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Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
1,981 backers pledged $86,277 to help bring this project to life.

Clearing The Air

Hey guys, I wanted to clear the air about some things.

You may or may not know, but there has been a lot of speculation and hearsay about what will happen to the money we raise over our 30k goal to put this record out. Some of that speculation has been hate-filled, and some of it has been legitimate concern, so I wanted to address this issue and move on.

Our band has had a tough year. For the first time since 2005 we found ourselves without a label, we lost a guitar player (for good reason, he wanted to make a living for his wife and new daughter and realized that music wasn't going to do that for him), and we were left wondering if it would be feasible to continue The Classic Crime. Then we saw a few old label-mates (Showbread, Thousand Foot Krutch, Project 86) successfully fund records using Kickstarter. It gave us hope. We really wanted to continue the tradition of putting out great sounding records with thoughtful production that people could take new and different things from with each listen. For us to do that, we needed a decent budget. We couldn't skimp, because we believed our fans deserved our best. While on Tooth & Nail, we were blessed with record budgets over double what we asked for in our Kickstarter (30k), but we believed we could get similar quality, as well as print the T-Shirts, CD's, get the album art designed, and send all the stuff out within that 30k budget.

We were blown away when we received the full funding in 24 hours. I felt so energized by our fan base. We'd given the project 35 days, in hopes that it would be enough time to get what we needed to bring the best record to our fans. But here we were, with 30k in a day, and 34 days left to raise money. Suddenly we were at 35k, and I was excited. I wanted to give back to our fans who were supporting us, so I proposed on Facebook that if we broke 40k we would go on a two week tour. We need to fix up our van (about $2500) and buy a new trailer (about $2500) and we wanted to make a video and do some marketing to, so we figured that would take care of the extra 10k. My attempt to give back with touring was blown out of context. A group of people who were not our fans started posting lies on our Facebook, saying things like, "40k for a two week tour? You are a F'ing ridiculous and you're taking advantage of people" etc, among other terrible things. They wouldn't stop, and at this moment they continue to conspire against us. They questioned our recording budget, questioned our touring costs, and claimed that we were simply trying to line our pockets and take advantage of people.

It was an all out smear-campaign. I can honestly say that I've never felt so elated from the success of our Kickstarter yet so bogged down by the negativity at the same time. I felt like some of these rogue haters were trying to convince our fans that our motives weren't pure, that all we wanted to do was take advantage of them. I got really angry. I tried to fight back, to address every insult, and I realize now it was the wrong thing to do.

It all started from one guy who claimed that our Music Lovers Package was ludicrous, that it was a "slap in the face" that we would charge $100 for a vinyl. He apparently runs a vinyl record label, and he said it should only be $15. I told him it was a collectors item, that we were only printing 200, and that those 200 people would get their names in the vinyl packaging as "Executive Producers" (on top of that they would get a signed CD, 7 old demos from before Albatross, and a digital copy of the album 2 weeks before it's release date). I thought it was a cool deluxe package, and at the time 55 people had purchased it, thinking the same thing. I said if he wanted just the music, it was $10, and he was welcome to not support us if he felt the packages were unfair. He continued with a slew of insults, and I disengaged with him. He then went on to rally all of his friends (apparently some people in a band called "Mixtapes"?) to post hateful comments in an attempt to sabotage our campaign. He even went to the greatest length, pledging to purchase our 10k (ridiculous and hilarious package) in order to visibly boost our overall funds raised, so that people would assume we were going to do a 4-week tour and stop backing us. His goal is to cancel right before the campaign is over. I've attached proof of a twitter conversation with one of his friends, discussing the in's and out's of their plot. Can you imagine what these dudes could for good if they put their energy into it? They're wonderful organizers... it just seems like such a waste.

I want to say that part of me finds this pretty funny. Why would someone hate us for having fans that love us? If a fan sees a package and wants it, then purchases it, why would somebody hate that? It's ridiculous. This isn't charity, nobody is giving us anything. People are purchasing products. If my favorite band told me for $100 I could have 1 of 200 custom vinyls of their new record with my name in it, I would jump on that deal, but I do agree that you have to be a fan to find value in it. These people aren't fans so they don't see the value, I get that. But to hate on us because of it? That's just... beyond anything I can comprehend.

