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The Classic Crime officially turns 10 in 2014. Help us celebrate & acoustically re-imagine 10 different TCC songs from the last decade.
The Classic Crime officially turns 10 in 2014. Help us celebrate & acoustically re-imagine 10 different TCC songs from the last decade.
1,435 backers pledged $50,457 to help bring this project to life.

You Did It (Again)

Posted by The Classic Crime (Creator)

Well, here we are, day two, fully funded. It actually took a little less than 4.5 hours to fully fund this project. As I type this less than 23 hours later, we have 620 backers and over $25,000 committed to the record. 

I can't explain how much it means to us to have another opportunity to add to the discography of The Classic Crime. Again a weight has been lifted, and we've been placed very assuredly "on rails," by you, to another musical destination. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are humbled and grateful for the blessing it is.

Please read this slowly and feel this, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you.

Stretch Rewards:

Now, of course, it seems obscene that we would only record 10 songs, right?

We've been inundated with ideas for songs to do acoustically, some of them are pretty good and have inspired me to pick up my acoustic guitar to see how they might translate.

Please make some suggestions for songs to record acoustically in the comments of this update. If they aren't already on our short list, we will consider them. Sometime this weekend we'll do a poll on our Facebook page, which we will announce here, and you guys can vote on those songs. The top two, we'll record.

If we end up raising way too much money, we might have to get even stretchier rewards, but for now let's stick with dos mas canciones (two more songs).

With love,

Matt & TCC

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    1. Echo Sanders on

      The Beautiful Darkside
      Salt in the Snow
      Closer Than We Think
      The Beginning (A Simple Seed)

      Honestly any songs that you do will be amazing. So hard to pick.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Regina on

      - Say the word
      - Salt in the Snow
      - Heaven and Hell
      - Closer than we think
      - Beautiful Darkside

      It´s hard to pick up the songs but I wish I could listen one of these on the album.=)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jazmin Castro on

      Who Needs Air and Headlights! :)
      You guys are the GREATEST!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Gutman on

      I'd love to hear A Perfect Voice. I think that was one of your best songs to date.

    5. Chris Lewis on

      VAGABONDS. The first time I heard the song was an acoustic version you played on the radio and I liked it more than the album version, lol. Great song and singing of vagabonds and troubadours begs an acoustic treatment.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Gogel on

      Cheap Shots and The Coldest Heart

    7. Benjamin Feltz on

      Salt in the Snow
      Glass Houses

    8. Missing avatar

      Ben Cyr on

      OR SALT IN THE SNOW. Can't believe I forgot that one.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Cyr on

      The Coldest Heart! Or 5805. Really any song. Dammit y'all are good.

      ...But my vote is for The Coldest Heart. I can't wait for the album!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Fillinger on

      "The Way That You Are" is my all-time favorite and I'd love to hear it acoustical. My wife also suggests her favorite "Salt in the Snow".

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Fostyk on

      We All Look Elsewhere
      Warrior Poet

    12. Cody Warren on

      Personally my favorite Classic crime song is "The Beginning (A Simple Seed)" I wouldn't mind any of the first 7 songs from The Silver Cord.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jake Rose on

      I think that Warrior Poet acoustic would sound really cool! That and maybe Coldest Heart? Not too sure about the last one but Warrior Poet definitely has my vote.

    14. Joe Byerly on

      The Way That You Are. That's all I ask. Thank you for what you are doing. Спасибо. До свидания!

    15. Missing avatar

      William Schweikert on

      The Poet and The Fight

    16. Braden Jones on

      Flight of Kings.
      Coldest heart.
      All the memories.
      You and me both.
      What i'd give up.
      Perfect voice.

    17. Missing avatar

      Amanda B Wilson on

      Who Needs Air
      The Way That You Are
      Four Chords

    18. Alex P on

      One from each album that I think would go great acoustically (and which are likely my favorite on their respective albums):
      Who Needs Air (love it!)
      Salt in the Snow (Classic and would sound great acoustically)
      Perfect Voice (I would love to shout this out on my acoustic)
      What I'd Give Up (A passion filled song that would be a joy to play)

      I have really appreciated the music you guys have put out this past decade. I have benefited from it for about 5 years now. Thank you so much!

    19. Missing avatar

      Brandon Haynes on

      Walk with me (re imagined with lost of vocals and with your wife)
      Salt in the Snow (although kind of a given)
      All I ask :D

    20. Dena Milstead on

      Ugh and headlights! Bc it's my fave and so perfect for it.

