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Our first shipment sold out quickly but we got a restock in mid-July of these boards but they will be gone all too quickly too!
Our first shipment sold out quickly but we got a restock in mid-July of these boards but they will be gone all too quickly too!
271 backers pledged $34,960 to help bring this project to life.


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Crokinole 2018 Beech Hardwood 2-4 Player Dexterity Game



 Huge Update!

With just over two days left we are announcing some add-ons to push this project over the top and get us funded and allow you backers the chance to get some great add-ons.  Please note that if you miss adding on to your pledge before the project ends that you can also add on via the pledge manager after the Kickstarter ends, so don't worry!  Of course if you add on before the project ends it will help us reach our goal since we are VERY CLOSE to meeting our funding goal!  If we don't reach $30 k by the end of the project then the project will NOT fund so it is very important we get to $30 k.  Now onto the add-ons!  

Please keep in mind that extra boards and bags are VERY HEAVY and add a lot of expense outside the USA so the shipping costs for non-USA backers on most items may be prohibitive.  We are sorry about that but hope you will consider these add-ons for your rewards!


We will have a few extra boards so USA backers can add a 2nd board for just $95 and pay no extra shipping.  International backers who want a 2nd board can do so for $95 but will have to pay the 2nd shipping fee that is the same as the first shipping fee.  Supplies are very limited and we will fulfill the extra boards based on the order of the pledge of each backer so if we run out we may have to refund some of the 2nd board pledges.

 You are limited to the same number of bags as the number of boards you pledge for.  If you choose to get a 2nd board then you can also get a 2nd bag at this price.  Our Crokinole Bags are extremely well built and now include metal hardware so the bags hold up very well.  They retail for $50 and are a great investment if you expect to take your board outside your home for gaming.  We have limited quantities so if we run out of your color choice we may contact you to ask about a different color or refund you for the bag if you prefer.   We are sorry international backers but this add-on is not in our international fulfillment warehouse so worldwide shipping is $40 for the first bag and $60 for two bags worldwide.  We know this is extremely high but these bags are heavy and shipping them abroad from the USA is brutal!

 We will contact you after the project to ask you for your color selection through our post-campaign survey and supplies are limited so we may have to ask you to change your color selection or refund you for some items if they become unavailable.  International backers can get these too but shipping is $4 per color or $12 for 4 colors.  We know this is expensive but these are also not at our international fulfillment warehouse.

 Game Add-ons are limited to one copy of the game per board backed and extras like the Click Clack bonus items are limited to the number of games of that bonus item you are adding on for here.

All add-ons can be handled through the Kickstarter just be hitting the "Manage my Pledge" button to the right of the main campaign image and adding the appropriate funds to your pledge.  Any other adjustments or add-ons that are not done during the final days of the campaign can be done post-campaign through our pledge manager survey so don't sweat it if you aren't sure you did things properly during the campaign.  We will be contacting you to sort out any details or for clarification as needed.

Crokinole is back again! 

THIS IS OUR GENCON LAUNCH! We had it prominently displayed at our booth #2101 and got lots of compliments on the board!

If you haven't yet, you may want to check out the live stream we did during GenCon, we had players talking about various boards and their impressions of our board and the game in general, it was very informative!

Mayday Games is not new to Crokinole, in fact this will be our 5th Crokinole version since we started making Crokinole boards over 5 years ago. In fact you can check out our last two Crokinole board offerings from 2013 (HERE) and 2016 (HERE) on Kickstarter. So why the three year break? In a word: Quality. How good is it? Listen to the last 90 seconds of this review OF THE ACTUAL FINISHED PRODUCT from our last offering! And this one promises to be better still!  

Looking for an in-stock board?  We have just a few left from our last Kickstarter HERE.  We have been through 3 different factories and have tried 4 more since 2013 but just never found one that could deliver on the product we demanded at a price our customers could afford. Well here we are, a high-quality, affordable board is finally here again! This is going to be our best board yet! 

Why Back Now?

