Smart Herb Garden by Click & Grow

by Click & Grow

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    1. Mark Laskin on

      Well done and congrats on a great idea coming to 'fruition'. I'm sure you know but just a reminder if hoping for international sales Eu/UK has different plugs/electricity 220V and light bulbs! from your (very small) 'angel' in England

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      Edward R Baldwin on

      Choice of plants should be broadened. Who uses Lemon grass? What about Arugula? We grow sage here in NYC outdoors all year... also parsley under protective covers... but arugula we need and is expensive in stores....
      A bigger model to sustain 6 plants would be better. There is no information about the type of LED lighting being used. Finding small scale LED grow lights is very difficult. I have been trying for over a year....

    3. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Mark - we've got European roots (no pun intended) and know plugs are different. We can even do your "separate taps for cold and hot electricity" UK plugs ;)

      Edward - you'd be surprised how many people are fans of lemon balm. Arugala is definitely on the table (this a pun run!) and totally understand what you mean by lack of small LED grow lights - that's why we developed our own, patent pending.

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      Dominic Hanselmann on

      Great News.

      Hope the power-supply is changeable and the device runs on a often-used voltage (for example 5V or 12V) so i can use multiple power supplies to adapt to different plugs.

      It would also be great to buy "empty refills" so I can use own seeds. For example if I got chilli-seeds and wanted to use those.


    5. Marzadori Pierrot on

      Make a Micro USB port ,
      because everywhere in the world,
      USB is the same an everybody
      has a phone charger lying around .

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      Adam Spiller on

      Congrats on getting funded! I'm hoping that you develop some sort of "Blank Cartridge" so we could create our own seed packs.

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      Kaitlin Schalin on

      Well done!

      Is there any chance there will be strawberries in the future? I read about them on your blog, but they aren't in your catalogue. Also, I agree with the other posters- having a "blank" refill would be wonderful!

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      Peter Smith on

      My only advice is don't go crazy with stretch goals. I've seen so many Kickstarter projects get stretch-goal madness and twist their project into something that takes much much longer to create (or even something barely recognizable to early backers, though that happens more often with software projects).

    9. Robert h michals on

      It appears that one would need at least three units to grow all your available seed packs. Is it possible to up my order or do I have to get ghost backers to be able to get additional units. Dr Bob

    10. Max on

      Any way I can change my 3 plant cartridge order? (instead of the default basil, thyme, lemon balm?)

    11. Patrick C. on

      Woo! Keep up the momentum

    12. ENH TEA ATH on

      When it will be arrive for me ? just for info we use 220 Volt here. Thanks.

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      Jesus Sanchez-Palencia Fernandez Filho on

      There should DEFINITELY be empty/blank cartridge!

    14. The Warden on

      Mint would be a great stretch goal. Fresh and ready for Mojitos and cooking. Great job! Keep up the hard work!

    15. Jeremy on

      Any chance we can see the picture of the black matte limited edition before the countdown ends?

    16. William J. Kanack on

      The next stretch goal? How about doubling all the stretch goals if you hit $500,00? Okay, it's just an idea. Lol! Great job.