I truly believe that whenever you try to do something for good, the forces of evil will rise up against you. The greater the thing you attempt to do for good, the greater the opposition. All of the greatest things happen out of extreme conflict. I'm not saying that a few trolls raining on our parade is extreme conflict, but I take comfort in the fact that if the forces of evil want to destroy this project, then it has to have the potential to do something for good. Our music has always been on the side of good. Not on our own accord, but because we've been blessed in that regard. I just read a great book by Steven Pressfield called "The War of Art." In it, he says that whenever you try to take a risk and do what you're supposed to do, your calling, Resistance is there to meet you. I consider this episode as a bout of Resistance.

For those who think we haven't jumped through the right hoops and don't deserve such a successful Kickstarter campaign. I'll offer you this:

We did our first tour in 2004. It was a DIY tour, in Montana. It was awesome. From 2004-2007 we slept in Wal-Mart parking lots, took wet-wipe showers in truck stops, lived on nothing, and amassed tens of thousands in debt, all for the sake of bringing our music to the few people who would listen. Then we got smart, built bunks into the back of our van, learned to live on $10 per diem per day, and we did Warped Tour 2006 in a van. If you know anything about Warped Tour, you know you don't do it in a van. I remember the guys in Emery saying, "Don't do it in a van, dude, it'll break up your band." We did it, and we almost broke up, but we made it. Sweaty, sleepless nights in 100 degree weather, driving 8 hours through the night to make it to the 9am load in, only to spend all day in the blistering sun, pack up around 11pm and do it again. We went a little crazy, but in that struggle I believe we were formed into better people. The idea that we need to sleep at The Hilton and are trying to live some posh lifestyle is ridiculous. 95% of the tours we've ever done have barely broke even. The most we've paid out from a 6 week tour is $500 per member for the entire tour. I remember getting that cash at the end of the tour and saying, "Sweet!" I felt rich.

Point being, for us to leave our jobs and our families and head out on the road again, we're going to need some assurance that if the tour barely breaks even (which we expect it to) that we will not come home completely empty handed. We want to budget in some sort of payout. Not to line our pockets, but to supplement the $500 a week we could have been making in our restaurant and catering jobs at home. I especially need this, because I have a wife and child that are COMPLETELY dependent on me. I just can't tour for free anymore, and I think I speak for all of us when I say: Been there, done that, don't want to do it again.

Demystifying the money: So to explain my FB post about when we hit 40k we can do a two week tour, 50k we can do a four week, and 60k a six week, this is what I meant: For the two week tour, we need to fix our van and get a trailer, thats at least 5k. We also want to spend some on marketing and making a video, thats the other 5k. We'd essentially do a two week tour and break even, just to show our gratitude to our Kickstarter backers. The next 10k would be for a 4 week tour. That means 20 shows. Assuming we break even again, we'd be able to split the 10k at the end of the 20 shows, that's $500 a show between 4 people. That's $125 a show. This is assuming we don't have to pay a merch guy or a tour manager probably around $500 plus a week, which we'd probably want to do anyways. Basically, at the end of the month, we'd be able to come home with $2500 a piece, maximum, if all other expenses break even. Now lets say we stayed out on the road all year at that rate, we'd end up taking home, for a years work full time, $30,000 a piece BEFORE taxes. Now, we know we'll never be able to tour for a year at this rate, but after the government took it's 15%, we'd be looking at $25,500, which is right above the federal poverty line for families. So if all went absurdly well, and we were able to tour all year round based on our Kickstarter model, we'd still be making pretty close to the poverty line. Not exactly lining our pockets.

I know people will argue with that, and that's fine. People will say we can cut costs, be more streamline, or that it's a lot of money etc. We get that, but realistically, we've decided we can't tour in good conscience for free anymore. It needs to suppliment the income of our lowly day jobs. If that bums out our critics, we're sorry. I know our backers think otherwise.

I want to end this with our fans. You guys have stuck with us through thick and thin for almost 10 years, and you have been a constant blessing in our lives. We love you, and we're sorry that this thing has stirred up so much drama. Like I said, I take refuge in the fact that this record obviously has value for good for Resistance to want to squash it so badly. We will press onwards towards our goal. We will complete the mission for which we are called. You will all be rewarded for your faith and support. We love you more than you know,


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    1. Ryan Morency on

      Wow, just read through those twitter updates... Looks like someone simply trying to steal some of your thunder guys! I for one, don't think spending $100 for a limited edition vinyl is outrageous for a die hard fan such as myself! Especially with only 200 being pressed! +1 to Brad's comment about Resistance as a song. Put that negative energy to good use! :)

    2. Brad Moore on

      Two things:
      1. "Resistance" might be a good song to work on... just sayin
      2. Matt's totally right - for a family, that is NOT enough money for people working so tirelessly that provides something that so many people love. And that's, as he said, if everything goes perfectly, which we know it won't. Let's make sure to get as many people as possible to back these guys!!!

