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Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
10,477 backers pledged $625,851 to help bring this project to life.

Update from our Gardener + new Combo pledge level

Posted by Click & Grow (Creator)

Our Kickstarter campaign is going very well, the Smart Herb Garden has more than 6500 backers from all over the world and we're on track to hit the third stretch goal which gets everyone another extra refill, chili pepper. Needless to say, we're excited as well as humbled.

We've told you about the technology and how the Smart Herb Garden works, so perhaps now is a good time to hear what's been going on in our grow room, or plant labs as some call it.

Gardener update

For background: our work starts with picking the right plants to work with. We're looking for compact and long-lasting varieties. After we've picked the plants, we start playing with oxygen and water levels of the growth medium and fine-tune the fertilization program to fit the specific needs of a species.

We usually test 10-20 seed types (or cultivars) for each of our "products", and 4-5 different growth medium recipes. We test germination and growth in several temperatures and measure and weigh the plants as well as analyze their chemical composition at various stages.

Good news: tests have just successfully completed for sugar leaf (Stevia rebaudiana). This plant grows leaves that are up to 300 times sweeter than sugar -  perfect for sweetening your morning tea or coffee. It's great for people who want to cut some sugar from their diet, and very good news for people with diabetes. Sugar leaf will be one the  refills that will be available the day we start shipping Smart Herb Gardens.

Testing and fine-tuning is still ongoing for rosemary, oregano, mint, tarragon, salad rocket (the same one you'll get as part of stretch goals), strawberry and lettuce. Hopefully we'll finalize tests for at least one more of these before the Kickstarter campaign is over. We've gotten many plant ideas as comments and messages as well (eg. chive, cilantro), please keep them coming!

New pledge level: combo of two different Smart Herb Gardens

Many of you have asked whether it's possible to get more than one smart garden. Kickstarter's guidelines state that teams are not supposed to offer multiple quantities of the same thing. What we can offer is sets of different products, so we've combined two of our most popular product on the new $85 pledge level. If you want to grow more than 3 herbs at a time, you're welcome to upgrade to that level.

Warranty update

Some of you have asked about the warranty. We're offering a 12 month free warranty for the Smart Herb Garden. This doesn't apply to the seeds, however ie. we can't guarantee with a 100% certainty that each plant cartridge will produce a fully grown plant. We will have done our best but that's Mother Nature for you. 

It's worth pointing out that the LED light should last for 3-5 years for sure, and potentially up to 10 years. Knowing that, we haven't made the lamps replaceable.

See you at the chili pepper stretch goal level soon!

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    1. Subhas Patel on

      I've ordered mine from the uk, will the power adapter be 240 v ?

    2. Subhas Patel on

      What's the new delivery schedule like, are you shipping yet ?

    3. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Guillermo - no we don't use GMO seeds.

    4. Missing avatar

      Guillermo on

      Will any of the seeds be GMO?

    5. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Don - we're not testing catnip at this stage but it's on our ideas list. Thank you for the suggestion.

      Brian - good point on amortizing over lifetime, thank you! Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of packaging of supermarket herbs the device saves over its lifetime. All that said, we'll still have a proper discussion over replaceable LEDs/light arms this coming Tuesday.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nathan Christopher on

      @Click & Grow - Ahhh. My apologies. The base having a motor of some type was my misconception. That fact, which has been a fact since before I misspoke, changes my feelings about the replaceable arm. I'm sorry for my misplaced consternation.

    7. Missing avatar

      BAN on

      Not happy with the LEDs, i will definitely be reducing my pledge for just 1, i was hoping for 3 or 4 somehow, to give to my closest family but now the fact that its all a word of mouth and whether they will last 5 years plus, alot of companies say the same thing about products and with my history, something always has gone wrong...different voltages in countries, blackouts etc, all can cause LEDs to become really not happy with this and am glad that whoever asked the initial question on replaceable LEDs did good. It should have been Click & Grows responsibility to have mentioned that fact in there specifications. Ill go with one smart for now and see what happens when i do find out they've made a V2 which i hope is a decent price to buy. I like many others are thinking of long term use with this product, and the hassle of ordering an arm and shipping costs for us international backers is one problem i wana avoid mostly for the people i wanted to buy these for.

    8. BPaik on

      Damn people. End it with the replaceable LEDs. They're saying it's going to last for 5 years for sure and then some. Amortize what you spent with them across minimum 5 years. Most people spend less on a lunch meal.

    9. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Bobby - yes we're most probably introducing seedless Pro growth medium cartridges for people that want to use their own seeds.

