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Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000 (CDMC 3K) Board Game's video poster

CDMC 3K is a Dexterity Challenge Game where players fight in an epic battle of Chopstick Dexterity to be the ultimate victor in battle! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 26, 2014.

CDMC 3K is a Dexterity Challenge Game where players fight in an epic battle of Chopstick Dexterity to be the ultimate victor in battle!

About this project

Welcome to Mayday Games' latest Kickstarter Campaign!  Please note we have a couple of stretch rewards but our main reward is going to be dropping the price of the game for you backers by $1 per unit for every 500 backers we get! (NOTE "Backers" means people who pledge enough for at least one copy of the game, not $1 backers of course!) This means you can benefit from sharing this project with your friends on Facebook!  This means if we get to 2,000 backers you will get the game for $28 rather than $32!

We are EXCITED about this one!  In the spirit of Tok Tok Woodman, Click Clack Lumberjack and Coconuts!, we are proud to bring you this game by designer Greg Lam:

 This is either an awesome, awesome name or really, really bad, maybe it is awesomely bad?  Either way you can call it CMDC3K for short, that just sort of rolls of the tongue.  We have a weakness for crazy Asian games and just couldn't pass this one up.    It is a quick/easy game for 2-3 players that pits your skill against the other player(s) in a 10-15 minute battle.  The rules are simple, the game play is quick but mastery can take a lifetime.  

Several years ago, the Lower House of Japanese Parliament was very alarmed by the incursion of metal eating utensils in Japan. Increased use of fork and knife among youth resulted in decreased skill in using chopsticks! Determined to reverse the trend, the Lower House worked with Fujita Television Concern to produce a new game show that promoted dexterity in the usage of chopsticks, with cash prizes. They called it: Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000!  

This show, with host actor Kazuo Yomura, quickly became very popular among all ages, spawning comic book series, merchandise, and, best of all, this home board game version! Now test your chopstick skill in a thrilling contest at an affordable price. Grasp shapes with chopsticks to win pieces. Whoever obtains the most pieces wins! Maybe you can best all opponents, win the Final Victory Stage, and become Chopstick Grandmaster too!*

 *Yes, this is TOTALLY fictional, but what a great backstory!

This game is not only extremely fun and easy, but educational! It will help you to improve your Chopstick skills, or lack thereof. Even if you have NO chopstick skills, you can still play this game competitively and really spoil other players' efforts!

 While this game was designed before Kung Fu Panda, there is no denying this epic scene is EXACTLY what this game is going for:

 Of course for true Kung Fu fans the Kung Fu Panda scene is a nod to this classic scene with Jackie Chan in Fearless Hyena:

 Note that Disney and Jackie Chan do NOT endorse this campaign, the above are purely for educational purposes so you can see what you may be doing just a few days after you get your rewards!

 Note the above video is of the prototype/initial release and that the game you are pledging to help release will have vibrant colors, awesome components and sushi-like tokens.

This game has already been vetted by over 150 "Board Game Geeks"!  It isn't a shot in the dark like many other KS games that look great but may or may not play great. reviews (found HERE):

10/10  "Lots of laughs and "friendly" competition. I've played several times since then with friends and family, and it's still at the top of my list for quick dexterity games." -CDRodeffer

8.5/10 "With the right players, this game is a hilarious 10!" -SiskNY

9.5/10...this is perhaps my favorite dexterity game. As we played, we developed several strategies which I should write up in a strategy guide. The rules are "I-wish-I'd-thought-of -that!" simple, but it's truly a fun game, and a good way to get your adrenaline pumping. (Please note, I did a piece of art for this one.)" -Yekrats

9/10 "This is a riot. Absolutely insane. I think it would probably unfairly bias non-chopstick users, but it is just crazy... I wish I owned this." -Stray_Flux, Beijing China

9/10 "This game is a ton of fun. My 6 year old son and I had a really fun time, and I can imagine a bunch of adults giggling through it too." -starspangledgirl

"Great dexterity game! Components are high quality. It's a blast to play. Easy to learn. Great value for the money."  -StewartTame

"One of the most wild and exciting dexterity games out there! Players need to have similar skill with chopsticks, but you can give a bit of a handicap by letting the beginner "choke up" closer to the tips. The full game can go a little long, but it is easy to just choose a number of rounds or winning score at the start. Few games produce so much laughter (optionally seasoned with choice language)." -GaryP

