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Cards Against Humanity is a free party game for horrible people.
Cards Against Humanity is a  game for horrible people.
Cards Against Humanity is a  game for horrible people.
758 backers pledged $15,570 to help bring this project to life.

A little holiday gift


Dear horrible friends -

It's been a while since we've checked in with you here, but we wanted to send you a short update and let you know about a little holiday gift we have for you.

Since we launched our Kickstarter two years ago, we've become the highest-rated, best-selling, and most-wished-for toy on We're in something like our tenth printing, and we still can't keep up with the demand for the game. We've also released two new expansions, and kept the entire game available as a free download through it all.

Earlier this year, Diana Kimball wrote a case study of Cards Against Humanity for the Kickstarter blog that reconstructed the timeline of our project and the history of the game, and will give you some behind-the-scenes stories of how we worked on this project.

We're still amazed by the support of our fans and friends, and we want to earn that by continuing to do awesome things. For the holidays this year, we've released a pay-what-you-want holiday pack for Cards Against Humanity, with 30 new cards. You can get your copy for free at

Hope you enjoy!

- Max and the Cards Against Humanity team

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    1. jeremy wein on December 8, 2012

      I've still yet to receive my cards..... and its almost 2 years later....

    2. Van Fujishige
      on December 7, 2012

      I did the same thing, but twice... I wonder if it got through? My CC was charged, though.

    3. Dahlia on December 7, 2012

      i think i have 6 or 7 on order... .dunno if they will go through the way i went about it... hopefully!!! Thanks Max!!! Glad you guys were such a success, my copy stays in my truck so i always have it no matter where i go.

    4. Dahlia on December 7, 2012

      and no option to buy more than one (not greedy, i have like 8 friends with this game, some of whom i didnt introduce you to) cuz ya know... its christmas and that means PRESENTS!!!! oh well, ill just have to go through the process like 8 times and hope that someone on your end is awesome enough to save yourself shipping by combining the order...
      On a seperate note...ITS ABOUT TIME!!!! lol. i love you guys and your games... i had a game the other night for my birthda with 14 people.... yea, it worked. I had the original game and both expansions, we almost died laughing.... i need a few more original games to be printed though, i cant gift JUST the expansion packs!!!!! And i REFUSE to pay someone else for your game....

    5. Jussi Myllyluoma
      on December 7, 2012

      "Available in the USA and Canada."

    6. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on December 7, 2012

      This was my first, and best Kickstarter ever. It is because of you I got scammed by Zion Eyez. Feel guilty -- and use that guilt to power out more expansions!

    7. Kyle Pinches
      on December 7, 2012

      Love the idea, but no option for paypal or other form of payment than direct credit card? :(