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Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
Help back TCC's 4th full-length studio album and get one-of-a-kind rewards. We're recording now! With your help, a summer release.
1,981 backers pledged $86,277 to help bring this project to life.


Earlier today I filmed a video at the studio. In the video I thanked everyone for the overwhelming support of our project, and shared that we were more hopeful than ever that we would reach our goal.

I'm not posting that video right now because it's completely irrelevant. We have to make another video, a better one, in order for us to properly thank you profusely for giving us the ability to make music in this form at this juncture. Did you really just pledge over $30,000 in under 24 hours?

This is mind blowing. It's encouraging to my faith and the calling we feel in music... I think sometimes, while in the trenches of doubt, God reaches down and shows you that you are loved. This is one of those times. Thank YOU so much from everything within me. Your continued support keeps us going.

Now that we've reached our goal, as stated before anything above our goal will go to touring and marketing (like a music video). We'd love to tour the country again, a real, long tour, that hits every area. The more we raise, the more places we can go, and the cheaper the shows tickets will be. We'd love to go to Canada, UK, Europe, Southeast Asia and back to Australia. Those plane tickets are pricey, as well as expenses while we're in those places, but we'd do it just to break even. We'd love to have enough to be able to take our music to places it's never been!

I'm still debating what I'll do if 10% of our Facebook Likers back us (7,434 people). It will be crazy. Help me brainstorm by sending us a message. We have until April 12th!

I love you I love you I love you,



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    1. Aaron benninger on

      Saw you guys two years ago in Lansing, MI. By far the best concert I have ever been to! What a blessing to be a part of your new record. It's only $50, but I hope it goes far!
      You lyrics are so awe-inspiring, and there are so many ways to look at a single line of every song from you guys. Not a single waste of space on any of your albums!
      God Bless you guys, and keep rocking for God!

    2. Stephen And Kat on

      We'd love to have you back in Eugene, OR! The last show we saw you anywhere close to us was out in Newport, which is about two hours away, but more than worth it! And it just so happened to be free... we weren't expecting that, but it was cool! (Not saying we want more free shows from you, just you guys. Down here. For and epic show. With a band from the area we like to call This Patch Of Sky. You guys would dig them... just saying..)

    3. Missing avatar

      brendan gotta on

      TCC, I just want to let you know something that happened to my friends. They were all going on a mission trip to Ecuador, left today actually, and just 2 weeks ago, still needed $30,000. They raised it in one weekend, by the grace of God. God is so good to people and when I see you got the 30,000 in 24 hours, it was another example of how good God is and how his blessings are numerous. God bless, and I can't wait for the new CD!
      -Brendan Gotta

    4. Missing avatar

      gwen on

      In 2005, I saw you guys play in a little room beneath a cafe in Madison, Wi. It would be really awesome if you came back and played in a bigger venue. I'm so glad you guys see how many people out there love your music. Can't wait for the new album!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christy Scott on

      You know we all love you.... ;) Just jam, like you always do!!!

    6. Matthew Moreillon on

      You guys are the best! By the way I've also really been digging Vocal Few lately as well. It might make me absolutely ecstatic if you guys came to OKC. Just saying. Or even Tulsa, if you like it there better.

    7. Brandon Daniel on

      Knoxville TN!!! Come throw down in K-Town!

    8. Missing avatar

      nathan seigman on

      Come back to Lynden and play a show for your faithful local fans! Just sayin'

    9. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Come to Nashville!

    10. AJ Brandy on

      Naples, Florida! Please, for the love of God! xD

    11. Missing avatar

      Tom Zarosinski on

      come through portland OREGON! just a short trek from seattle! you guys are the best

    12. Missing avatar

      Amanda Carlson on

      Hey guys, here's an idea another fav band of mine did to get the word out even more... Offer an incentive for fans that spread the word. This band offered a free digital download of a previously unreleased track for those who spread the word to at least ten other people and then notified the band about it. They kept track through facebook somehow. I'm sure you all could figure out something similar... Good luck and I wish you the best in acheiving the 80k goal! I know your backers would love it!

    13. Cory Spears on

      Put the extra money into a vinyl release that people can buy!

    14. Missing avatar

      johnn johnston on

      Come back to Wichita, KS. You got a lot of loyal fans here. A couple including myself have made a $99 donation because we love TCC. You guys are amazing. Keep on rocking and reaching out to those that need to listen. God Bless you guys.

    15. Dave Esposito on

      maybe you should put more money into the album 30,000 is pretty low compared to what I saw other bands pledging.

    16. mary macdonald on

      This has a life of its own! We all want you to go!!!!

    17. Charlene Fayard-Crouch on

      Please come to Louisiana!!!! Thank you guys for making awesome music! I wish I could have given more than I did - you guys deserve it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Thibert on

      Yes acoustic whatever!

    19. Tanner Hughes on

      Please tell me you are coming to Salt Lake City, I just moved 3 weeks ago from Seattle. Will be here for a while. don't doubt Utah, this is an awesome place to be.

    20. Missing avatar

      chang yang jason rafanan on

      acoustic session for the state with the most backers when you guys tour

    21. Jesse Craig Shultz on

      Lol no one wants Matt's hair XD. Thought there might be someone by now.

    22. Zaira on

      love love love you more lol

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jordan on

      Much love guys! Keep it up your a huge inspiration :D

    24. Tyrel on

      you guys are awesome, keep giving God the glory!