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Help develop the software that powers games of Humans vs. Zombies at over 350 locations and universities all over the world. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 22, 2010.

Help develop the software that powers games of Humans vs. Zombies at over 350 locations and universities all over the world.

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Preorder Your HvZ (+) Account Today!

Playing Humans vs. Zombies and using the HvZ Source software is and always will be free - however we're adding some new and expensive features, so we're going to offer premium Plus (+) accounts to our players.

Support us with a $25 pledge and we'll send you an exclusive "KickStart Humans vs. Zombies" t-shirt:

Free accounts will give you access to the same features you enjoy now on HvZ Source.

A Plus (+) account will give you access to the following features under development:

* Display your lifetime statistics on your public profile
* Get ranked on the global leaderboard
* Access to your school's kill map (a Google map of all tags and stuns!)
* World-wide missions and puzzles in the off season
* Create squads, upload custom icons for your squad-mates
* Display your Nerf guns on your profile
* Add a custom title to your name

Most importantly, preordering your Plus (+) account today will allow us to actually build this awesome software!

As you know, the six guys who run HvZ (Chris, Brad, Joe, Max, Trevor, Justin) pay out of pocket so that you can use Source for free. We are all college students and recent graduates - not one of us has ever personally made even $1 off of Humans vs. Zombies. This month, some of us are struggling to pay for food.

We need to pay some additional developers to help us build the next version of HvZ Source.

Not only will this version ensure that we can afford to offer Humans vs. Zombies for free forever - it will make Humans vs. Zombies the best it has ever been.

We've been designing this software for years - and now we need to get down to business and start coding.

We need to feel some love from you right away.

Here's how this works: You pledge $10 to us to preorder your plus account. You won't be charged. When we reach our target of $2,000, Kickstarter will charge you, and we'll be able to start working with our developers.

UPDATE: We've started working with our developers, and we plan to the new HvZ SOURCE software ready to go on June 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: The feature list and designs for the new HvZ Plus (+) are subject to change. You can follow the development process at


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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Preorder your HvZ Plus account. Be first in line to use the HvZ Source software, and lock in your HvZ Plus (+) Account with access to the global leaderboard, your school's killmap, and more.

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    Pre-order your HvZ Plus (+) account -AND- receive your exclusive KickStart Humans vs. Zombies t-shirt.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    In addition to your HvZ Plus (+) Account and your exclusive "KickStart Humans vs. Zombies t-shirt," Max, Chris, and the rest of the rest of the HvZ team will record a personalized "thank-you" song for you.


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