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Update #29

A little holiday gift


Dear horrible friends -

It's been a while since we've checked in with you here, but we wanted to send you a short update and let you know about a little holiday gift we have for you.

Since we launched our Kickstarter two years ago, we've become the highest-rated, best-selling, and most-wished-for toy on We're in something like our tenth printing, and we still can't keep up with the demand for the game. We've also released two new expansions, and kept the entire game available as a free download through it all.

Earlier this year, Diana Kimball wrote a case study of Cards Against Humanity for the Kickstarter blog that reconstructed the timeline of our project and the history of the game, and will give you some behind-the-scenes stories of how we worked on this project.

We're still amazed by the support of our fans and friends, and we want to earn that by continuing to do awesome things. For the holidays this year, we've released a pay-what-you-want holiday pack for Cards Against Humanity, with 30 new cards. You can get your copy for free at

Hope you enjoy!

- Max and the Cards Against Humanity team

Update #28

We're back

Dear horrible friends,

We'd like to tell you about two new things today.

First: We've created an expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity which is available right now for $10 on The expansion comes with 80 new white cards, 20 new black cards, and, for the first time, blank cards which will allow you to seamlessly add your own jokes to the game.

Second: After being sold out for four months, Cards Against Humanity is available right now for $25 on The last time we had sets available, they became the best-selling product on Amazon in the toys, games, and card games categories and sold out in less than one month. If you've been waiting to pick up an extra set, make sure you get it quickly.

Thank you so much for your support of our game. Literally every single thing in this email is a result of your support on Kickstarter. We've been absolutely amazed at how Cards Against Humanity has spread, and we can't wait to see what horrible things happen next.

Your friends,

- The Cards Against Humanity Team

Update #27

CAH Meetup & Amazon Sales


Dear horrible friends,

A few bits of news for you:

  • Cards Against Humanity launched as the #1 game We sold so many copies and got so many positive reviews that Amazon thought the game might be some kind of hoax.
  • If you have a few minutes, please leave a review on our Amazon page. The reviews from our Kickstarter backers been really awesome and funny and nice and make us smile.
  • There are still a few sets available on for $25 with free shipping. If you or your friends want Cards Against Humanity, grab a copy before they're gone!

We've also got a Cards Against Humanity meetup in Chicago this week. Come by if you still need to pick up your set, or if you just want to say hi and hang out.

What: Cards Against Humanity; other, less-fun games; drinking
When: This Thursday (6/23) at 8:00pm
Where: Guthries Tavern, 1300 West Addison, Chicago

Thanks everyone!

- The Cards Against Humanity team

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Update #26

Cards Against Humanity is available now!

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Dear horrible friends,

Cards Against Humanity is available for purchase right now on

Click here to purchase a copy for $25, with free shipping.

We'd also like to ask a small favor of you: If you've played Cards Against Humanity and enjoyed it, would you mind writing a review for our game on We would really appreciate it!

Thanks for your support!

- The Cards Against Humanity team

Update #25

Cards Against Humanity will be available tomorrow


Dear horrible friends,

We've received a lot of emails asking how you can purchase additional copies of the game, so tomorrow we're going to make a limited number of sets of Cards Against Humanity available for purchase at

When: 8:00pm central tomorrow (the 15th)
How much: $25, with free shipping

Unfortunately we do not have enough sets to satisfy the demand right now, so if you really want one, make sure you lock in your order right at 8:00pm.


- The Cards Against Humanity team

P.S. More Chicago pickups will be announced this week, we're sorry for the delay!

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