Why so cheap? We bring it by the container load!
Why so cheap? We bring it by the container load!
  • Very Limited Quanity! We have just a few hundred boards available and we just can't promise when we will make another batch. It may be another 6 months or 3 years! Chances are these will NOT be available in stores! There are just 450 of these available per backer level! That is 420 for backers (LIMITED TO ONE PER BACKER) + 30 for retail stores (LIMITED TO THREE PER STORE). 
  • Direct delivery to your door! Yes, direct shipping to many countries that previously could only dream of Crokinole! Yes shipping will be expensive, but for the first time ever, almost anyone can back! 
  • Exclusive features! With four pads on the bottom of the board, recessed screws to protect your table and inset eyelets for easy hanging, plus a scoring track built right into the disc storage box, this is one well thought-out board! Your board will be 30.25 inches in diameter by 3" thick and comes in a double-boxed box that is 34.5 X 34.5 X 4.5 Inches and weighs in at 17.4 pounds! Yes this is a very solid board! 
  • New Innovations!  For the first time ever we are featuring our hinge-less scoring box, this means you can store your discs right in the scoring box that is newly designed with the players in mind, no more worrying about weak or broken hinges!
Our never before offered HINGLESS scoring box!
Our never before offered HINGLESS scoring box!
  • Huge Savings! Most high-quality boards will set you back $300 or more, but our goal is to offer a high-quality board to you at 1/3 the price! This board will retail for $150 or more but you are getting it for just $99! Go search for a high-quality board, they can cost $300 or more! You are getting some amazing features in a very well thought out board at a fraction of the cost! 
  • High Quality! We have searched high and low and finally found the right factory for the job! Yes, we have heard your many emails and calls asking to bring Crokinole out of the vault and here it is!
  • New - Instant Update Status! For the first time ever Mayday is doing a continuous update spreadsheet to let all of you know EXACTLY where we are in the production process at all times.  You can just bookmark and check this google spreadsheet HERE.  We will keep this up-to-date so you always know exactly where we stand!  We are striving to improve communication on this project!


This board is loaded with features!
This board is loaded with features!

 What is Crokinole?  

If you are into board games perhaps you've heard of this elusive game, it is ranked #65 out of more than 60,000 ranked board games on BoardGameGeek and #4 in Family Games! Yes it is that good. We won't bore you with the endless reviews, just check them out for yourself at BoardGameGeek, this is one game that lives up to the hype! How to Play and Review of our very first board by Tom Vasel:

 Download the rules HERE.

Why Our Board?  

Sure you can buy a $200-$300 board out there, but maybe your significant other would kill you. Don't buy a board just to have to buy a casket that costs even more. Save yourself all that trouble and get a practical board.

"High-quality boards at 1/3 the price!"  

After more than three years of searching we finally found a factory we can trust to deliver the best generation of Crokinole boards yet, and at an unbelievable cost! Our 2018 edition promises to be our best ever! Bower's Game Corner did an unboxing video of our 2017 board, check it out!

 The Elephant In the Room: Mayday Quality & Communication

OK, so anyone who has been around our Kickstarter block for long knows that Mayday has taken some knocks for our communication and quality in recent months, and deservedly so!  Specifically on our last Crokinole campaign several things went wrong.  We want to briefly address all of these and tell you all why we expect things to go differently this time:

  • Communication: Yes we had some problems with communication on our last crokinole project.  Specifically Seth handed the baton over to Scott and while Scott has done a great job in the past, he had some personal issues come up including the death of his mother and the ball got dropped.  We hope this campaign will run very smoothly with more updates and more constant communication.  In fact we are implementing a "continuous update" spreadsheet that we will keep up to date all the time HERE.  We plan to create a google spreadsheet with the current status of the project and fulfillment that we will keep up-to-date at all times so backers always know exactly where things stand too!  WOOT!
  • Pegs: Our last project delivered with a mostly as expected board but the pegs were loose on the board.  What are we doing about this?  Well we have switched to a new factory and are working to ensure the pegs fit snuggly without being too tight or too loose.  We are inspecting the product piece by piece this time to ensure this does not happen again.  
  • Discs: In our last campaign we campaigned with a special "convex/concave" style disc and while the first batch of boards was delivered with convex/concave, most of the 2nd and 3rd containers were not convex/concave.  We are trying to get the factory to do convex/concave but are NOT promising it.  Mostly because we can't guarantee it and partially because frankly even crokinole expert players agree that it really doesn't matter at all.  In fact, three time Crokinole World Champion Brian Cook flat out said he doesn't give a flying flip about the discs being convex/concave as noted in discussions HERE and HERE.
  • On Time Delivery: Any of you who are not new to Kickstarter know that many projects both large and small suffer from late delivery.  We are working hard to change that with Mayday.  What have we done?  Well we have padded our fulfillment dates considerably to ensure we have time to meet the projected fulfillment date.  We have also let off the gas in terms of the number of projects we have launched in order to ensure all projects get done more quickly.  In fact we did 9 projects in 2016 but have done just 3 in 2017 until now in an effort to improve on-time delivery.  Take a look at all 37 of our previous successful projects HERE.  49% on time and 81% that were 4 months late or less.  Not great but not terrible either.  All of our prior projects are now delivered except for Five Seals of Magic which is being delivered as this project is going on and on time too. That's right, we have no unfulfilled projects now!  I wish my Coolest Cooler or my FUGU LUGGAGE projects could say the same. Both of which I backed and both of which are over a year late.  Boo!  I feel all of your pain and we believe this project will be delivered very early for all of you but we are committed to a December delivery!
  • Overall Quality:  We want to remind all of you that for a board of this size and quality there are inevitably going to be some small imperfections on all boards.  We expect that and we hope you will too.  You're getting a 17 pound board with real hardwood finish for $100 bucks.  We do expect each piece to be perfectly playable and GREAT for the whole family and your friends.  We know many people who have bought our over 5000 prior boards go on to buy heirloom-quality crokinole boards from other sources, usually for double or triple the price they paid for our board, and we're glad we could help them break into this wonderful game with a more inexpensive board.  But don't expect a $500 board for $100, that isn't realistic either.  Expect a high quality product at a great value that is very easily playable right out of the box, that is what we offer and we hope you will all be very happy with it!

