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Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
10,477 backers pledged $625,851 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Chris Ramsay on

      This is great! I absolutely love this!
      I was wondering though.. would it be possible to implement a small interactive section into a unit at a lower price than $1000. It would just be the responding to voice section as my mum speaks to everything and it would be great if the plants spoke back!


    2. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Jeremy - you might also know it by the names of rucola and arugala. It's a great salad base/addition, a good source of vitamins A, C and K and a hit in kitchens around the world. See

      Coming to think of it, and given our NASA-inspired background, we should have clarified earlier that it's not a rocket ship full of salad :)

    3. Jeremy on

      So my only question really is 'what exactly is the salad rocket'? But besides that, I am very excited to see how successful this kickstarter has been for this, and I am looking forward to getting one of these!

    4. M McCully on

      Can you confirm if these are or aren't Monsanto seeds? Thanks

    5. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Emily - indeed, some countries are very strict when it comes to dealing with live plants and seeds, even harmless ones like ours. In countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Brazil you may have to to insert local seeds yourself. A bit more hassle but it also gives you more flexibility in growing the herbs you like best.

    6. Emily Trott on

      Great effort! Can you confirm that there won't be any customs issues shipping to Australia? I wanted a click and grow a while ago and I couldn't get it shipped. We, rightly so, have incredibly tough quarantining here for seeds, wood etc etc. Regardless it's an awesome product!


    7. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Gina - thank you for the idea! This is the way we're currently going about this, so you're welcome to up your pledge and let us know which model you'd like to receive additionally.

      Matthew - we're looking into this but this might not be possible. Shipping on time is tricky as is and this might add a level of complexity we're not (yet) ready for.

      Stephen - just between us, first rosemary tests in our labs have gone well.

      Frederic - the light is adjustable, up to 15 cm vertically.

    8. Gina on

      In past projects I have backed, many have gotten around the multiple unit issue by allowing you to up your pledge during the funding process, and then at the end, asking if you are paying for an additional unit when filling out the shipping survey. Do you think you could explore a solution like this?

      I would very much like a second unit, and would be happy to double my current pledge right now for it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Roberts on

      Any way that before you ship to us we could have the option to add on cartridges for an additional cost, of course, at the "kickstarter discount"?

    10. Chris Tufano on

      Man, I love the pepper one! And tomato! I'm so stupidly excited for this haha. I went to another site that shows projections for kickstarter projects and this one is slated for over 900,000$US at this pace. I cant wait to see what other stretch goals we can get!!!!

    11. Stephen York

      The only thing that could make this better would be if rosemary cartridges were available.

    12. Sumit Chadha on

      450k mark should be a breeze!
      how about overseas folks in australia? do we get extra blank cartridges?

    13. Ricky Wright

      How about a " Double Size " system or 2 Units with special pricing and a mix of Plants ........

      Much mahalo


    14. Missing avatar

      Frederic LM on

      Does the lighting solution will be a movable part ? I mean when plants will grow, could we adjust the lighting solution ?

    15. Tony Lundstedt on

      Hope this product becomes as good as the current click & grow box!

    16. Alicia Taylor on

      Woohoo! Keep on Growing!

    17. Todd V on

      Rosemary and Thyme would be amazing!

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kanter on

      Will you be doing rosemary?

    19. Ranjith on

      Strawberry's at $500.000? :)

    20. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      They're the best, not bet :)

    21. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Jon - totally agree and we want to include early bird folks too. They're the bet! Updated the wording too to make sure it's clear.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jon Peck on

      A little frustrating that the stretch goal add-ons are only for those above the early bird level. Feels a bit disrespectful to the people who helped get it started. I'm a big fan of the original Click & Grow and have been very happy with it so I was thrilled to chip in (this is my first Kickstarter) but I can't help but find that to be a disappointing decision.

    23. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Cheers everyone!

      Robbi - aiming to do that tomorrow

      Pierre-Luc - try again now

    24. Robbie on

      Can you share a photo of the Black Kickstarter Special Edition on your Twitter account? Please

    25. Pierre-Luc Dubé on

      The Special Edition is still a 250max :/

    26. Avena on

      Looking forward to some extra cartridges! Good luck!

    27. Missing avatar

      Frederic LM on

      I'm really happy to be a part of your amazing project !
      Good luck from France.