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High technology meets your house plants. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home.
Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
Technology meets nature. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort.
10,477 backers pledged $625,851 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ramses on

      I'm on vacation at the moment and just got a call from the police at home. They were alarmed by a neighbour because there is a SOS signal coming from my window. Had a hard time convincing them not to break my door down.
      It's a brilliant idea to use an international emergency signal for a thirsty herb garden ��‍♂️

    2. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @ Alan Sepulveda Hey! Definitely contact our support team and they will work their magic!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alan Sepulveda on

      I've gone through all my plants and they all died!!!

    4. Mike on

      I agree 100% with @BAN. I threw mine out as well long time ago. The basil and mint never really worked. One didn't even sprout. I did get the stretch goals but when I did I had already thrown it out. Perhaps it wasn't there yet at the time and it was a waste of money.

    5. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @BAN and @Jessica, thanks for the feedback! We're so sorry to hear you've had such unfortunate and disappointing experience with the product! We would love to gain your trust again, could you please contact our support team ( and they'll take care of you!

    6. Jessica Fowler Guiden on

      I never received any of the stretch goals. Not one. Makes me apprehensive to ever trust another Kickstarter campaign! :(

    7. Missing avatar

      BAN on

      Same here, nothing ever grew, threw it away ages ago, 5 tiny tomatoes came out and thats it. Waste of money and time, rest of the seeds, basil, thyme waste of money, never grew aswell, three leaves lol, Not worth it at all. Biggest dissapointment

    8. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Regina We are actively working on the Android app and hope to launch it soon!
      @Alex Sorry to hear that! Could you please contact us via so that we could investigate it further? Thanks!

    9. Alex Hughes on

      I'm still waiting for my seeds to arrive.

    10. Missing avatar

      Regina on

      Are there any news about an Android app?

    11. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Mehmet All the Kickstarter items were sent with special documentation if needed for some countries and they were all shipped together, I believe that's why you were able to receive the product back then. Could you please write to to discuss any shipping options to Turkey. Thank you!

    12. Vosvos on

      @Click & Grow
      You said you are not able to ship to Turkey due to strict customs regulations.

      So how could you successfully ship the unit with six refills nearly one year ago to Turkey under the same custom regulations?

      Please help me to solve this conflict in my mind. I couldn't figure out what is right or wrong now.

    13. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Stephane Sorry to hear that! Could you please contact our support team ( for more information and a replacement if necessary.

    14. Stéphane Rcht on

      My lamps died ! Where can I buy new one ?

    15. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @ Mark, @Mike and @Bruce I am really sorry to hear that our product has let you down! We have been constantly working on the improvements and will do so in the future to offer a fully functional product of great quality, we appreciate your honest feedback!
      Please feel free to contact our support team ( in case you are still missing any rewards.

    16. Bruce Burge on

      This product was a real let down, I leave this here only to dissuade anyone considering being associated with this product. Cheaply constructed, poorly planned, and poorly executed. The water sensor is just a cheaply designed float valve that gets stuck often. The Lights stopped working within 2 months of getting the product, I never received the additional plan cups.

      All and all, a regrettable mistake.

    17. Mike Martin on

      I sadly agree with a lot of the other backers - threw mine out about two months ago. Nothing ever grew anything worthwhile. Tomatoes produced literally four pea sized tomatoes. Rocket grew two leaves. Should have saved the money for the project and just planted seeds outside.

    18. Mark Prince on

      @Darryl yep, I never got my additional plant modules either. Anyway, mine has long gone into the dust bin, when the light stopped working about 6 months in. This is a Kickstarter I very much regret.

    19. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Mehmet We were optimistic about worldwide shipping back when we started but unfortunately Turkey is still one of the countries we are not able to ship to due to strict customs regulations, I'm sorry that you can't buy any new refills to enjoy the product again!

    20. Vosvos on

      I have recently tried to purchase new refills and cant see Turkey under shipped countries. So what is the point here if I have the click and grow product but can't buy refills?

