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A social deduction game for 5-10 players about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler.
A social deduction game for 5-10 players about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler.
34,565 backers pledged $1,479,046 to help bring this project to life.

Welcome to the app: Mr. Wil Wheaton

Posted by Max Temkin (Creator)

It's the last day of the Kickstarter, and we have some incredible news to share with you. The free Secret Hitler companion app (for iOS and Android) that will ship with the game will be narrated by Mr. Wil Wheaton.

Companion App


Wil Wheaton has lent his voice to classic games like Broken Age and Fallout, narrated some of our favorite audiobooks, like Lock In, Redshirts, Masters of Doom, and Homeland, he co-hosts the TV Crimes podcast, and of course you have heard him expertly explain games on his Tabletop series.

It's an honor and a privilege to have his voice on the companion app, and we cannot get over our excitement to hear Wil set the tone for thousands of intense games of Secret Hitler.

Gen Con Party

We're going to be showing Secret Hitler at Gen Con this year, and we'd like to invite you to join us for an exclusive, backers-only party with Exploding Kittens, Lone Shark Games, and Cards Against Humanity.

We've been approached by dozens of campaigns to do "crossover promotions," but we only ever really seriously considered doing it with one campaign: The Ninth World, the new skillbuilding game from Lone Shark Games.

Mike Selinker is one of our favorite game designers; he's the designer of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and the developer of Betrayal at House on the Hill. When we were putting together the campaign for Secret Hitler, we put Mike on speaker and huddled around an iPhone, ears bent downward, trying to glean every bit of wisdom he had to impart. We're only sharing this with you because we think The Ninth World looks like another incredible game from a storied studio.

In conjunction with Lone Shark Games, we're also adding one final reward tier:

For $300, you get everything from the $150 tier (the art prints, the fascism pack, the game in a wooden box) plus you'll get to attend an exclusive, backers-only party at Gen Con with Cards Against Humanity, Lone Shark Games, and Exploding Kittens. You'll get to play Secret Hitler with Max, Mike, and Tommy, and you'll also get to play The Ninth World and Apocrypha with Mike, Paul, and the Lone Shark team.

There are only 50 tickets available, so grab them fast!

Mike has put a similar reward on his campaign, so if you want to get into the party and you want a copy of The Ninth World (trust us, you do want a copy of The Ninth World,) go back it over there instead!

Design Process Post

Our artist Mac Schubert has collected the insane amount of iteration and graphic design we've done on the game into this Medium post - I hope you'll help us share it in the last 20 hours of the campaign!

Poster Update

We've got some updated art from poster artist Shawna X., and it is pretty incredible. Each print will be letterpressed with a holographic foil.

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    1. Aubrey Alexander on

      Will Secret Hitler ever be on Tabletop?

    2. John Russell on

      I've got an Amazon Fire tablet (don't laugh - it was a gift). Will the app definitely run on it?

    3. James Krepps on

      Any change of heart on making the universal windows app and/or a web app from the gang? Been a long time supporter of your work :)

    4. Missing avatar

      allen on

      is the app needed to play the game? or is it extra.

    5. Laith Graham on

      Hey Guys,
      Something I've noticed from watching the developers play videos and the way my gamer group have been playing the game with the DIY prints is that we do a secret ballot. In the videos everyone flips over their cards in full view of everyone else. When we play we Ja or Nein on a scrap of paper and put it in a ballot box and then no one knows how everyone voted.
      Now the app had some of us thinking that it would be great if the secret ballot was part of the app as an extra option. Now I've never developed an app so I have no idea if this could be done. So every player logs into the app and something like AirDrop on iOS links everyone together. Once everyone is linked the President kicks off the vote and the app will show two buttons with Ja and Nein. After a moment the app will display the results of the vote. The option to show how people voted can be switched on or off.
      In addition to the voting, an investigation could also be done in secret using the app. At the start of the game each player puts their secret roll and party membership info into the app. When it comes time for the president to do an investigation, they just select the player in the app and get the party membership for that player. And that player would also not know that they've been investigated.
      So that's just a couple of ideas. I hope you like them. I can't wait to get my copy.
      - - Laith...

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gagnon on

      It shouldn't be too hard to get community contributions for the international voices.

    7. Muxi92 on

      Would be great if you could add other languages to the app in time. Having the rules explained in German, Spanish & French would increase your user base for sure.

    8. Luis on

      So, I got in on the $31 deal for the game but if I wanted to upgrade to the sweet wooden box edition I can do so by paying $5 more? Is this true? If so, how do I get in on this action? Thanks! Looking forward to playing this.