    3. Justin Oaks Nielsen on

      With you guys till the end! Your music is the best I've ever herd!

    4. The Classic Crime 3-time creator on

      Just to let you guys know. The fake 10k was cancelled by Kickstarter. We figured you figured, but just wanted to figure for you in case you didn't figure. Kisses.

    5. Matthew Waldschmitt on

      You just talked me into upgrading my pledge to the music lovers!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brittany on

      I'm so sorry that you guys have received so much heartache when you're doing your best to do what you love, get by, and do right by your fans. You guys bring so much good to peoples lives, I know you've brought so much joy to mine, that the last thing you guys deserve is doubt and criticism. I wish you all the best and I hope I can see you live for the first time soon!

    7. Missing avatar

      Austin Frindt on

      Speaking as an economist, it's totally okay for you guys to charge whatever you want and to make as much money as you want. We all totally understand that you have responsibilities to your families and such.

      Quite frankly, you deserve - and would be perfectly justified in asking for - even more. No tour is necessary or even expected! People pledged what they pledged with the expectation they get what they pay for. As long as they get that, feel free to keep anything extra.

      That's the beauty of the market system. I'm very happy to get what I'm getting as a backer. Once I give my money to you, it's your money and you can do WHATEVER you want with it. You can go on a tour, keep it, or even burn it for all I care.

      Even if you came on here and blatantly asked people for $1 million without anything in return, if people are willing to provide that money, you would be perfectly justified in it.

      Your words about resistance in the face of good were very wise. We support you 100%. Let the haters hate. As long as we live in a fallen world, we'll have to deal with them. Rise above. God Bless!


    8. Joe Byerly on

      I think I can confidently speak for all of us fans.... I'm not sure I have ever encountered a band that is this talented, inspired, headstrong..... but what touches my heart the most...beyond the music, lyrics... is your honesty. You are real people. I feel like I know you. You have put yourselves, your worries, fears, joys, beliefs, failures, and triumphs straight into your music....and it has made a difference in my life. I am a better person because of what you do... My faith is strengthened by what you do. Never, ever stop, especially now in the midst of persecution. My favorite verse in all of Scripture is Romans 8:28, where Paul, after talking about how God helps us in difficulties, says "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose." There is indeed a reason for this persecution on you individually, and as The Classic Crime. We might not ever know why, but we can be confident and satisfied that God does. While myself and countless others have been forever impacted by your music, the greater cause is for the glory of God, without whom music would not exist. Thank you for the passion and vibrancy in your music... I have learned more from your songs than from many books combined. I have indeed "read through a thousand books, but forgot everything." However, the truth that makes up the foundation of your music I will keep forever. God bless The Classic Crime.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Watson on

      You guys deserve all the accolades and income that being in TCC gets you. In fact, I think it'd be better if you guys took the extra cash from this campaign as income just so you keep making music together for years to come... It's OUR CHOICE to give you our money, and whatever you do with it is fine by me--as long as I'm still getting my TCC music. :)

      Go and get yourselves something nice. You deserve it. :)

    10. Geoff Sloan on

      Haha, Matt, look, I'm giving you my money. This is a gift I give to you because I believe God has blessed me through your bands music and I appreciate that. You use it for the welfare of yourself and your family. If that means you and the guys get new instruments because of me, if that means your family and yourself get to rest easier with my money in your bank account, I'd be proud and honored to say that God was able to use me to bless you. Because only he knows how often you have done that for me and my music-loving heart. I want it to line your pockets. I cannot give you my money fast enough. I know what it's like to be living on $20 until I don't know when and I love you guys and don't want you to be going through that anymore. No one gets mad at pop stars when they're rolling in cash, spending it on reckless living, but when my favorite band finally gets a break because their fans love them, YOU'RE the greedy ones. Satan's spreading lies about The Classic Crime. You must be doing something right. :) Keep it up, guys. If God is for you, who can be against you?

