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Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
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    1. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone, thanks very much for the feedback! This is just to let you know hat we have not got an Android app as well! The purpose of the app is to educate people on plants and their growth but also to create a community, make the user more engaged with the product and enhance the overall user experience. We're not aiming to be just a gadget but foremost an organic part of the kitchen that enables people to grow clean and fresh food :)

    2. Pedro Serrano on

      Please don't forget Windows Phone ;)

    3. Steve Lord Friend on

      still missing the refills that were supposed to be sent after hitting stretch goals. gave up on this product at least a year ago and have written it off as a bad kickstarter experience.

    4. Vosvos on

      It is interesting to see the conversation here, I like the product by the way till learning that they can't send me refills to Turkey. So please at least take care of my problem and try to send me refills. Or is this a garbage request for you?

    5. Marc Roodveldt on

      Eeehm yeah. Anyway, mine has been disposed for at least 1.5 year already.

    6. Robert Kelley on

      Please remove me from your mailing lists. It didn't work out for me and I disposed of it.

    7. Todd V on

      So by your description, this doesn't make the garden we received smart at all - it's just a companion app to your services. The only thing that would make this "smart" is if the planter communicated to the app to notify the user to refill the water.

    8. Denny The Backer on

      my garden just didnt work anymore, the led broken anf the plant dead, just little white dirty box in the corner..

    9. Jonathan Lane on

      I assumed that the company had gone bust. Gave mine to my mom months ago because you can't get refills here. Don't know why they could ship the original but can't send refills... but I don't really care anymore either.

    10. Nico Wiedemann on

      Hey…you're only two years late. Another two years for the Android version should be no problem…

      Honestly: You can't be serious about this! This has to be some kind of weird joke.

    11. David MacDonald on

      Agreed. This is kind of spammy.

      I just moved and actually threw my garden in the trash rather than move it. Just now what I was hoping for. Too fussy, poorly made, and not terribly good at growing things.

    12. Dawn Beaton on

      Well here in Canada we can't get the refills anyways

    13. Mark Prince on

      This smells very spammy. Maybe I'm wrong, but I won't be downloading this app. This garden turned out to be a bust and one of my Kickstarter regrets - I won't pay up to $20 to get some seeds mailed to me in Canada because of your proprietary system. Please stop updating this ages-old KS with things designed to earn you money.

      You might also want to proof read your postings before making updates.