Technical Specifications:

 Full specs HERE.  


The boards consist of a 26" diameter playing surface + 2 inch ditch + 1/4 inch rim = 30.50 inches in total diameter and 3 inches thick. The game will come double boxed in a box with dimensions of 34.5 X 34.5 X 4.5 Inches and weights in at a massive 17.4 pounds (7.9 KG). Yes these are HUGE! Our boards meet the The World Crokinole Championship™ specifications which are:  

  • 26" diameter playing surface (66cm) 
  • distance from 'dead' center of the '20' hole to the pin/post circle is 4" (102mm)  
  • distance from pin/post circle to 10/5 circle is 4" (102mm) 
  • distance from 10/5 circle to 5/start circle is 4" (102mm) 
  • distance from 5/start circle to the edge of the playing surface is 1" (25.5mm) 

These equidistant factors contribute to the 'science,' design, and original intent of the game. "20" hole diameter is generally 1-3/8" (35mm) with a depth of ¼" (6mm) width of dividing circle lines is recommended as 1/16" (1.5mm) but no more than1/8" (3mm) width of ditch/gutter (from side rail/rim to edge of playing surface) is a minimum 2" (51mm). 

This standard is neither new nor something defined solely for the WCC event. Rather, this is the paradigm viewed from dimensions established more than 120 years ago. 


International standard disc size has been set at 32mm diameter x 10mm thick ± .5 mm. There is no standard on discs being flat or convex/concave.  In fact, the 3-time Crokinole World Champion said this about discs:

"...The bottom line is that the WCC Committee has never set a standard for flat vs C/C discs. We just get the best quality we can and no one up til now has requested one or the other. Personally, I've won the WCC adult singles 3 times and it's not something I ever concern myself with, i.e. whether I'm shooting with flat, convex or concave side down. I just make sure the disc is smooth in surface, especially for open 20 shots." -Brian Cook as quoted HERE.

Shipping & Fulfillment:

Shipping is calculated based on your country, so please pledge and enter the country you want your rewards delivered to. Shipping is as cheap as $10 to China or as cheap as $20 to the USA.  There is now a $12 surcharge on all packages of this size due to Fedex/UPS dimensional pricing that has recently been being charged w/in the USA so shipping will actually be about $30-$40 per package in most cases.  We are subsidizing a lot of the shipping costs for you!

All other countries, your shipping is going to be very expensive indeed due to the size/weight of the game and due to the fact that it is extremely well built and therefore, HEAVY. Sorry about that!  Yes we are also subsidizing the international shipments, but it is just expensive to send something this large abroad!

Note that shipping will be from the USA for all US backers and all other rewards will ship directly from our fulfillment warehouse in China. We will state the direct manufacturing replacement cost on the customs form for all non-USA shipments, which means the shipment will be over the free VAT/CUSTOMS/DUTY thresholds for most everyone. All such fees are the responsibility of the backer. 

 We don't expect almost any international backers for this project due to the shipping costs, but we wanted to at least let international backers have the option!

Risks and challenges

This project doesn't have any risks to speak of if we meet our goal. The factory is ready to publish and the art and layout has been completed. Any additionally needed changes should be completed prior to the end of the campaign. We have launched 30+ prior Kickstarter projects. .

Anyone missing anything at all from any prior project please send us a message here on Kickstarter and we'll get you replacements sent immediately. We've had over 36,000 backers, so we expect a few of you may have slipped through the cracks. Thanks again for all of the support!

We have just two projects that are not completely fulfilled, but most of them are shipping out this month and we are happy to say all production of all prior projects is complete and going out! Back with confidence!

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    Only Round 1 Backers will get their boards in November 2017.

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    +$10 shipping, USA ONLY! Other wholesale inquiries contact us directly please.

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