    11. ThomasD on

      Wow. I have really enjoyed your music since I discovered your first album. I luckily came across your campaign from a totally unrelated project that I backed on here. I think Kickstarter is such an awesome idea and I am so glad to see musicians and aspiring individuals putting it to good use. I instantly backed you guys when I found this project. After reading this post, I am blown away at your attitude towards such a horrible circumstance created by an individual that is abusing the wonderful idea that is Kickstarter. I upped my pledge amount and I now feel I am not only supporting music I like, but an awesome group of individuals.

    12. Mike Saechang

      Don't let all the negativity get you guys down. Like you said, we who are backing you are the fans and choosing to give you our money to support you guys. Can't wait to hear this album. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Troy Miller on

      Personally, I don't care if you don't do anything other than make a record, even if you make 4X what your goal was. Like you said, it's not like I am donating to charity here - I am basically making a really advanced pre-order, and getting an album in return. And this from a band among a very select few of my favorite bands who are still putting out new stuff. Heck, I even pledged $5 extra because I value all the extra work it takes to write and record an album (to say nothing of touring, merchandising, etc), all while holding down a day job and supporting a family.

    14. Missing avatar

      Pollyanna Soares on

      To all you guys in The Classic Crime: you are amazing. It takes a lot of courage to use your God-given talents even when it's not profitable and means that life is hard. If I could, I would offer a lot more to help you make this record for two reasons: A) your music gives expression to my innermost feelings, and B) because you deserve to have a lot of money left over! When I think about the negative, harmful and even talentless bands and artists who make the big bucks and are living a life of luxury yet you have to defend being about to afford just to tour and barely even make a living out of it? That is messed up. I just want you to know that I wish you all the best, I hope that some day very soon you'll be well off and you don't have to hear to these jealous jerks. Gal 6:9!!! <3

    15. Missing avatar

      Keenan Barber on

      I don't care if you decide to give us stuff like tickets or whatnot for free if you get so much money. Keep it for yourselves! I'll gladly pay out to come see you guys in concert and expect nothing but a good show in return. Keep the money for your families and for yourselves. I know that a least for me and my friends, we're prepared to drive a few hundred miles and cough up $50 to see you guys in concert. Just one thing, DON'T STOP MAKING MUSIC. You can't quit on me yet. I expect another album in 2 years, like clockwork, like it's always been. Thanks.

    16. mary macdonald on

      I use your music in my running playlist and have been waiting for new stuff! I love the lyrics and upbeat tempo! Keep moving forward.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      My brother introduced me to your music the day the project started because he really believed in it. After listening for myself, not knowing any of the band's history, I was a fan. And after all this, I'm even more excited to be involved in some small way. There's no easy way to deal with something like this, and I'm so impressed. I'm a supporter now and will be for as long as you choose to continue making music. Best of luck with this, and with whatever the future brings you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jared Taylor on

      you guys have brightened up my days for three years now, and will continue to do so for a long time! i know that you wouldnt do something underhanded like what is being described here, and that's exactly why i pledged more than just the cost of the album. keep making great hits and stop by Louisiana theres a way to on your tour!!

    19. David Kononen on

      I wish their was a way you guys (TCC) could cancel the 10K pledge knowing its fake. Pretty sad someone has the time to go to such great lengths of harassment. I smell jealousy..... I've been a fan since 2005, saw you open for a band at the Showbox, and liked your set better than the main act. I remember blog posts back in the Myspace days telling how you lived on the edge financially, and that made me realize I was supporting a group of guys with a passion for music and blessing their fans, and not dollar signs in their eyes. I now live overseas, I most likely not see your tour resulting from the Kickstarter overflow, but I wholeheartedly believe you've given your hearts for nearly a decade, you deserve some income in return.

    20. Dave Young on

      It's always hard to ignore when people attack you, so I/we understand why you felt compelled to respond to each barb.

      That being said, ignore the haters! Those who really matter (i.e. you the band & we the fans) know what you meant, how it breaks down (at least in principal, which is really all that's necessary) and clearly desire to see you guys not only achieve but succeed ... and have enough 'extra' to come visit us in all our far-flung places of residence!

      The Enemy will not let good things go uncontested and this is just further evidence of that ... especially things of eternal value. Keep on keepin' on and know that we've got your back(s)!

