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Supporting this project funds the publication of a unique, gold leaf illuminated tarot deck illustrated by Matt Hughes.
Supporting this project funds the publication of a unique, gold leaf illuminated tarot deck illustrated by Matt Hughes.
Supporting this project funds the publication of a unique, gold leaf illuminated tarot deck illustrated by Matt Hughes.
544 backers pledged $30,957 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Johanna Berliner on May 15

      I emailed PakMail on 4/27 with my info/address/etc and never received a response...sadly still waiting on my deck :( I'm submitting another request via their contact form now, hopefully will get somewhere!

    2. E C on May 13

      Thanks for the message, Matt :)

    3. Yvonne Peraza on May 13

      I received my deck! Yay! I can see why some decks were returned. The mailing label had only two letters of my last name. Thank goodness my address was correct.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lee Dongwook on May 10

      I asked pakmail my tracking number and they said that they have no name of mine on the send list.
      They showed me the list and there was no sending to Korea.
      Please check it out and send the package to me!

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicky on May 10

      I received my deck yesterday. Absolutely beautiful.

    6. E C on May 10

      Matt - those of us who have been told to contact you could use some feedback here.

    7. Suhendri Suhendri on May 9

      Still no deck and no reply from Pak Mail

    8. E C on May 8

      OK and now I have another response from them, when I said this is my address so please send tracking - again saying "please contact your seller" - so there is no more I can do here :( Please help me out here, Matt.

    9. E C on May 8

      Sadly I have received a note that my deck was not shipped because my address was not complete (which it is on the survey but is an utter mess on the rubbish "invoice" they sent me.) and that you, Matt, have "been informed". Please follow this up for me

    10. Kym Schow on May 8

      So an update for me! After I emailed them on April 30th, I finally received a response and tracking number for my deck yesterday. The tracking number is valid and it shows I should be receiving it on Thursday, so hopefully this means things are getting resolved. I'll update my received status as soon as I get mine.

    11. Diane Wilkes on May 8

      I finally received my deck. It is amazing and beautiful. The process getting it was aggravating, but the deck is such an accomplishment and treasure that my aggravation seems less important.

    12. Marco C. Garcia
      on May 6

      Finally received my deck a couple days ago.
      I have to say, this whole shipping debacle has been a trainwreck, I feel sorry for the project creator.
      Having said that I have to point out that the deck was packaged very poorly and as a result of that it arrived with a damaged case.
      This wouldn't be a big deal if not for the fact that the cost of the deck, shipping included, was over 50 dollars.
      I understand this isn't the creator's fault but it still stings, given the long delay and the cost.
      Unfortunately I have to point out another issue I have with the deck that, frankly, I'm surprised no one has noticed yet.
      I really dislike the choice of embedding "©Matt Hughes" in the back design of the cards.
      I can understand the reasoning when you're embedding the artwork online, art theft is rampant on the web, I cannot however justify ruining the actual physical object itself just to put a copyright notice.
      This especially bothers me for two reasons: this choice was never made apparent in the project page nor in the updates relating to the back design (yes, there was a copyright notice on the image itself but it wasn't actually embedded in the artwork, leading me to assume that it wasn't going to be left in, just like it wasn't for the rest of the artwork) and, more importantly, this didn't happen with any other artwork present on the cards.
      I really don't understand why the creator chose to put a copyright notice instead of his signature, like he did on the front designs.
      It's a real shame because other than that the cards are beautiful, and I'm really looking forward to more decks by the artist, I just hope next time oversights (in my opinion) like these can be avoided.

    13. Suhendri Suhendri on April 28

      Where is my rewards? I do not received yet.

    14. Missing avatar

      laura on April 28

      This deck is gorgeous!! Matt has been very kind and my experience with the shipping issues was handled perfectly. Kickstarter is not a store, the artist in most cases is only 1 person with a small support system of friends and family in some cases. And what the artist does with their project is none of my business as long as I received the product i backed, and “backed” being the key word here, I am happy. When people invested in Apple they were not millionaires the next day, not even a few years later. Point is when you invest or in kickstarters term “back” you are investing in a product and the process and sometimes the process does not go smooth. I was backer #1 and was affected by the shipping issue, I contacted Matt and the issue was resolved. It was not fast but again, he is not a huge company with departments of staff helping him.
      It’s a process.
      Thank you Matt, I appreciate the work you have done and the effort you have put into this campaign.

