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A weekly digital jamboree that questions the St. Louis sports intellect, tickles the funny bone and challenges maturity. Read more

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A weekly digital jamboree that questions the St. Louis sports intellect, tickles the funny bone and challenges maturity.

St. Louis, MO Webseries
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Matt Sebek
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Matt Sebek

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About this project

The commercial breaks, the contrived controversy, the static and a loaded cornucopia of those "first-time-caller-long-time-listeners".  Yep, if you're anything like us, you've probably grown tired of traditional sports radio in St. Louis.  Yet, despite being one of the finest sports cities in America, St. Louis lacks a "fan voice".

When it comes to commentary on the St. Louis sports scene, JoeSportsFan isn’t exactly following in the footsteps of our mainstream counterparts.  We see sports as entertainment.  We think it’s okay to mix in a little humor to complement the fanatical tendencies we all possess.  We’d like to think you’re on board with that.

With your help, we're expanding our fan-centric empire into a weekly podcast known as The JoeSportsFan Show.  Think of it as a weekly radio show that you can take anywhere you can access the internet.  The car, the office, on a jog, in the bathroom.  We're cool with all four, but especially the latter.  Bathroom consumption is hallowed territory.

  • Build a fast-paced 45-60 minute show that celebrates the always interesting, often humorous, and occasionally absurd underbelly of St. Louis sports.
  • Interviews with a wide range of guests (from David Freese to the Scottrade zamboni driver).
  • An even wider range of interview questions and media critique.
  • One-of-a-kind sketches no other show in St. Louis can match.
  • Available (for free!) on and on iTunes.
  • Listen to it on your computer, phone, tablet or if you still want the old school feel, record it onto a cassette and listen to it on your ghettoblaster. Your call.

Matt Sebek - Winner of the 2012 Riverfront Times "Funniest Twitter Feed" award, member of Sports Illustrated's "40 Sports People to Follow on Twitter", Editor of JoeSportsFan, featured columnist at and St. Louis Sports Magazine; on a mission to single-handedly cause the mainstream media to overuse the word "snarky".

Josh Bacott - Founder of JoeSportsFan, featured columnist at and St. Louis Sports Magazine; once the lowest paid man on the cover of Parade Magazine's "What People Make" edition.

Chris Files – Multimedia expert at ESPN 101, Lead Videographer at JoeSportsFan; work nominated as the Riverfront Times "Best in Video".

Not a dime.  We're not communists.  But while listening will always be free, your donation will help us reach the financial goal we've set and the professional product that you've come to expect at JoeSportsFan.  Your contribution will help funding for:

  • Recording equipment
  • Technical gizmos
  • Recording space
  • Funyuns
  • Hair product (Sebek must look good; even in audio)

Once we hit our goal, we will create a product that is audibly stunning, or at least tolerable, and will crank out one year of shows – no less than 52 episodes.

We’re building a dedicated group that views JoeSportsFan as an enjoyable and interactive part of their local sports experience.  More importantly, though, we want our listeners to become owners – shareholders or insiders, if you will - in the show and the concept itself.  You're a part of the action.

So how does one become an "insider" of The JoeSportsFan Show?  

Based on your contribution, you'll qualify for a variety of goodies we’ve gathered to commemorate your JSF ownership status (levels outlined to the right).  And with your ongoing support, JoeSportsFan will continue to be THE unique sports content provider created for St. Louis fans, by St. Louis fans. 


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