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A full color, twenty page mini comic designed to teach beginner magic tricks in a fun and visually engaging way.
A full color, twenty page mini comic designed to teach beginner magic tricks in a fun and visually engaging way.
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Recent updates

The rewards are FINALLY shipping!

Hey everyone! I don't know if these are going to make it in time for Christmas (at this point I don't think they will and I'm sorry for that), but I'm going to be sending the books out tomorrow.

Once I had the final artwork (last month) I sent them to ComiXpress and paid for rush printing with a guaranteed shipping date of 12/12/11. The horror stories from ComiXpress must be true, because the order didn't actually ship until 12/19/11 (they refunded me the rush fee, but I would have gone with Ka-Blam if they would have been up front about not being able to meet the deadline). These guys are responsive via e-mail and the printing is a great quality, but they're lousy with actually getting you what you order.

As to the video of me teaching the tricks, I am working on finishing that up and I'll get it uploaded to a video site soon and send you all the private link :)

Thanks again for all your support with this project. It means so much to me and can never thank you enough!

All the best,


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The first full color page!

Hey guys - just writing in with an update. I know that it's been a while since the project funding finished up, but the project's moved a little slower than I anticipated, mainly because I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect, when it came to getting the magic explanations to look right. There was a lot of going back and changing things along the way.

The comic's artist, Briana Higgins, has really done an amazing job, though. The book looks amazing! And with that, I've finally got the first, full color page to share!

So here it is :)  I hope you guys love it, and I can't wait to have the finished version to ship out to everyone!

Thanks again,


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Making Progress...

Hey all! I know it's been a while without an update, but I wanted to make sure I had something cool to show before showing anything.

So without further ado, here are two pages (they're not in order) from the upcoming comic. They're just in black and white for now, but rest assured they'll be fully colored before the comic is printed :)

By the way, if there's anyone out there who really wants to learn how to make a comic book, let me offer this bit of advice: go and make one. I'd read blogs and books on the subject (Scott McCloud has some of the best books about the process), but nothing has taught me more than this process of getting out there and doing it. It's been an education like no other! Often challenging, often rewarding :) So thank you, everyone, for helping me achieve this goal!

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Funding has ended!

Hey everyone - thanks again for all your support :)

The project funding is now over and I'm communicating with an artist to begin work on the comic book. I'll be sending out a survey soon to get everyone's shipping info for when the rewards are ready. Because the comic isn't created yet, it might be a little while before I get everything shipped to you, but it'll be coming as soon as I can get it produced.

Thanks again for all you support, it really means so much to me :)


We're over 100% with just 2 days to go!

Hi everyone - thanks so much for your support! We're over the 100% mark which means this project will definitely get funded. We've still got two days to go, though, so please spread the word. It doesn't look likely that we'll reach the $800 mark, but every little bit over $400 will help get closer to more pages in the final project :)

Thanks again! You guys are the best :)