"Remedial Chinese meals for me for the next month. Fast, funny duel with chopsticks; I got absolutely slaughtered, but there was much laughter all around." -Mrraow, United Kingdom

"Laughter Chaos Madness Silliness Quick Intense = Best Dexterity Game Ever. Now I have a whole new reason to eat Sushi more often." -tweetlebeetle

"Oh good grief, I haven't laughed so much in any game before this one. The most fun game in terms of sheer laughter I've ever played, I've laughed literally to exhaustion from playing this! A dexterity game for those who enjoy laughing like hell during game."  -MGBM, Portugal

There are over 150 reviews of the game on BGG, we could go on and on, but you get the idea! What about other reviews you say? How about:

"I hate chopsticks, yet find this hilariously funny."

"It's a dexterity game that, even though I'm horrifyingly bad at, is one that has generated a lot of fun both with teenagers and adults and can be extremely funny and enjoyable just to watch!"

"If you're looking for a silly dexterity game to bring out at parties, or something to use with teenagers that will produced laughs and excitement, then Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 is a safe bet - I've never seen it played without laughter included.

-Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower  -See his full review HERE.

"Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 is as much fun as its name, and is incredibly addictive to play. The rules take two minutes to explain, which means you're playing almost immediately."  -This review first appeared on -See the full review HERE.

We know what you're thinking: "But I can't use Chopsticks!"  Well the good news is you don't HAVE to be able to use Chopsticks to enjoy this game!  The better news is that this game will actually IMPROVE your Chopsticking abilities.  I moved to Suzhou, China in late 2011 and none of us could use Chopsticks very well at the time.  Now we are chopsticking pros and you can be too thanks to this game.  Read some of the reviews below, you don't have to be a chopstick master to enjoy this game.  If you are interested in improving your chopstick abilities then watch this short video of my 11-year old son telling you how to do it:

And finally:  Chopsticks vs.  Forks:

The game will be made of the following:  

  •  Game Box Lid : 262.9mmL x 161.45mm W x 66.7mmH 
  •  Game Box Bottom : 257.4mmL x 155.95mm W x 66.7mmH 
  •  Punch Board (2pcs) (fit to box size): 252mm W x 147mm L, 
  • Rulebook (1pc) : (fit to box size) : 300 x 252mm folded to 150 x 252mm, 
  •  Paper tray : 150mm x 431mm (no printing)
  • Chopsticks:  3 sets of chopsticks
  • Bowl:  One large bowl 
  • Sauce Dish:  3 smaller Sauce Dishes

 The instruction manual can be found HERE. Game play is EASY:

1.  Everyone grab a pair of chopsticks and a small "wasabi" bowl.  Place the wooden tokens in the large bowl and the cardboard (circle) tokens face down on the table.

2.   Randomize the cardboard circle tokens and then turn one over (see the blue shrimp is revealed below).

3.  All players try to grab the wooden token that corresponds to the cardboard token revealed and place it in their smaller bowl. Blue shrimp ATTACK! Blocking and snatching from other players with your chopsticks is allowed!

4.  The first player to get the token into their small bowl keeps the cardboard circle token worth one point and the wooden token goes back in the large bowl.

5.  Play continues with a new cardboard circle token being revealed and play continues until one player reaches 10 points (or a predetermined number of points for longer/shorter games).

It couldn't be easier!

Mayday Games has been successfully launching Kickstarter projects since our first one in 2011, so why do we really need to do this?  Simply put, it allows us to continue to release games at a pace we just couldn't otherwise.  We could probably launch this game and maybe one or two others in 2014 with the capital we have coming in this year, but by getting the funds to manufacture the game upfront it allows us to produce more copies to get the retail price down, better project the number of copies we should produce depending on the success of the project here, and most importantly, allow us to produce and release a game NOW that would otherwise not be available for 9-12 months when we could pay for it.  

Board game factories need a deposit up front and then the balance in full before they even ship the games to our warehouse.  Even after they are delivered we sell most of our games to distributors who will take another 30+ days to pay us for them even after they get them in their warehouse.  That means from the time of deposit until we see the collection of funds from the distributors could be 3-6 months or sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the game and the size of the print run.  All of this costs money and time and your support here will allow us to produce this game with better quality, quicker release date and a larger print run than would otherwise be possible.  In short, we NEED your support!

