. Say you want one copy of the original 4-player game + 2 copies of In Cahoots. Simple, just pledge for the $45 reward level but then add the extra $17 in for the 2nd copy of In Cahoots. If you are international you will need to add the extra shipping too, so don't forget that.

    But yes, you can double any reward, add any extra copies of the 4-player or In Cahoots game(s) just by adding the additional amount to your pledge but keeping your reward selection the same as it was.

    When the Kickstarter ends we will ask you what any extra funds were for in the survey we send out, so there is no confusion. Yes extra set(s) will also get all the related Stretch rewards for the extra set(s) as well!

    So help us get this over the edge to the next Stretch Reward and get another copy of In Cahoots for a friend!

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we have announced this in Update #7, you can add the Tshirt in sizes S, M, L, XL for $8 and XXL for $10. There is no additional shipping, even for international addresses.

    Last updated:
  • The cost is not just shipping but also the customs/paperwork we have to fill out and that is the same for all countries outside the USA. We have to fill in a customs for for every package and that is part of the cost too. With the increase in the USA Post Office shipping rates the cost to Canada are not as cheap as they used to be, so we have included Canada in the Worldwide shipping rate as well. The worldwide rate is still below the postage price to ship these, we have left them as low as we feel we can I'm afraid!

    I hope you'll agree the rates are still very reasonable though. If they are too high you might considering going in with a friend to get more than one set, the per unit cost goes down that way too. Of course the best thing to do is push your local game store to pledge at the store levels and pick your pledge up from them, then they pay all the shipping!

    I wish we could do more but once any pledge is made on any level we can't edit the reward at all either so we can't change the shipping at all now anyway.

    Last updated:
  • For starters if you pledge at the $45 level you will now get SIGNED copies of both the original game and In Cahoots! You an also add $8 for a Tshirt ($10 for XXL), $4 for the We Have The Bomb Promo Pack if it isn't already included in your pledge level, and the original green zombie die from the first kickstarter for $1 more per die.

    If you are at $45 or above you can also add Get Bit for $20 (+3 shipping internationally), and continental USA addresses over $45 can add Tok Tok Woodman for $20 or our 2012 Crokinole boards for $100.

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    I Got a Shirt!: For a $12 pledge you can get an Eaten By Zombies Tshirt (S,M,L, XL or XXL) shipped within the USA. Please note there is a $2.50 charge extra for XXL. International supporters add $4 shipping worldwide.

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    Zombie Hoard Member: For $16 you will get an ADVANCED COPY of In Cahoots, along with any promo cards. This is the 2-player game. These will be airmailed in ahead of the release date by several weeks. Shipping w/in the USA included International supporters add $5 shipping worldwide.

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    Zombie Advanced Hoard Member: For $25 you will get Eaten By Zombies!, the original 4 player game, along with the promo cards for that game (We Have the Bomb). Shipping w/in the USA included This is for those who missed out on our original Kickstarter campaign for this game last year. It will be the 3rd edition with revised rulebook and typo corrections. International supporters add $7 shipping worldwide.

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    Twin Zombie Hoard Member: For $30 you will get TWO ADVANCED COPIES of In Cahoots, along with two sets of any promo cards. These will be airmailed in ahead of the release date by several weeks. Shipping w/in the USA included International supporters add $8 shipping worldwide.

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    Zombie Hoard Member: For $45 you will get an ADVANCED COPY of In Cahoots, along with any the promo cards, + a copy of the original 4-player game, Eaten By Zombies, as well as the We Have The Bomb Promo. These will be airmailed in ahead of the release date by several weeks. Shipping w/in the USA included. International supporters add $10 shipping worldwide.

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    Zombie Quartet Supporter: For $60 you will get 4 copies of In Cahoots, along with 4 sets of any promo packs. These are advanced copies and shipping is free w/in the USA. International supporters to add $15 shipping worldwide.

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    Zombie Premium Supporter Level: You will get 2 copies of Eaten By Zombies( 4-player game), 2 sets of the "We Have The Bomb" Promo, as well as two copies of In Cahoots plus 2 sets of any promo cards. In Cahoots will be an advanced copy and also be one of the first 100 and will be a numbered copy signed by the designer, Max.

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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Zombie Store Infection: Own a store? Get a whole case (20 copies) of the In Cahoots game for your store along with free shipping within the US. Bonus: Promo cards included in all 20 copies of the game! These will be ADVANCED copies that will be to you before any other store! Special: Add just $50 for Worldwide Shipping! Note this MUST ship to a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS if shipped in the USA as this is intended for stores.

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    Only 10 lucky pledges will get this Special Collectors set: 2 copies of each of the games, the promo cards and the expansion will be yours, all in advance of the initial release date. You will also get one gallery wrapped signed 18x24 poster signed by Max and John. This is a true collectors piece and Max will get in touch with you personally about the art. Interntional shipping add $40 worldwide.

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    Ultimate Zombie lover! There are only 9 of these, and the similar package offered last time sold out quickly... you are going to get 2 copies of the 4-player game and 2 sets of promo packs (We Have the Bomg), as well as 2 of the In Cahoots Expansion/2-player game . You will also be allowed to send the artists a picture of you or a friend (friend must sign a consent form) and allow them to incorporate an illustrated representation of the picture into one of the zombies in our upcoming future expansions. You will also get a custom print of the zombie card, framed and signed by both John and Max. This future game expansion will be coming out in 2013 and each card will be credited with your name as well! Are you ready to make it as a Zombie? Here is your chance!!

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