    15. Missing avatar

      on April 19

      This deck is freaking awesome and beautiful! The art is amazing and the gold foil adds a really cool depth. I love them.

      I feel bad for the amount of push back the creator got on this project. The creator kept us all updated and was straightforward when it came to explaining delays. I hate to admit but I was part of the problem. I recently moved and didn’t contact the creator to change my address in time. My deck was returned and Matt contacted me immediately to ship them back out. I truly appreciate Matt and his team doing that.

      Thanks a lot for a great Kickstarter!!

    16. TenChiGin
      on April 19

      Received my deck in the UK today.

      . . . My only disappointment was at being backer #36 and receiving deck #557.

    17. Missing avatar

      Anna McGowan on April 19

      Received my deck today. Absolutely stunning. I can see how much effort has been put into this project. Thrilled to finally have them and well worth the wait. Thank you so much ❤

    18. Missing avatar

      Rachel James on April 19

      I posted a comment on here a few days ago, and I don't see it anymore. I am concerned. Is there anyway to confirm addresses? I can forward the Kickstarter email showing my address if that's helpful. Otherwise, can you let us know refund process? I am getting concerned.

    19. Missing avatar

      Rachel James on April 19

      Hi can you please verify shipping? Otherwise if you are no longer filling orders can you explain how we get a refund? I have an email confirmation with the correct address from a long time ago, but I haven't received anything. My address is pretty straightforward. Big city. Secure delivery. No problems getting packages. If you are out of decks, are you issuing refunds soon? This is the only Kickstarter campaign I have ever backed.

    20. John H. Halpern, M.D.
      on April 17

      As someone who has backed A LOT of Kickstarter campaigns, I know this campaign was and IS well run. ++++1 to add my voice to the supportive comments below and in praise of this tarot deck and the Creator.

      Campaigns that support a single artist are fundamentally “different” than a huge technology project for a new gizmo. Complaints about delay are totally absurd: 6 months delay? 9 months? WHATEVER! Don’t you want the very best that can be achieved? Isn’t delay for that reason 100% in harmony with why you backed the campaign to begin with??

      Kickstarter isn’t a store (blah, blah, blah...). I’m sure everyone knows that. But what then IS Kickstarter? Crowdsourcing allows creators to realize their dream to bring something new into this world. We, as backers, get to be part of that process and, yes, get access to products early and sometimes at a great discount and also though with the risk for delays and even complete loss of our money. We also get to interact directly with the creator. I see anger as justified when fraud clearly is afoot and/or the creator just disappears without any communication at all. That’s never been the case here.

      Let’s keep our Kickstarter community a happier place. If the Creator is communicating and explains why there are delays then, yes, please remain supportive. If you can’t handle that then stop backing campaigns. Also I do strongly recommend to those who flip out to stop posting that stupid line of “I invoke my rights” crap from an out of date 2012 terms of service that has since been replaced. Even so... there never has been a need for any backer to post such a statement and all it really does is show everybody else that you are clueless about Kickstarter and are likely a troll.

      I already got my decks- I was an early backer. The quality is incredible. The deck is so very beautiful; it’s a treasure that will only see occasional use for special readings. Nice to hear from another backer grouching there will be a mass produced deck on the way...

      If you love Art Deco or even seek a deck free of dark colors and far from that Alastair Crowley deck, then this is for you! The art has so much to offer in each card and especially as you see how themes are built and revealed.

      The wait is worth it. Truly.

    21. Kat Genser on April 15

      Such a high quality and beautiful tarot deck. Thank you! ♡

    22. William
      on April 14

      he = be more pleased

      Argh phone typing fumble. 🙇‍♂️

    23. William
      on April 14

      This deck is so beautiful. I've been eagerly anticipating having it in hand and I couldn't he more pleased.

      I can't wait to see more of your work! Superb.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Timpo on April 14

      Hi Matt! my deck arrived yesterday and it is everything I hoped for and more. Thank you for all the hard work it took for you to create this deck. I am an artist too and I know how much mental and creative work this had to have taken for you. Great job. Thank you again!