    9. Missing avatar

      RP on

      One more +1 for the Windows Phone app. Make it happen!

    10. Jeremiah Alan on

      Where do you download the game files? I want to play already! Really looking forward to this game!

    11. Trent Petronaitis on

      A port to Windows Phone would only take five seconds. Common :P

    12. David Rapp

      I just hope the app has an option that lets us choose between "Thumb Bunker" and "Hitler Hole".

    13. Jimmy Trinket

      Wahoo for Wil!!! This is great news. :)

    14. Paul Bagguley on

      1. Looking forward to this!
      2. It won't affect me as I have an IPhone but wouldn't the easily option for windows phones and any potential app problems with different android stores be a mobile web app that you can access via the phone's browser?

    15. Bazz


    16. Missing avatar

      ALock on

      Here's hoping to hear Wil say "Hitler Hole". Great voice!

    17. Brian on

      and another +1 for windows phone !!

    18. Missing avatar

      Grant on

      Another vote for Windows Phone please

    19. Ryan Arrh on

      +1 for Windows phone app, love my lumia 1020, and I keep getting screwed on apps...

    20. lokokokomoko on

      +1 for Windows Phone or Windows 10 app.

    21. phil on

      I agree with Greg I go to gen con every year and would like to go but can't drop that much money for everything at once would you consider a fee for just the party at a later date?

    22. Bradley on

      Wow I'm surprised at the semi-negative feedback you are getting for this stretch. There must be some real Wheaton haters out there. Absolutely excited myself, looking forward to using the campaign app with first timers.

    23. Stephen W. Serra on

      I'm kinda with @Bradley. Good for people who enjoy the mans voice, but there are some people who really don't like it. Any chance we'll get a few voices? Even just the creators?

    24. Matthew

      Sounds sure to make the Android version available as a free download from your website, or make it available on Amazon.

    25. God Hates Games on

      So excited to hear that sweet voice.

    26. Koshy George on

      Request for windows phone app

    27. Chooi

      Agreed, Universal app for windows 10 which will work on PC and Windows Phone please!

    28. James Krepps on

      Max, I understand the market share issues with Windows Phone... Just a little request for you guys to look into creating a Universal Windows app (essentially a Windows app that works on both desktop Windows 10 but also has the ability to work on the new Windows 10 for phones). Evidently MS has some tools that make the porting process extremely easy for developers. This is coming from a very loyal CAH fan :)

    29. Ber on

      @Kevin: No money has changed hands yet. Reduce your pledge by $5. Voila, not 'getting shafted' anymore.

    30. Lone Shark Games

      Hey, it's Mike Selinker. Thanks, Secret Hitler guys!

      Wil Wheaton comes highly recommended. He also did our audiobook for The Maze of Games, and he was awesome at voicing all the characters in it. So he'll do a great job with the app.

      If anyone has any questions about The Ninth World or Apocrypha, come find us on The Ninth World Kickstarter page or message me on Twitter or Facebook. See some of you at Gen Con!

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Brun on

      Almost 1.3m. Feeling like early backers that gave the extra $5 for the wooden box are getting more and more shafted.

    32. Greg Peel on

      Do we have to up our pledge to 300 to get into GenCon event? I go to GenCon every year so I'd like to go but I don't need the poster or art stuff is there a way to pay a bit more just for the event but not the artworks?

    33. Jean-Baptiste Degiovanni on

      And/or can you do a web app?

      If it's only a "voice + tableboard" app, it should be easy to decline also as a website... So it can be accessed from any platform...

    34. Jean-Baptiste Degiovanni on

      Windows Phone is perhaps only 1%, but Windows 10 will probably be soon a very significant percentage of your users !

      Doing an universal app, you do at the same time the PHONE and the PC app ! :)

      (Are universal app also compatible with Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 ? If so, it's likely that Windows 8+ users are already a very significant part of your users!)

    35. Missing avatar


      +1 Bradley's request.

    36. Max Temkin 7-time creator

      @James: We're considering it, but it's less than 1% visitors to our Kickstarter page, so we're going to focus on iOS and Android.

    37. James Krepps on

      No Windows Mobile app... :( Any chance of a universal Windows app?

    38. Missing avatar

      Bradley Root on

      Any way to switch out Wheaton's voice for another one?

    39. Christopher Rider on

      Aw, man, I was actually a huge fan of the voice doing it on the twitch stream!