    21. Brandon Daniel on

      Thank you for sharing all of this in such great detail! I know I appreciate you keeping in touch with your fans on a personal level and updating financial backers so honestly, and I'm sure the rest of them appreciate it as well. I've got all TCC's cd's/ep's so far, and I haven't been disappointed yet. I look forward to maybe seeing you guys when you tour (if it lands anywhere near Knoxville, TN) and getting the new album and stuff from the pledge deal when it drops! Don't be discouraged, just like you mentioned, the more potential something has for good, the more opposition it will face! Stay strong, we support you all the way!

      A side note (if you read through all these comments): You mentioned album cover art; I would be willing to do art for a cover for FREE, if that helps your costs even more. Here's the URL for my profile on deviantart, check out my portfolio on there and see if you might be interested in my style of work for a cover: If you are interested at all in the offer send me an email and we can talk details. (

      Keep your heads up, guys!

    22. Missing avatar

      John Finch on

      Don't worry about the haters guys. The real fans and backers of this project have funded the album and I am sure that you will have the money to do a tour. I am excited to be able to help get this album out there and do not see why 'Mixtapes' would hate on you guys for having a great fan base. I've been a fan since Albatross and I am looking forward to hear what you guys put out next, I know it will be GREAT!

    23. Missing avatar

      Erineo Garcia on

      I think you guys should get to line your pockets, even just a little. You guys are working hard and have families working just as hard. You aren't asking to be MTV millionaires, just to get paid to do what you love. You guys rock and deserve to make your families some cash. We love your music

    24. Rick Cramblet on

      Wow - almost beyond belief. My son spent a number of yard in a band, several years touring (with a label, studio produced CD's, etc.) and lived like a pauper, traveled like a hobo, did the $10 per diem stuff (and sometimes lived on whatever was in the green room so he could keep some of the $10) - and left the band when he needed to provide for his wife and new baby. He wouldn't trade the experience but if anyone thought he was "cashing in", they were wrong. Thanks for the clarification, it's too bad it was necessary. The vast majority of those who are backing this are sincerely behind you all. Hang in there!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey David Blackburn on

      Props Matt. Well written and honest. Full disclosure is impossible to argue against. As someone who's promoted concerts and worked with bands for decades,(including the first time you played on stage with these guys) there is little or no money to be made. You had better love it cause you have better odds playing lotto than making money in the music industry, especially with the cost of gas these days. Glad things are going so well. You guys deserve it-you've certainly earned it. Chin up- you are blessed and loved by a horde of loyal fans.

    26. Missing avatar

      Brad Jones on

      so I'm assuming this "mixtapes" idiot is the one who pledged the $10,000? So in reality, you've raised $46,000 at this point?? Pretty stinkin' good but come on Crime fans...let's keep backing these guys and raise as much as we can to replace the $10,000 jealousy lie. It's not like we're giving money away...we're investing and getting great returns.

      And Matt...don't sweat this bro! I don't know you personally but I've been listening to you all since before Albatross released and I have all your albums. Truth be told, this "smear campaign" is worthless and has absolutely no effect on fans. If smear campaigns worked, no one would ever get elected as President, ha. Just keep rocking man and do your best to provide for you family. We as fans will do our best to help.

    27. Missing avatar

      TinCanGoat on

      Gotta say, best $50 bucks I've ever spent. I don't usually donate money for projects, but I love TCC's music and because I wanted a new album out, I donated.

      Heck, I would have donated the cash and STILL purchased the album on Itunes after it was made.

    28. Kristy Whaley on

      I just wanted to say, that I really appreciate you being honest about how you spend the money, how you're doing this whole thing with integrity and all...But I just have a thought. I've read The War of Art. I'm a writer, who is struggling to pay the bills and figure out how to be a writer at the same time. And I think that it is a sad state of our culture that artists have to defend being paid for their art. We don't question the accountant who wants to be paid (and paid well) for his/her time. We don't question why a business person, a doctor, or a carpenter would charge for his/her services. I don't understand why we have a different expectation for artists.
      Again, I really appreciate how you all are handling this. But for me...I'm praying that you all get to quit your day jobs. That you're able to support your families through this talent God's given you. That while you don't necessarily need to be millionaires, that you'll be able to live within a reasonable pay range and make music.
      That's why I'm backing you. Because while I've been a fan for years, and would have bought the album anyway, I also want to support your calling. I want to say to all the artists out there that it's okay to try to make a living off of whatever your talent is. That it is not dishonest or unreasonable or greedy to expect compensation for your service. That I don't think there is some law that says all artists should be starving.
      I can't wait to see what amazing things come from you pursuing your dreams. God bless!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      Usually I don't do kickstarters but as a fan of the classic crime and after reading this crap I had to do the whole vinyl thing. It's not for the gifts it's really just to piss this other haters off ;)

    30. Zach Graves on

      Congrats on the success raising money to record a new album AND go on tour. I'm happy to be a supporter. Haters gonna hate.