    21. Dena Milstead on

      Old ones are great.. And I think
      Who needs air & 5805 would be amazing.

      But I also think that beautiful darkside and glass houses sounded so great acoustic!

    22. Missing avatar

      James Humphrey on

      Who Needs Air
      Heaven and Hell
      *City of Orphans* Favotite
      Salt in the Snow
      Everything (Would Love to Hear acoustic, some of my favorite lyrics)
      Broken Mess (Again awesome lyrics)
      Cheap Shots
      All the Memories
      Beautiful Darkside
      God & Drugs
      R & R
      -- I can picture any song acoustically recorded, and any/all would be amazing. I know the band/fans will pick the best and this is going to be amazing!
      --Can't wait for the video updates and cannot wait until June comes around!


      A fan to one of the most influential bands/people that have come into my life; and honored to be able to help

    23. Danie Roy on

      Salt in the Snow
      Who Needs Air
      Let Me Die
      Just A Man
      Just A Man
      Four Chords
      5805 (I assumed this would be a given)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jordan Beech on

      Who Needs Air
      The Beginning (A Simple Seed)
      Say the Word
      Different Now

    25. Dylan Slick on

      The Fight
      Bitter Uprising
      The Coldest Heart
      You and Me Both
      Just a Man
      Cheap Shots

    26. Missing avatar

      Ben Porter on

      THE COUNT...
      GOD & DRUGS...

    27. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Powers on

      The Fight

      Who needs air


    28. Rebecca Santana on

      who needs air
      the way that you are
      i know the feeling
      beautiful darkside
      painted dreams
      flight of kings
      blisters and coffee
      young again
      we all look elsewhere

      wow it's so hard to choose!

    29. Missing avatar

      Nathan Spraggins on

      The Fight was the first song I ever heard from you and it blew me away, I would be able to die happy if y'all made an acoustic version. That and The Coldest Heart, some of my favorite songs of all time

    30. Daniel Foggo on

      Assuming the Fight is already on the list.

      Following that, gravedigging, or any heavy song that you can completely change, no point in doing slow acousticy songs again!

    31. Missing avatar

      Austin Willis on

      Salt in the snow
      Flight of kings

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Gogel on

      Who Needs Air
      Salt in the Snow

    33. Kenneth Trombley on

      The Coldest Heart
      Just a Man
      Dead Rose
      Four Chords
      Weapon of Choice

    34. Ein on

      5805. That's all I ask. :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Joey Hoit on

      God and Drugs
      Grave Digging
      Everything & Nothing
      Just A Man

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniel Letch on

      Just a Man
      The Fight
      ....MEGA LOVE

    37. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Salt in the Snow
      Let Me Die
      Far From Home
      Who Needs Air
      Walk With Me

    38. Missing avatar

      James Peck on

      Who Needs Air
      Let Me Die
      The Poet
      Closer Than We Think
      There are too many good ones to pick from!

    39. Missing avatar

      Cody O'Neill on

      Say The Word
      Grave Digging
      The Fight
      Salt In The Snow

    40. Missing avatar

      Nyla on

      Anything from Albatross is fine by me!

    41. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sullivan on

      Vagabonds and then City of Orphans!

    42. Daniel Faria on

      We All Look Elsewhere - That's my favorite song of all records. This song is so good that you even made a reference to this song in God & Drugs.

    43. Missing avatar

      Cooper Daniel Barham on

      1. Say the Word
      2. Broken Mess
      3. Let Me Die
      4. Headlights
      5. Happy Nihilist
      6. Medisin
      I have to stop now before this gets out of hand...

    44. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hartwig on

      All The Memories
      Say the Word

    45. Mike Wisniewski on

      1. The Coldest Heart (rendition)
      2. Four Chords
      3. Say the Word
      4. I know the Feeling

      I heard you guys do a beautiful down tempo rendition of the coldest heart on your last tour, you should think about that one. Four chords would also work very well acoustically, as well as Say the Word and I Know the Feeling. Keep up the amazing work!

    46. Mike Saechang

      Headlights, Closer Than We Think, Cheap Shots, Dead Rose

    47. Missing avatar

      Ty Kindermann on

      1. Vagabonds
      2. Four Chords.
      3. The Coldest Heart
      4. Salt in the Snow
      5. 5805

    48. Missing avatar

      Ajay Erasmus on

      The Fight
      Salt in the Snow
      The Coldest Heart
      You and me both