    25. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on April 14

      @ Shady Canary - Thank you for that! I am SO glad you like the deck and I GREATLY appreciate the support and patience :-)

    26. Shady Canary on April 13

      Matt - This deck is the most beautiful and elegant deck I've ever held, let alone owned. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and the time and care you've taken in delivering this high-quality product. I'm sorry so many people are being so hateful to you - apparently, they must not understand how Kickstarter works. I've backed many a thing through Kickstarter and you are not alone in taking longer than the estimates. Keep being awesome <3

    27. Missing avatar

      Jessica Sawchuk on April 11

      From my perspective, unhappy folks who assume the worst go in like vultures for the kill, and demand instant responses and start name calling and sarcasm and threats. Thats alot to take. Its overwhelming, and exhausting. I re read the very clear update that was written. The post office screwed up. Which is why they are still waiting for tracking numbers. That happens, alot. Matt and his wife are now in a legal process to figure it out. Some addresses were wrong. To be expected. Give them a chance to fix it. He explained everything. It doesn’t seem to me that there is any subterfuge.
      There are two people behind the scenes managing this process. Its alot. If he wasn’t updating and if many people weren’t pleased with what they got, I suppose you’d have a point. Perhaps look a little closer at how you approach these individuals and consider the magnitude of the job.
      And I must ask:
      What would be the point of these hard working artists trying to screw you over?

      Nothing like that is happening. Give them a break. They are human beings. All of this panic seems unwarranted. I stand firmly by what I said. So you waited longer. You waited longer for a hard working artist to HAND DRAW an elaborate deck of cards and then painstakingly search for the right printer to get the job done right- not mediocre. To get the job done right for YOU.
      It will be OK. Be nice. Be decent. Back off of these people, they are doing the best they can. Geez folks, the world is crazy. Why are you all ganging up on other people? Its not going to change the situation. Please stop.

    28. Heather Miewald on April 10

      I would say the admonition to be nice goes both ways. And people did wait. And wait. And wait. Which is fine. However, reasonable requests for information were often met with rudeness and a "how dare you" attitude, which was not nice at all.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jessica Sawchuk on April 10

      I feel like I have to come to the defense of the artists of this project. I am so disheartened by the impatience and pure disrespect that people are showing in regards to this process. Perhaps its that we are used to everything coming to us at a super fast rate on amazon, but the reason this project was so special was the level of craftsmanship involved. If you want something truly beautiful? You wait. Matt has given constant and honest updates. If the post office screwed up, thats not his fault. If addresses were wrong, its being fixed. I got my deck and its one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen. I would have waited longer. The internet gives the illusion that we can behave however we want- there are REAL humans on the other side of the screen working HARD trying to make things happen for YOU. Be nice.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stella Waldvogel on April 9

      Backer #471 here.
      I am not accusing anyone of anything at this point, but I have not received my deck yet, either.

      The messages here could be a simple misunderstanding, the fact that Matt unfriended me on facebook could be part of a normal friends list cleanup, and the face that my PM there asking for tracking info was seen but not responded to, while unprofessional, could simply be an oversight. But taken together, all of this does raise concerns.

      I have shared images of the deck on facebook and at a cartomancy forum I frequent and netted you some sales among my friends. (I certainly hope they got their decks.)
      While I understand that mail can be delayed, the USPS site lists 1-3 business days transit time for First Class Mail.

      I am located in the US. I have not moved since backing this project. My deck is definitely late.

      I only ask that this be rectified, I will give this a little more time, but if nothing happens soon, I will be pursuing a refund through the most effective channels.

    31. Missing avatar

      S. Russell on April 9

      I am not prepared to get into a slanting match with u on here or another platform but please note that what u have said is a total lie! U have not responded to any thing on Instagram as far as I am aware as u blocked me before I could await your response. We have never corresponded via email and I have screen shots of messenger to show u did not respond after my initial message. I was only ever polite and i no way agressive. I tried to sort out a solution. Only after I posted my comment below did u then let someone else message me on your behalf saying that I was harassing you and u threatened me with being reported to Facebook and that u would sue me! How is that me being agressive?
      All I have done is ask for my tracking info and to be refunded. That's not too much to ask. I WILL await my deck to arrive and it WILL be sent back promptly. I will then look forward to my PROMPT REFUND so I can draw a line under this and I never have to contact you again.

    32. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on April 9

      @ S. Russell - We have responded to you on Instagram, Facebook, email, and now here. The fact that you are sending us messages hourly asking the same questions and then responding to our messages with aggression and hate are uncalled for. Yes, MANY people have received their decks so there is not a question as to IF the decks were shipped. Yes, you being located outside the US will probably delay the shipping. As we stated in each response to you - your package has been sent. It is in the mail. Because of this we CAN NOT issue you a refund. We have told you several times the steps needed to get a refund. If you would follow those steps you will get a refund.

