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Ten giant philosophy posters with big ideas presented simply.
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NEW: Socrates

Posted by Max Temkin (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter friends,

I've added the first of five new posters from our brainstorming document. You'll be able to select Socrates when the project ends. If you want it in addition to another poster, just add $20 to your pledge ($30 international).


- Max


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Meek on

      I agree with @peter. The above quote hold more to the socratic method and Socrates search for a man who has more knowledge than him.

    2. Socrates on

      Either way, it is amusingly characteristic of Socrates. He seems to delight in shredding other peoples' arguments only to innocently insist that he really isn't that smart and the other person should explain what the answer is, only to shred their arguments yet again.

    3. Shahrouz S. on

      @Travis. i like that one too

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Englert on

      @Travis; I would also prefer that quote.

    5. Travis Ladner on

      There are many variations of this quote attributed to him that are around the net. Which ones are truly documented...? I wish I knew, but of those variations this one is my favorite:

      "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."

      I would prefer this text over the above, but I am just 1 person. =)

    6. Chad Wolf

      I mean it's not in Plato's dialogues. Plato never wrote that Socrates said it.

    7. Max Temkin 7-time creator

      @Daniella - Yeah Kickstarter folks are pretty good people.

    8. Daniella Jaeger on

      Omg this doc. Amazing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kim Nguyen on

      @Chad, I saw it in the doc.

    10. Chad Wolf

      That phrase is actually not in the dialogues.