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Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
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Mixing The Record

I've spent the last seven days sitting next to Elvis 'helping' him mix this record. He'd probably say I'm helping a lot, but truth be told there is no man on earth with the talent he has to make our songs shine. He's passionate and gifted and inspired and loves it. It's truly an honor to sit beside him during this process.

Every day is like Christmas. We open a song, and Elvis starts on the drums, I help him sort through the guitars, and then he puts me in the captains chair to finish the programming of strings, piano and organs, and I print those. 

Then the big reveal happens. 

He hasn't heard the songs yet, so his initial reaction is always the best to watch. We both look at each other and say, "Here we go!" And  he drops the vocal in. The vocal ties it all together, and at this point we're all smiles. I feed off his discovery of the song, and he feeds off of my reaction to how he's made it sound. It's been one of the most rewarding processes I've ever experienced.

I've shouldered the burden of producing this record for 4 months, and writing it for over a year, and I have to say I've never felt more relief than when I'm sitting next to him. I get to share it with him, he takes it off of my shoulders with ease, and it's a wonderful feeling.

We're over half way through, and I can honestly say this is already my favorite record we've done. Elvis' keeps saying that it's his favorite too... but maybe we're not reliable sources. We're just having too much fun to know if our emotions are right. 

For those of you who prefer Albatross, there are 3 songs you will gravitate to. For those of you who like The Silver Cord, there are probably 5 songs you will gravitate to. For those of you who like when we stretch the boundaries a bit, there are another 4 tracks you'll probably be ecstatic about. For those of you who like all of our music regardless of the style, I think this record could slowly creep into your top spot. It's already slipped into mine, beyond The Silver Cord.

I can't wait to sit back and listen to this thing front to back!

With love,



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    1. Lizabeth on

      I honestly am crying with happiness just thinking about it.

    2. Joshua Allan Hartsell on

      I'm listening to the newest song you have out on youtube. I can't wait.

    3. Joel on

      I think every album is amazing. Vagabonds was a great album. Its the one I've found that doesn't sound like some other band. Very original, loved it. Also it's ones of the few I can play front to back on thee guitar. Which us always good!

    4. Nic Conroy on

      So awesome guys. I really cant wait.

    5. Desiree Spooner on

      i have to say i loved all the stuff u guys have brought out so i cant wait for this album to come out!! :D

    6. Krista Betcher on

      I started getting emotional reading this. I am so excited. Every album has been special to me in some way or another and I'm sure this one will be no different. Can't wait!

    7. David Diaz de Leon on

      I'm so excited, reading this gave me chills! :D

    8. Alyssa Bateman on

      Love it all, but I think my favorites are Vagabonds and Seattle Sessions, haha. I'm sure I won't be disappointed! You guys represent the Northwest wonderfully make me proud to live here. :)

    9. Abdul Alim on

      Every album is a different experience that you put is in! I'm really stoked for this new album!

    10. Missing avatar

      gRad on

      I'm Stoked!!! Stretch those Boundaries!

    11. Josh Mosher on

      I absolutely love every album. Hearing your heart about the new one sounding like the 3 LP's is very exciting. I also love the fact that you guys love us enough to sit down and share your studio experiences like this. I would love to hear more acoustic stuff like Seattle and Vocal Few though. At least another EP :-) Can't wait for the record! God bless you guys!!!

    12. Joshua Allan Hartsell on

      I honestly love Vagabonds and listen to it a lot. Comparing all their albums is like comparing Cold Stone Ice Cream to Red Robin Burgers with unlimited Steak fries, or Braveheart to The Band of Brothers series. They are all good for different reasons. "We All Look Elsewhere" will probably be my favorite forever and yet Who Needs Air is something I personally identify with and enjoy the guitar flutters like bird wings (call me weird). I liked the sound and lyrics of The Silver Cord how all the songs flow together and I couldn't ignore that amazing crescendo in The Ascent. Abracadavers, Salt in the Snow, and Closer Than We Think are my personal highlights. And Vagabonds...what a beautiful way to start an album A Perfect Voice...catchy! I love experimental sounds and rhythm. The Happy Nihilist has an awesome drum part which I can't help slapping my lap to the beat. They couldn't done a music video for any song and it would have been epic. I haven't forgot about Seattle Session, because Shipwreck fits with any playlist. They could have gone in any direction and I believe I will enjoy it.

    13. David Kononen on

      Could you guys post a teaser clip of one of your songs? =) Also, I hope you guys plan to do another acoustic album. The Seattle Sessions is one of my favorite albums.

    14. Kindulas on

      No, there isn't :p
      I have to say Vagabonds was disappointing, but I still have faith in you guys. Headlights is my absolute favorite song ever (about tied with Anberlin's *fin) and Say the Word is my 4th. I rate rather obsessively, so how you guys put my 1st and 4th favorite song on one album (a first album too,) I'll never know. Overall then, I think The Silver Cord has a better overall average. By having one great CD with two MINDBLOWING songs, and then a CD which was just generally Amazing capitalized, you guys had become my favorite band ever. So I'm super exited those are the styles you're going back to, not like most of Vagabonds' light-hearted punk. I did like some of Vagabonds, don't get me wrong, it's just compared to the first two albums it wasn't impressive, and the ones I liked were ones more like The Count (though I think Broken Mess was actually best on there). I love you guys, and I'm super exited about this. Not that I expect you to top Headlights, that song is it's own Miracle, but if we get a Silver Cord with a Say the Word on it... I'll be happier than... I'll be happy.

    15. Missing avatar

      Peter Whaley on

      This post is very exciting.

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Whaley on

      People liked Vagabonds?

    17. Missing avatar

      Grady on

      Oh so there's no songs for people who liked vagabonds? :p

    18. Lizabeth on

      I can't waittttttttttttt!!!!! x

    19. Lynette Knower on

      Super excited for the new album, guys! I love getting updates like these, knowing what progress you're making as the weeks go on, it feels like we're a part of it all!

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian Daniel on

      This update has me so excited about finally getting to hear the new record. It can't come soon enough. Between having to wait for your new music and new Ted Dekker novels I just might die of anticipation before I get a chance to experience either. So thanks for all the hard work you and all the guys put into the music. It shows in all of your records so far, and I'm sure it will be just as evident in this upcoming one. God bless!

    22. Tyler John on

      Three like Albatross and five like The Silver Cord? Freaking pumped!!! I am so looking forward to this! The next couple months are going to be the longest of my life.

    23. Aaron Reed on

      I know exactly what you feel. Kinda of. =} Finishing my bands first album was the best feeling in the world. =) You're albums are all 1,000 times batter then anything I can create, which means I'm about 1,000 times more excited for this to come out. Can't wait for your Show in the Seattle Showbox. I'll have my I helped make you're album shirt on. You guys are fantastic.