    21. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @gryphonent Thank you for letting us know! Some healthy competition is always good for a business :)

    22. gryphonent

      That project I mentioned below is called 'Veritable'

    23. gryphonent

      Guys, there's a rather similar Kickstarter live right now that looks almost identical to Click & Grow's Smart Herb Garden. Didn't you patent your system?

    24. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Andrew We totally get your point and we're so sorry that it has taken that long with some Kickstarters, we are happy to send you the overdue stretch goals as soon as you confirm your shipping details - please give your full name, address and telephone number (for the courier) to our support team - and they will take care of the rest.

    25. Andrew Kuhar on

      So, I just received an email advertising new refill options and a promotional "Buy 3 get 1 free" sale to go along with it. Yet, I never even got the shipment of refills that were promised in the original stretch goals from almost two years ago. Be careful to promote new items when way past-due ones were never even fulfilled, nor explained at the least. I started out as an enthusiastic and optimistic backer, but this has happened multiple times now and has left a pretty bad impression with me.

    26. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone!
      Please accept our apologies for such a huge delay in answering to your comments. In case of different requests or problems and for a quick reply, please contact directly our support team via, we are happy to help and you might be surprised what we're all capable of :)

      @Alvaro We have been working hard on launching the app and we do realise it's been too long but we really want to make sure we can offer you guys a fully developed and functioning service. All I can say at the moment is that we are all closer than ever to see the results so stay tuned ;) Now about the peppermint stretch goals, unfortunately, they weren't available back when we sent out the stretch goals, therefore, they were replaced with another refill instead. We are really sorry for that disappointment!
      @Sarah We are so sorry but we never sent the mint as they simply weren't available back when we sent the stretch goals to everyone who had been waiting for such a long time anyway.
      @Robert Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear the product has let you down. It is true that in some cases plants have turned out to bee rather demanding in terms of the external environment but we are constantly working on improving the overall experience.
      @Darryl We are sorry that you never received anything, we were really hoping we could sort out shipping to Canada by this time but unfortunately we are still not able to do it due to strict customs regulations. But referring to our correspondence a few weeks ago, I am glad we could find a solution to your problem.
      @Patricia Please see your Kickstarter inbox.
      @ Ash Please see your Kickstarter inbox.
      @Jeanne We are sorry to hear that! Our products have a 1 year warranty, would you please contact us directly on and describe the situation, we might be able to help you fix it or organise a replacement.

    27. Jeanne on

      Mine stopped working after 8 months and I never did get a decent plant growing.

    28. Ash Takyar on

      I funded this in 2013, but got nothing, nor a response to my email in late 2014! AVOID

    29. Missing avatar

      patricia abbott on

      I funded this project on Apr 25, 2013 and I have STILL not received anything. Sent many emails and nothing. Can I get a refund? Obviously you have no intention on delivering.

    30. Darryl Yao

      Still have not received any of the rewards I pledged for except for the base smart garden. When are we ever going to receive our additional plants?

    31. Robert Kelley on

      I've stopped getting updates and that's ok since it never really worked out for me so i don't have it any longer. It was a great idea, especially for herbs, just didn't really seem to work. Could be it was just advertised to be simple and relatively self sustaining and I didn't put in enough effort to make it work out.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alvaro on

      No Sarah, the never did.

      Click & Grow, yesterday I received an e-mail about your new plants, what surprised me is that one of them is Peppermint, and mint was one of the plants of the Stretch Goals, but you never sent them to us...

      Are you going to send them to the backers?

    33. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rogers on

      I never got mint and my address has changed since these shipped. Did they ever send mint???

    34. Missing avatar

      Alvaro on

      So, I asked a month ago about the mint refill and the app, but I never got an answer. Please Click & Grow, keep us updated about the stretch goals you own us and never gave us.

      He backed this project and helped you make a profitable business with our money, we are still waiting for the mint refill and the app, it´s been way too long....