We know most Kickstarter projects have great "stretch goal" rewards that add to the perceived value of the game and allow backers to feel that they are valued as the popularity of the campaign builds.  In the past we have added in lots of "Bonus Rewards" and special items that seem to really help things take off.  Rather than spend extra time and resources on "bonus items" that really don't add to the game we're trying something new.  We are going to offer the game at a reasonable price and a discount off of the retail price AND add in some really nice valuable stuff to the production of the game, but we aren't going to be throwing in extras that don't do anything for the game to "bait" more backers.  

We expect the retail price of this game will be around $40 but we haven't set the final retail price.  We are offering rewards at a discount to the MSRP to thank you all for your support in making this project happen!

We are also going to reward backers with what we really gain by having more backers: even cheaper prices!   As we get more backers we will open up new reward tiers at CHEAPER prices.  We will drop the price of the game by $1 for everyone once we reach 500 backers, and then by another dollar for each 500 after that up to 2,000 backers, then by another dollar for each 1,000 backers after that.  (NOTE "Backers" means people who pledge enough for at least one copy of the game, not $1 backers of course!) This isn't going to be by dollar value at all, but rather by number of backers!

The more backers we get, the more copies we can sell and the cheaper our production costs get, so the more savings you realize!

As far as we know this has never been tried before so it will be interesting to see how this goes..  

NOTE "Backers" means people who pledge enough for at least one copy of the game, not $1 backers of course!  As we reach these backer numbers we will add new tiers at LESS than the old ones and mark the old ones as sold out.  You can then go in and modify your pledge to actually pledge LESS and adjust your tier to the new, lower cost!  Is this way of doing stretch goals just crazy enough to work?  Let's find out together!

 We have the quote from the factory on the base game with components and everything but we would like to add in a few upgrades to the actual game from what we have in place right now.  We are adding these as extra stretch goals as follows:

MYSTERY STRETCH REWARD:  We are seriously considering adding stickers to the tokens for every backer on KICKSTARTER.  These would NOT be available in the game but would possibly be available later at an extra cost later down the road.  We are still working on this idea and will post an update about this as the KS progesses.

1.  Upgraded Chopsticks.  The chopsticks we have included in the game now are standard plastic chopsticks, about what you'd expect for the game.  We want to do some slightly heavier melamine resin chopsticks but they are a higher price and must be ordered in larger quantities as well.  If we can get to $15,000 on this project then this upgrade will be included in every copy of the game!

 2.  Improved Box Insert Design.  The inside of the box really doesn't matter much in the end, and the simple/easy design we have looks fine.  We think we can do better though.  Right now the bowls are under the insert and it will make getting the game set up just a bit slower and the presentation in the box not quite so nice.  We want to spend some more time/money on the insert and set it up like a dish drying rack or something to allow for easier removal of the components and faster set up.  We believe this would be a cool thing for the game but it will take some additional design work and testing with the pieces, as well as additional labor to put the game together at the factory.   AT $30,000 we will add this redesign of the box insert for EVERY COPY OF THE GAME, EVER!

Current insert:

 Bonus offers!  Backers of this project can add the following bonus items at serious savings, you must be a backer to even see the add-on amounts!

Risks and challenges

This project doesn't have any risks to speak of if we need our goal, the factory is ready to go so if we meet our goal then the game is going to happen and happen quickly. We have launched more than a dozen Kickstarter Projects and have delivered on all of them except for our last couple which are still finishing up.

Hold Your Breath finished up in December 2013 and it's projected reward delivery date is April 2014, though it may be a little late as all the extra rewards and things are taking a little longer to get produced than we had anticipated. We hope to have these delivered in May 2014.

Our other recent campaign was Coconuts! and it is scheduled to be delivered in April 2014, though we have delivered most of the USA shipments in March and expect everyone will have their rewards early or on time. Worldwide shipments will be happening starting the 2nd week of this campaign!

Anyone missing anything at all from any prior project please send us a message here on Kickstarter and we will get you replacements sent immediately. We have had over 5,000 backers so we expect a few of you may have slipped through the cracks. Thanks again for all of the support!

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