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Tulie's Garden: the book's video poster

A book about authenticity, vulnerability, and the dark side of being a man — as revealed through the personal experience of the author. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Comics
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This project was successfully funded on September 3, 2011.

A book about authenticity, vulnerability, and the dark side of being a man — as revealed through the personal experience of the author.

Los Angeles, CA Comics
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It’s raw, real and a must read!”
— Nick Ortner, Executive Producer, “The Tapping Solution” documentary

“It is a road map for every man seeking connection and full expression. I couldn’t put it down."
— Rich Dutra-St John MA MFT, co-author of “Be the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For”, co-founder of Challenge Day & the Be the Change Movement

“Tulie's Garden is a book for the male seeking to connect with his dark side and the denied part of his authentic self."
– Herb Goldberg, Licensed Psychologist & author of “The Hazards of Being Male”

"Matt's deeply personal book with his words, his drawings, his inner journey, also seems universal. We elders may recognize this journey as we have been there. Young men may track this path, discover their own trajectory and take heart. With this gift of guidance they may just find the soul poetry of worthy masculinity."
Bill Kauth, co-founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure of the Mankind Project and author of "A Circle of Men" and "We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community"

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It’s hard for me to categorize Tulie’s Garden.

I didn’t set out to write a parable, a self-help book, a graphic novel, or an autobiography. I just wrote a book with a drawing on every spread. I’ve tried to capture my experience of defining and discovering myself in the creative medium that I like best.

To the extent that people have had similar experiences—if they have ever tried to figure out who they are or how they fit into the world—they will appreciate this book.

Specs: Hardcover, 116 pages, 48 illustrations

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This book is a vehicle for me, Matthew Alexander Sloane, to get into conversations with men around the importance of vulnerability as a way into their true power and authentic selves. The video I created below will give you insight as to why this matters so much to me (and it's got cool music : )

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Please help solidify the remaining costs required to get Tulie's Garden into the marketplace this upcoming Fall season, especially in the hands of the intended audience ~ men, ages 30 to 45, who are just beginning to get interested in personal development.

To launch nationwide, profits from this fundraiser will cover advertising and marketing expenses (on and offline) as well as the set up fees for on-demand printing and distribution.

So far I've completed...

  • Book packaging (drawings, writing, proofreading, design, almost print-ready files)
  • Foundation of "Playgrounding Press" to carry the book as a self-publisher.
  • Collaboration with a fantastic editor along the way ~ thanks Maya Stein!

• • • • • • •


This book chronicles the ongoing process of my self-identity and self-realization. It’s intended as a meditation space for others to engage with their own explorations and to provide gentle, affirmative guidance through the journey from boyhood to manhood.

It's about authenticity, vulnerability, and the dark side of being a man — as revealed through my personal experience.

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More details about the book on

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Thank you!


  • The book will get to those who pledged for them in the mid-to-late Fall. Thereafter, as soon as I can, I will make the book available for online ordering through my website and Amazon. It may not be stocked in bookstores right away (until there is demand for it), however, bookstores and libraries will have the option to order it.

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  • After this fundraiser ends (Sept 3rd), the money is held for 2 weeks and then made available to me. At that time, I will order the books to be printed, receive them, then distribute them with any goodies you've pledged for. Those steps may require a few more weeks (and I'll move as fast as I can!)

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    Thank you EMAIL and a big hug when I see you in person.

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    Thank you POSTCARD featuring art from the book and a big hug (as per above).

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    Screen-friendly PDF of the book and a postcard with a thank you (hug still available in person).

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    One HARDCOVER BOOK shipped to your door, a thank you postcard, plus... huggy time (please add $10 for international orders ~ outside the U.S.).

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    One SIGNED BOOK made out to you or a name of your choice, your choice of an ILLUSTRATED PAGE PRINT from the book, and... yes, we'll totally hug it out (please add $10 for international orders).

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    Two SIGNED BOOKS for you and someone you love, made out to whatever names you give me, sent to your address, your choice of two ILLUSTRATED PAGE PRINTS from the book, and just like the smiles at McDonald's,... the hugs are on me (please add $15 for international orders).

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    Everything from the $100 level + 3 PRIVATE "Emotional Freedom Technique" SESSIONS via skype with Matthew (see ). Sessions can be received before March of 2012. An EFT (meridian tapping) session is like a little journey into your inner world, your past, your future, often leaving you feeling more grounded, peaceful, and clear-headed with regard to your issue.

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