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Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
10,477 backers pledged $625,851 to help bring this project to life.

Extra Chili Pepper for All Backers + Next Stretch Goals

Posted by Click & Grow (Creator)

We've made it! Or should I say you've made it because without you we could never have reached $450,000 in pledges. All backers will now receive an extra cartridge of Chili Pepper as part of our stretch goals. (That's in addition to Mini Tomato and Salad Rocket which had been unlocked already.) Thank you all!

Next stretch goals

We have about a week to go until the end of our Kickstarter project and it would be so much less fun for everyone involved if we didn't have ambitious goals to go after. And so we're introducing more stretch goals. They're a little different than last time round because we can't just keep adding refills, and we hope you'll like them.

$500,000 stretch goal - upgrade to Mint. While we can't add more refills to pledge levels, we can upgrade one of the plants. Tests are going well for mint which many backers have inquired about, and so we can upgrade one of the current plants to peppermint. Based on what we know today lemon balm has the least fans, but we would put this up for a vote. 

$600,000 stretch goal - a mobile app. We've made growing plants at home as simple as possible, but they still need some looking after. The Click & Grow app gives you tips on growing plants, sends you important reminders and lets you send photos of your herbs to our Gardener for feedback. It would be available for iPhone and Android.

$700,000 stretch goal - upgrade to Strawberry. This is the ultimate stretch goal, because neither reaching that level nor having a strawberry refill ready by September is easy. If we reach this level we'll upgrade one of the six plants to Strawberry, decided by a vote among our backers. Our gardener is ready, we hope that you are, too.

LEDs, production, etc.

We received quite a bit of feedback on our LEDs last time round. We've taken this aboard and while we maintain that the vast majority of our backers will not need to replace the LED, we'll make the light replaceable. There's a small chance that this will put our shipping deadline to risk, if this will be the case we'll proceed with our previous plan but will extend the warranty of the light component to three years for our Kickstarter backers.

We've made good progress with negotiations with possible manufacturing partners and are looking to make a decision in the first half of May. Our deadlines are ambitious but so far things are going as planned.

Also, we took part in Cool Products Expo at the Stanford University two weeks ago. Our plan was to shoot a video there so you could get to know us and see people's reactions to the Smart Herb Garden, but the event got so busy we didn't even have time to eat or visit the restroom, let alone shoot a video. There's just this blurry photo of yours truly, talking about the subtle differences between various kinds of basil (I think).

Guess that's it. We're very happy, having reached our project goal in 2 days and all our stretch goals after that. But we still want to do a proper last push and deliver Smart Herb Gardens (as well as the stretch goals) to as many people as possible. If I can ask you for a small favour, please tweet or share our Kickstarter page.


Mattias and the Click & Grow team

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    1. amy on

      Can I get the lemon balm instead of the mint? Also, if the strawberry goal is unlocked, I'd much rather get another tomato. Maybe I'm in the minority, but lemon balm is great (much better & more useful to me than mint) & I don't like strawberries.

    2. Paula Marra on


    3. Missing avatar

      Anna Frey on

      Strawberries +1 !!

    4. Aine Seka on

      I want the app & the strawberries. Keep it coming guys!

    5. Andrew on

      Please find a way for us to reuse cartridges. It would be an incredible waste to throw out a brick of plastic every time a plant grows.

    6. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Thank you for feedback everyone!

      Point taken that many of you prefer to get Strawberry:) It's just that strawberry is a tricky plant and it would be a big stretch for us to get it ready by September. Hence it will remain the last stretch goal.

      Mobile app seems to get mixed opinions here - we definitely don't want to build an app that won't be used. That said we believe we can build a useful app, so don't write this idea off just yet.

      Oh, and thank you for getting us past $500,000! It's mint time.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cody Howland on

      I agree. I'm willing to wait if it means that the LED bulb can be replaced. I'd rather have that feature than the three year warranty. (although a balance between the two wouldn't hurt either :D)

      Overall, thanks for the update! I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

    8. Andrew Sherstad on

      Can't wait till my smart herb garden is on my kitchen counter... Thanks!

    9. Rachel Rodman on

      Bring on the replacement LED (willing to wait) and swap the app for the strawberries.