      All - we hear you on the replaceable LEDs: the arm can be replaced and we're also looking into making the LED's replaceable but can't guarantee this because we really want to stick to our deadlines. We definitely don't want people to throw away their perfectly good smart gardens if a small part breaks - the reason why LED was originally designed non-replaceable was due to the fact it's extremely long-lasting. In hindsight not the best of our decisions but hopefully you'll forgive us when you get your smart gardens on time (and when you'll discover in 7 years that the light still works :)

      Nathan - we have considered and will keep considering environmental aspects at Click & Grow. If there is a real need for an armless unit, we'll definitely want to add this. If just a few people want to buy one, we won't be offering it - because it needs packaging printed, etc - which has a financial as well as an environmental cost. We're a small company very interested in listening to our users and serving them well, and this is not likely to change. Oh, and there is no motor or pump in the Smart Herb Garden, our growth medium takes care of watering the plant roots.

    10. jaithn on

      I am also willing to wait longer if I therefore get a unit with replaceable LEDs!

    11. WANG TAT YUEN on

      I'm a pledger from HONG KONG, this is my first time to pledge stuff in KickStarter, I really like your product because I think it is really suitable for me, to plant herbs in my home without any experience and knowledge. Although I do not quite understanding what you guys doing but, I just like the design very much!
      I just saw that the LED is not replaceable which makes me feel unhappy, because as the other pledgers' word, we want a product last for lifetime...really...hope you guys could find out a way to do it. Sorry for my bad english...

    12. Julie Rose on

      +1 for replaceable LED. I'm actually thinking of canceling my pledge because it serves nothing if it is not made for a long lasting life span.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nathan Christopher on

      @Click & Grow - I understand that it may be too late in the process for LEDs to be replaceable. I also disagree with your initial assumption that the life of the LED would be long enough to justify throwing out the unit because of a bulb that had expired. I know that the majority of the planet hasn't become concerned with conservation but I'd imagine that consumers of products such as the Smart Garden are at least trying to minimalize their impact, which would include not purchasing products that are to be tossed into a landfill when one small part breaks.

      So, my question in my last comment still stands and I'll expand upon it.

      You've said that you believe that the LED will outlast the unit itself. This implies that there is also an expected lifespan of the motor in the unit's base. If the solution to replacing the LED is going to be providing replacement Arms, rather than bulbs that would be cheaper and easier to move from unit to unit, will you also offer replacement base units for those that have Arms with LEDs that are still functional or have recently been replaced?

      If I have to purchase a $20 Arm rather than a $8 bulb, I'd be very upset if my motor then went out and I had to purchase a full $70 unit rather than $50 dollar Armless unit.

      I understand that any offer of Arms or Bases would only last as long as you were manufacturing this product or shortly thereafter.

    14. Bobby Redfern on

      How are things looking on the seed starter cartridges. The potential of letting me grow many different varieties of ghost pepper and hot pepper strains indoors, year-round is exciting and a big reason I'm backing this product. Will there be an option later on for us to buy carts that support our own seeds?

    15. Derek Gordon on

      Cilantro is horribly difficult to grow, generally. It tends to bolt rather fast in all of my experiments. So, I don't know that it's viable here.

    16. Carolyn Brindle on

      Cilantro, please!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Don on

      "If you want to grow more than 3 herbs at a time, you're welcome to upgrade to that level." OR downgrade to that level :( :(

    18. pr0jects on

      +1 on replaceable LEDs! agreed!

    19. Daniel on

      +1 on replaceable LEDs! Fancy having to throw it away in a few years because of parts that could be replaced for a 1/100th the price!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alban on

      @Click & Grow : not a problem if it risks shipping date but please please please, make the led replacable!!

    21. jaithn on

      I don't like the ideas of NOT being able to replace the LED. Please fix this! I also don't understand why you do it. Isn't this a sustainable area you are working in? Why don't you care about making a sustainable product?

    22. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Jörg - please get in tough, we may have a solution for this.

      Nathan - thank you for the thorough reply! Please understand that we had arrived to this design from confidence that the LEDs will last for a very long time, not motivation to sell replacements parts for a profit. We will take another look into making the LEDs replaceable again, but if this risks shipping date, this won't be possible in V1 of the product.

    23. Missing avatar

      Megan Crewe on

      Of the possible additional plants, I would *love* to see cilantro available. That's my most wanted!

    24. Jörg on

      Regarding the new combo pledge: Would it be possible to get both lids in white? Would be strange for me to have both Smart Herb Gardens standing side by side with different lids.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nathan Christopher on

      It's shocking that the first thought process was, no matter the lifespan of the LED (3-10 years), that when it goes out, that's it. Before today's post, whether it was 10 years, 5, 3, or from some sort of accident that happened 2 days after the 12 month warranty ran out, when the LED burned out, the entire unit would become a useless piece of trash. Shocking.

      Offering to sell us Replacement Arms, rather than having a replaceable bulb, when this eventually happens is a poor fix for a very poor initial decision, unless, of course, you're on the selling end.

      We don't have to replace the entire lighting unit on our car every time a brake light goes out. We replace the bulb. A car company trying to do that would get pushback from both it's price & environmentally conscience customers.

