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An epic time-lapse of the 2012 Burning Man event from above the event, with unmatched spatial and temporal resolution, free to all.

Hi Kickstarter!

We're humbled by the outpouring of support and compliments for our previous video production.  This was a project we self-funded, cobbling together parts we could find around our house or borrow from friends.  Let's consider this practice.  With your help, we'd like to make this an even more awesome production for the 2012 Burning Man event.

Help fund an EPIC Photo Project for Burning Man 2012!

We're using this kickstarter to help fund a bigger, better version 2.0 including:

Equipment: We need a better camera, lens, a Gigapan system, and supplies to build a better weather-proof housing.  With this equipment, we'd be able to capture the event in stunning detail (Gigapixel resolution) and share the beauty of this event both within our community and with the outside world.

Hosting:  We'd like to openly host all data (free of charge) under the Creative Commons License.  As a bonus, we'll strive to make this data available in almost real time to our donors.  This means, we're enabling you to make your own movies and experiments with the photographs, even as the event is still going on!

Development:  We also plan to further develop of our new hypertemporal-HDR technique, creating whole movies of simultaneous night and day fusions.

We'll still self-fund most of the project.  Whatever comes in through Kickstarter will only serve to make it more ... EPIC!

Toss in your coin and join team awesome...  

      and get an awesome gift in return!  All gifts (except the Launch Party Invite) will ship in time for the December holidays!

You'll be able to chose your prints from among these:

More will be continually added and you're welcome to make special requests based on events in the movie!  Let us know what you want to see in here.  

Rewards are structured like the Burning Man ticket buying process.  Pay what you can, and keep in mind the cost of international shipping when seeking the low-priced rewards.  

Whether you get a single print or want in on the Launch party, please please please help us get this project funded by posting it sharing it with others!

Langton Labs (featured in the WSJ) is a residential space that doubles as an art, science and technology hackerspace located in downtown San Francisco.    You'll enjoy the whiskey social.  Dinner and a tour of the space is also included.


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    ---Gift Ticket--- The cost is listed as $1 when in fact this reward is completely free. You are the art, and you are what make this time lapse spectacular, as such access to all images of the 2011/2012 time-lapse will be made available online at full resolution, completely free of charge! Please enjoy the Creative Commons licensing which enables you to create and share your own derivative works! Playa <3

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    ---Staff Ticket--- The first 100 people who support this project for more than 2 dollars will receive a large (12"x18") print of their choice via mail. Ahhhh, yes, but there are some volunteer hours involved in this! To fulfill your duties We request that you post this kickstarter on your various social-networking sites and/or local burner lists and hangouts! Burners-Honor...

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    ---Scholarship Ticket--- A large (12"x18") print of your choice from the images in the gallery. For each 15 dollars above this amount you will receive an additional print, all of your choosing! These will be in the mail well in advance of the December/August holidays, and make lovely gifts for burners of all ages.

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    -- Regular Ticket -- 3 large prints (12"x18") from our gallery! Additionally, you will get a metal-backed archival quality (8"x12") print that will last through the apocalypse.

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    --Ebay Ticket after Sellout -- All of the other rewards from the $150 tier as well as an invite (you +1) to the Scotch soaked launch party at Langton Labs in downtown San Francisco. (Transportation not provided)

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