    35. Christopher Garby

      Just got an email about the engraved plate for the black KS special edition. My clack&grow is sitting empty and idle because the cartridges are WAY too expensive.

    36. Jesse Patnaude on

      I've had my smh since the first shipments and gotta say not entirely impressed with the plants. 1 tiny tomato grew, 2 lil peppers grew. The basil was nice but the plant died after some leaves were harvested.
      Great idea, lovely product, meh on the plants.

    37. Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sin on

      Hi there,
      Just to say, FINALLY, when it began to work as intended, I just got what I expected : fresh herbs in my living room :)

      Good work Click & Grow :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Alvaro on

      How is the mint refill and the app going? You´ve been saying for the last year that they were coming, but we don´t get any news...

    39. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Leonid Thank you for your patience! Please write to, our great support team will solve this situation. Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      Leonid dubov on

      Dear all. I was very patient, but it looks that I didn't receive anything. Could you check it? Thanks a lot in advance.

    41. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Ben Our Customer Support Team wrote an email to you. Please take a look. Thank you!

    42. ben1680

      I can't believe you can't even honour your promises of shipping NO SEED Refill to Australia, and refused to accept any suggestion from us backers. Have you even tried?

      Despite multiple messages to your support, you still would not honour the stretch goal refill. Instead, you offer a measly $5 (!!!!!) refund for 6 refill, which are valued more than $8 EACH in this campaign (and even higher on retail).
      Don't you realise that without the refill (which you said full with necessary nutrient for the plant), your product is just a bunch of useless plastic?

      Please offer better compensation for us, since it is clearly YOUR FAULT in refusing to send NO SEED refill to Australia.

    43. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Ivan Sorry, no updates. Unfortunately, we still can't ship to Australia.

    44. IvaN on

      Any updates about refills shipping from Australia? (currently not possible based on the country restrictions) Thanks!

    45. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @Amanda We have decided to only do a final update after we have finished with everything (subscription refills, which are being shipped, serial numbers for special edition, which will be shipped soon and app, which will be ready for using also very soon). If you have any questions, please contact our support via
      @Ramses You are our hero for your patience! :) The serial numbers will be coming as well, this is a question of a few weeks only. We apologize for the lack of communication on Kickstarter, as this campaign is already rather old, but if you have any questions or ideas, please contact our support team via Thank you!

    46. Ramses on

      "SMART HERB GARDEN + 2-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION FOR REFILLS. Pick any smart herb garden (including the Kickstarter Special edition) and get 3 refills sent to you every quarter for two years. Extra refills to include mini tomato, chili pepper and some truly exclusive plants. Also, you'll be our hero."

      I'm feeling like a real hero. Two days ago, more than one year after I got my SHG and after several complaints about the missing refills from the subscription, I received a package from Click & Grow.
      It included 24 refills at once, 4 of every of the 6 plants I already got with my garden.
      No promised "truly exclusive plants". No free "sorry for the massive delay" refills. No "we decided without asking to save the costs for 7 additional shippings, so here are at least a few more refills for you".
      And don't get me even started on the engraved serial number for the black edition, the mobile App the Mint upgrade or the general lack of communication.
      I'm really disappointed, but at least I'm their hero :-(

    47. Missing avatar

      Amanda Glass on

      So where is the good news promised on 4/15? Spring is coming to a close with only a month left....

    48. Click & Grow 2-time creator on

      @James Our support team has made a tremendous job to get you your items and I belive you received a package this week :)

    49. Missing avatar

      James Botham on

      Get your act together!!!

    50. Missing avatar

      James Botham on

      I want my money back...nothing but empty promises. I bought 5 gardens, one pledge was a 2year refill. So for my money got the wrong adapters for my country Canada...North America....nothing tricky...all 5 lids shipped with EU plugs. Asked for lid nothing but white...they keep saying its being produced. 2 year subscription and I have yet to see 1 single wow!

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