      We are already purchasing a product (the Smart Garden) that we have to buy other products to use (Herbs, Plants, etc.) that have a finite lifespan and need to be replaced often. Now, we'll need to purchase an entire Arm rather than a bulb. My guess is that once the motor goes out, we won't be able to order just that part. We'll have to purchase an entire replacement unit.

      If, instead of redesigning the unit so that we can replace the LED, you decide that offering Replacement Arms is how you'll address this issue, will you also offer the base unit, without the Arm, for those of us who have broken motors but working LED arms?

    26. Missing avatar

      Tilman Winkler on

      Please make the LED replaceable. And: Two thumbs up for the quick responses and making at least the arm replaceable!

    27. Missing avatar

      AJP on

      May be a silly question, but just to make sure. If we upgrade to the $85 pledge level to receive two smart gardens, will we receive two of each of the stretch goal refills?

    28. Missing avatar

      BAN on

      in the combo instead of the basil thyme and lemon for one of them could we get something else, tomatoes, salad, rather have 2 of those than the basil thyme and lemon lol

    29. joebar on

      I have to store it in the fridge? :-)

      Waiting for "one day" ;-)

    30. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Sandy - this is our lab, we try all kinds of things there :) There is no need for additional grow lights for home use.

      Aaron, garlic is our favourite too. Unfortunately it will not fit into the pot..

      Joebar, allium ursinum or ramsons is a lovely and a smaller plant, but needs cold treatment before germination. It's a possibility for experienced/pro users one day.

      Jonathan, Mark - cheers!

    31. Johnathan Glass Devaney on

      I want to thank you for responding to people's concerns. I've been in on the combo for days although I did have some concerns, all of which you've already gone over in your responses. Again, THANK YOU! I would also like to voice that having different plants for the second unit would be ideal. Do we really need two of any of these growing at any one time? For most of us I think the answer would be no, we'd rather have a variety :)

    32. Missing avatar

      BAN on

      i too am abit worried with the LEDs not replaceable, what if theres a defect and they go dead after a year...this is not sounding good, ill see till end of the project but i might just go for one then

    33. demky on

      why can't we change led, you know for sure they wont work 10 years ...

    34. Missing avatar

      BAN on

      YEH SAME HERE, up for the combo if other plants are also included, basil, thyme and lemon balm 2 of each is just not worth it

    35. Mark Prince on

      Just a quick kudo to the Click & Grow folks for being on top of the comments here. In some Kickstarters (coff coff Ouya!) these feedback comments are completely ignored, so it's good to see you responding to concerns. I might change my backing to the two station offering, based on this feedback.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sandy Lam on

      I see in the picture that you have additional grow light, just wondering why? Is the integrated one enough to use alone? Will I need additional light as well?

    37. Andrew Kuhar on

      I'm looking forward to either mint and/or cilantro, but I'm most interested in Aaron's suggestion of garlic (if that's a possibility).

    38. Nathan Vielehr on

      I'm in for the combo as long as it comes with different plants for the second unit.

    39. Aaron M. Trendy on

      Would garlic be possible?

    40. joebar on

      Because its season right now, I would really like Allium Ursinum (don't know the english name).

    41. Missing avatar

      yuellien on

      If you're taking plant suggestions, kale and spinach would rule.

    42. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Brian - see below. We have no intention to contribute to landfills or rip off our customers. We will be offering the replacement light arm and we'll also re-investigate making the LEDs themselves replaceable.

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      so torn...
      I want the combo but want the orange cover T_T

    44. Brian Huenefeld on

      I like the new offer, but without replaceable LED the $89 just isn't worth it. You've got a good thing going here... don't change that.

    45. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      We'll look into a separate set of plants for the Combo pledge level. Will confirm before the end of the Kickstarter project. Even if this won't be possible there will be the stretch goal plants, so altogether 5 or 6 different plants.

      Erik - please send us a message, we might have a solution for this.

    46. Missing avatar

      Erik Hagen on

      I would really like to have two units. But having the tiny amount of OCD as everyone should have, I don't want two of different colors.

      Is it possible that I and my wife back separately, and get them shipped together? We live in Norway, so shipping, and customs fees, can be pretty steep.

    47. Derek Gordon on

      @Click & Grow - Thank you for your quick input. I appreciate the candor and understand the delays on pricing. I'll take your word on a viable and affordable option for the unfortunate few who have problems with the product AFTER the warranty period.

      However, please consider responding to and outlining why the $85 award cannot have a variety. An extra $7 above buying the $39 award twice for the exact same plants is silly.

    48. Greg Greenberg

      @Derek Wait we get only 3 of the same cartridges?

    49. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Greg, Derek - we have no plans to over-charge for the replacement light arm, and we definitely don't want to make our customers unhappy. We'll announce the price of this as early as possible - but because negotiations are still underway with manufacturing partners, this may happen after the end of the Kickstarter campaign.