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Cards Against Humanity is a  game for horrible people.
Cards Against Humanity is a  game for horrible people.
758 backers pledged $15,570 to help bring this project to life.

We're back

Posted by Max Temkin (Creator)
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Dear horrible friends,

We'd like to tell you about two new things today.

First: We've created an expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity which is available right now for $10 on The expansion comes with 80 new white cards, 20 new black cards, and, for the first time, blank cards which will allow you to seamlessly add your own jokes to the game.

Second: After being sold out for four months, Cards Against Humanity is available right now for $25 on The last time we had sets available, they became the best-selling product on Amazon in the toys, games, and card games categories and sold out in less than one month. If you've been waiting to pick up an extra set, make sure you get it quickly.

Thank you so much for your support of our game. Literally every single thing in this email is a result of your support on Kickstarter. We've been absolutely amazed at how Cards Against Humanity has spread, and we can't wait to see what horrible things happen next.

Your friends,

- The Cards Against Humanity Team

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    1. Nick Gartner on

      People are totally scalping your expansion packs for $50 on amazon.

    2. Dahlia on

      do you know if there will be another round of cards that go up on amazon? I still have friends asking for sets!!! Im glad you guys were so successful and that i could be a part of it!!

    3. Max Temkin 7-time creator

      @turck3 - The reprint has all of the same cards, plus some that we've updated/edited.

    4. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      2 expansions purchased....

    5. Missing avatar

      turck3 on

      Curious, does the reprint of the original copy include all of the Kickstarter bonus cards or not? (If so, I'll probably be buying another copy)

    6. Dahlia on

      I have friends that are already in contact with you guys i think that are DESPERATE to get their hands on this game. I just ordered 2 expansion packs and am STOKED you guys are still going strong!!!! Maybe when you get big enough, we can buy shares!! hahaha. Again, congrats on so much success!!

    7. ZTSugawara on

      ive also been seeing some interest at for sales at the brick and mortar places. im sure it is in the works.
      very excited to get the expansion.

    8. Missing avatar

      Shawn Simas

      Any way we can get the expansion in Canada?

    9. Van Fujishige

      Bought and bought! You guys need to do some distro to hobby stores... my Friendly Local Gaming Stores are getting pissed at me because a dozen people from my game group have gone in and asked for the game only to be met by confusion from the owners...

    10. Max Temkin 7-time creator

      Hey Jeremy - we sent your set several months ago and don't have a record of any emails from you. Can you get in touch with us at

    11. jeremy wein on

      still don't have my cards even after i have sent numerous emails, with no response