    10. Ozan Fikret Sayman on

      Thanks for the update, and congrats on listening the backers and making the led replacable.
      It wasnt a big deal for me and i would rather have the product on time or earlier but i read so many complaints about this and i'm understanding them.
      About new goals;
      I'm not sure about the reaching 600k $ level of pledge.
      Even if its past i think a mobile app would be waste of money.
      I know its not so costly thing to develop an app but i'll suggest you to save that money and spend on shipping items or force the production faster. Save that money and make the product material better. Give one more refill.
      I dont know, i just think mobile app would be waste of money.
      For me, i really hate apps with limited functions. I'm working on a tech news website and doing reviews about newest smartphones etc and i hate about every firm launching the bunch if useless apps.
      For common users it would be really annoying to have one more, very limited functinoal app in their phone.

      by the way my vote is for mint against lemon balm.

    11. Andrew Kuhar on

      I'd definitely take the strawberries over the app, too. If its primary usage is for communication, it seems kind of superfluous (vs. just using our every day apps to get in touch/research). It's a nice thought, but I'd rather see an app add a new layer functionality, such as using a wifi connection to provide valuable information about the growth of my plants.

    12. Janardan Nathan on

      $23k more to mint! Woohoo! I have pledged for the Classic White + Green Lid Combo.
      It would be awesome if I could get 1 basil, thyme and lemon balm; and 1 basil, thyme and mint.

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Silva on

      Strawberries before the app makes more sense to me :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      starberries ftw! :p

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on

      +1 here to for strawberries before the app

    16. Missing avatar

      BAN on

      Yup +1 here to for strawberries before the app

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Everingham on

      I'm looking forward to receiving the product when it is ready, I also don't mind a delay to get replaceable LED bulbs. While I would probably choose to swap out lemon balm for mint, I think it would be fairer to do it on a per person basis, some people may not be interested in mint.
      In regards to the mobile app, i'm not sure what this will add to the experience but why will it not be available for windows phone or blackberry?

    18. Missing avatar

      Lumpenheinz on

      I just wanted to say, that I backed your project, especially for the lemon balm cartridge and find it confusing, that you want to "upgrade" this to standard-mint.

      I don't know, what the kickstarter software is able to do, but an individual poll would be really appreciated.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joseph C. Ellett on

      Why not offer to let the buyer decide which plant to swap out? I don't want to lose lemon balm but I despise rocket.

      Also, much better to take a hit on the schedule and make the LED swappable. Non-replaceable light is the single biggest design weakness.

    20. Avena on

      +1 in favor of strawberries before the app.

    21. Aaron 'Wolf' Tan on

      I would rather the strawberries first than the app.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on

      willing to wait longer too for a better product ...
      doubt about the usefulness of a mobile app ...

    23. Missing avatar

      Amy Rich on

      I'm glad to hear that the LED will be replaceable and am more than happy to suffer a short delay for that. However, if mint replaces anything but chili pepper, that will be TWO plants that I absolutely do not want (and a third that I'm pretty meh on) and will likely remove my backing and just wait till I can order the unit with plants I will actually use.

    24. Robin Beckett on

      Upgraded to the 2-year subscription. Lets see how far we can go!

    25. demky on

      What people want is a refillable cartridge that allows us to choose our own seeds :)

    26. demky on

      Mobile app look useless... Smartphone + android and you take picture to your computer then post it where ever you want... look like waste of money to make that app.
      Mint is easy to grow, it's a waste to put it on Smart herb garden...

    27. Florian RUYNAT on

      700k Goal seems a bit hard to reach but 500k is a good & manageable one !

      And thank you very much for LED or warranty :)

    28. Margo Romanowski on

      Oh and I wouldn't mind waiting longer for a better product :)

    29. Margo Romanowski on

      Never having worked with Lemon Balm before... excited for the option to trade it out for something different. Would love to have parsley or summer savory.... even Marjoram!

    30. Ranjith on

      Congrats on the goals!
      I would like to keep the Lemon Balm and instead exchange my Salad Rocket for the Mint?

    31. Missing avatar

      yaniv on

      I am walling to wait longer too for a better product

    32. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rogers on

      I agree with a lot of the comments. I think it would be awesome to be able to choose what you want the mint and strawberry upgrades to replace, especially since I backed the two herb garden combo and am getting double of each cartridge. I'd love to try and incorporate lemon balm into things so I'd want to keep one but definitely don't need two! That way each person can get the most out of each cartridge they receive.

      Also, I don't mind having the shipping delayed slightly to incorporate a replaceable LED. How can people argue with waiting a couple extra weeks for a better product?