    33. Missing avatar

      S. Russell on April 9

      Still waiting for my deck. No tracking info given dispite him saying that he has it. Why can't I be told? Matt is now ignoring my messages. I would love a refund. After almost two years have elapsed since handing over my money I find US Games is printing the same deck we are getting, asside from a signed squiggle. Im not against creators being picked up by a publishing compay, but we havent even got our decks yet and I could have bought it for a fraction of the cost via Amazon! I really don't even want the deck anymore. It's going back if it ever arrives and I want a FULL refund. None of this has been handled well. It's not acceptable. Poor communication. Disgraceful behaviour at his attitude towards his backers. I've never experienced anything like this before The tarot community is not impressed. I am not alone in my views of this whole badly managed campaign and the treatment we have recieved. I have been polite and patient but it's gone on too long and I am beyond fed up. I am angry. I have asked for details and got excuses. I want a refund.
      We do talk to eachother you know, within the community. Many are not happy with this whole experience. I really don't want this deck any longer and would just love my money back to invest in a more worthy cause. As I said my messages are being ignored and it would seem I have been blocked on Instagram too for daring to post my experiences on your account. So Im now trying here. Hopefully I will get some attention and fingers crossed, my Refund!!!!

    34. Jasper Meer
      on April 7

      Eleven months overdue on estimated delivery of these decks. Johnny-come-lately, post-ks purchasers receiving their decks first. A US Games, mass market version of this deck due to publish soon. Persnickety, catty DMs from the creator about my "negativity." And... I'm still awaitin' Mr. Postman for my deck. This is hilarious.

    35. Jasper Meer
      on April 6

      Same here, Heather. Nothing, nada, zilch... maybe they're being delivered by foot?

    36. Heather Miewald on April 5

      still haven't received my Ethereal Visions deck, and I was hoping you could verify that it was shipped, or provide tracking information if it's available.

    37. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on April 4

      @ Uncle Lanky Frank - Thanks! What a wonderful compliment from a fellow Art Nouveau enthusiast! And I am so jealous of your pilgrimage. I hope you will like the we have launching in September!

    38. Uncle Lanky Frank on April 4

      Got my deck last week and was blown away by the quality. I had thought the gold elements would be reproduced lithographically, but was astonished to see the embossed foil. Just stunning! I funded the cards as a gift for my girlfriend. We both love Art Deco and Nouveau and made a pilgrimage to Glasgow to see the works of Rennie and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh. She was as amazed as I was and declared they were "the most beautiful thing" she'd ever seen. Thanks for making me a hero!

    39. Missing avatar

      on March 29

      My address just recently changed and I sent a private message but wanted to make sure you received it? Please let me know.

    40. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on March 29

      @ Trena Labowski - So glad you like it!!

    41. Trena Labowski on March 28

      Received my deck. Absolutely beautiful and worth the wait. Just wish my numbered deck had been under 100 since I was backer #76. Truly a work of art. Thank you Matt.

    42. Jasper Meer
      on March 26

      Lawzy, my deck should only be shipping from across Atlanta...

    43. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on March 24

      Just letting everyone know we are in the final phases of shipping the items so all packages are expected to be on their way no later than the end of next week (by March 30th). Please be patient as the decks travel the world to reach you! Once you receive them please share a photo!!

    44. Susan Ottesen on March 22

      That would have been ok too! 😉

    45. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on March 22

      @ Susan Ottesen - Or it's that "beer of the month" club I signed you up for.

    46. Susan Ottesen on March 22

      So...I got a message from ups this morning...i have a package being delivered today. Maybe? Wheee! Really excited!

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Kelemen on March 17


      I want to confirm, I backed the "Uncut Sheet of the Major Arcana."I will receive the "1 Uncut Sheet of the Major Arcana signed and numbered" and not the uncut 4 sheets you posted previously correct?

      Beautiful work by the way.

    48. Matt Hughes 6-time creator on March 7

      @ Silvia 'MoonCoach' Pancaro - Yep, that is what we have ;-)

    49. Silvia 'MoonCoach' Pancaro on March 6

      Awesome to know they are being shipped to us! I know I've messaged you my updated address since we moved to Georgia, but just making triple sure :) You have my new address in Canton, GA, right?

    50. Missing avatar

      Alecia Thomas on February 22

      Hi Matt here is my new address im leaving it on kickstart as you wanted
      Alecia Thomas 4707 Borina Drive San Jose CA 95129. I cant WAIT to see the deck so cool

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