    31. Steven Fudge on

      people need to stop looking at the reward packages as if they were preorder packages. You are not paying $10 for a digital copy of their CD. You are donating $10 to help a band you like make a new record. As a thank you they are GIVING you a digital copy of their new record FOR FREE. same goes for all the other packages. You donate whatever you want to help the band out. Everything you get a their way of saying thank you. its all FREE. You are not actually paying for a package of goods.

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    33. Missing avatar

      Code E on

      Hey guys, whenever good things happen there will always be adversity... They're just a bunch of punks don't worry about them. If they've got nothing better to do than ruin peoples lives then they need to get a life. Anyways love you guys and I'll be praying for you. Adversity can make you strongeror

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Zimmerman on

      The way I look at Kickstarter is I pledge money to help fund a project I feel is worth being funded. It could stop right there, but in return for supporting a project, Kickstarter usually offers items in return as incentives. Kind of like PBS when they have there pledge drives. When they offer a DVD of a tv program for $100 donation, your not buying the DVD for $100, you are supporting PBS and getting the DVD as a thank you. I never even heard of the Classic Crimes before I browsed Kickstarter projects, which I do often. I read about the project, checked out samples of your music at Amazon and liked what I heard and decided to back you. I get a copy of the project in return, that's cool. If you guys raise more than 100%, great, do with it what you need to do to keep the band going. Wishing you success. Anticipating hearing your new album. Glad to be a part of it.
      Mark Zimmerman

    35. Dave Esposito on

      Some people don't get it. Bands need to make money too. Most bands don't make a lot. I want you guys to make as much as you can to make a great album, music video, tours, and to pay yourselves. we support you and want you guys to has as much as you can. People just don't get it sometimes. I was talking about how project 86 beat their goal and I was happy. my girlfriend was like, you could be putting money towards dying children in africa. I'm like these guys obviously dont have it that bad by they need to support their families. This is a great cause. This music makes me feel better and I want to hear more of it and I want the people that made it to have a good life. You guys deserve to make money.

      You should write a song about these haters. Emery wrote the song "butcher's mouth" about people like that. These people have no life trying to mess this up.

    36. Jared Taylor on

      Haters hate, but your fans would bleed for you. Don't let this get you down! We love you!

    37. Missing avatar

      Glenn Davies on

      That's unbelievable... there's some sad people out there. I've pledged because I think this is a GREAT way for bands to get support from their fans, rather than going in to debt to produce an album, and then hope to break even from CD sales later. Appreciate the updates, and looking forward to new TCC music. See you in Australia or Seattle sometime!

    38. John DiBiase on

      That's freakin' messed up of those guys. Sadly, I've met some like that myself from running JFH for 16 years. For some reason, some people just have nothing better to do than to seek to ruin the good that others are trying to do. Or they just want to destroy something they just don't understand.

      Matt, it's easy to let this stuff knock the wind out of your sails a bit. I know the feeling very well. And I also know it can overshadow something as tremendous as making your goal in 24 hours! So hang in there bro. I appreciate this letter to the fans and KS backers. And rest assured that we're all looking forward to the best TCC record that your fans can buy. :)

    39. Vadim Riskin on

      Hey, I just wanted to say that you have my unconditional support, I live too far away to be concerned by your tours (Israel), but I still get you, and you deserve every last cent you will get here, don't listen to people who say such things, we will see through them and they will disappear into obscurity. I've pledged my share because I love you, the rest is just a bonus.

      Be strong!

    40. Tanner Hughes on

      Mike smail... why are you wasting so much effort in this. Youve been trolling all day. What are you gaining? The fans dont care. And if you recall, we (the fans) CHOSE to pledge. You obviously don't care about these guys so why are you even here?

      TCC for life!!
      Hey guys, please try to make it to salt lake. If not i understand. I can always drive home to seattle to see ya. Well worth it