      As a green thumb wannabe with the worst luck for killing plants, I am SO looking forward to this product and the possibilities for where it can go and what it can grow! :-)

    33. Katie-May LeeAnne Taylor on

      I'm very excited about all the plant options. And although I'm not a huge fan of the lemon balm I feel you shouldn't put it up to a vote. Another KickStarter project I participated in sent out an email and the backers got to choose which combination of items they wanted. I think it would make all of your backers happier if you did the same. Also, it would be neat if there was a way to see how your garden was doing via the app, I think more people would push for that stretch goal if they were able to do so. Great job though, I'm very much looking forward to getting this later this year! :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Dirk smith on

      I'm sooooo looking forward to this! I sure hope at some point I will be able to grow shiso!

    35. Michael Burgess on

      Yeah, I'll wait if it means getting replaceable LED's

    36. Jin Kim on

      This is great news! I love how you are listening to your backers :) Congratulations and thanks for all the transparency.

    37. Andrew Kuhar on

      Great news about the chili peppers cartridge -- congrats! And mint would be an excellent upgrade from lemon balm.

      Like many folks here have already stated, I do not mind a delay if it meant a longer term feature with the LED's being replaceable.

    38. Missing avatar

      Deanna Davis on

      oops - a weird link pasted into my comment from something I was pinning the other night. Please disregard (since I don't see a way to edi)

    39. Missing avatar

      Deanna Davis on

      I really like that the light will be replaceable. I'd hate to think that I'd have to toss my Smart Herb Garden in 3-5 years because the light broke. That seems really wasteful and not green friendly, which is the reason I backed the idea of the garden to start. With the light, I'd -- potentially -- purchase a new one with cool upgrades while giving the older one to a friend or reselling it for a discount (like an older Roomba)

      More than happy to wait a few weeks for the replacable LED light - no problem.

      I'd love to use my own seeds at some point -- I have purchased organic, locally sourced heirloom seeds for past gardening attempts and would like to try that with the new herb garden. Maybe there is a refill canister that can be refilled? It would be good to offer because I'm confident someone will hack the canister so you can use your own seeds.

      Loving this project - so glad I backed it! Thanks for listening to all the feedback.

    40. Ryan Bridgeman on

      Great news! Kale is a good suggestion as well. On another note, I might upgrade my pledge to get the 2 year subscription for refills.

    41. Paul M Wilson on

      I vote for pushing the delivery date back if you can make the LEDs replacable! Not a deal breaker for me, though. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these!

    42. Sean Hunter on

      Woot for replaceable LED's!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      Also, I like lemon balm and was/am looking forward to it. Maybe the "upgrade" is optional?

    43. Ryan Durkee on

      I don't mind being delayed a month or two for the replaceable LED lighting. I have a track record of destroying lighting so it would be nice to have the option to buy another light just incase something did happen.
      I would love to see y'all come out with a cartridge that allows us to plant our own seeds if we would so choose. Just a suggestion other than that everything is looking amazing! I can't wait to plug it in and start using it.
      I would also gladly give up lemon balm for mint. I would use mint a lot more in my kitchen. I am glad that y'all have listened to our feedback.

    44. Brad H on

      I agree that lemon balm is lame. :-). Lets hit 500K! Good luck!

    45. Missing avatar

      Ben S. on

      I also would be very happy to wait a few weeks to get replaceable LEDs.
      Great job listening to feedback and all your stretch goals have been great and achievable so thanks. A well-run project

    46. Mo. on


      I have just upgraded my plan as I want Strawberry and would gladly switch Lemon Balm for mint. I have no use for Lemon Balm in my kitchen sadly.

      Not a big fan off the app unless it allows me
      to interface with my own click and grow smart garden.

      Concerning LED's I would much prefer an interchangeable unit than the one year warranty. Don't mind being a month or two delayed in receiving the product however from a business point of view one years extra warranty is either going to offer no value to your customers or end up being very expensive for you!

      Do hope you manage to read this comment and keep up the good work.

    47. lk on

      Thanks for considering backer concerns, and for extra tretch goals (although I kinda like Lemon balm....)

      Backing seems to have slowed, but if you need one last goal, a refillable cartridge that allows s to choose our own seeds would be nice.


    48. Avena on

      I agree that I would not mind one bit if the delivery date gets pushed a few weeks to get replaceable LED lights. It would make me very happy! Congrats on the success of this project!

    49. Missing avatar

      Leméni Yoann on

      Thanks for the up ! And congrats !

    50. Chelsea on

      The hope that you would one day have strawberry cartridges available is the main reason I decided to back this project. I will be more than willing to pay separately for the cartridge when it eventually becomes available, but the fact that you have it as a stretch goal here makes me really happy because I assume that means you guys think the likelihood of ever having it available has seriously increased!