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A simple, powerful message. Over the last decade, a half million stickers have traveled around the globe. Be a part of the movement.
702 backers pledged $30,290 to help bring this project to life.

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A new way to support the project, let's bring this message to more cities!


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In the mail!


Guess what? The skid of books arrived late last week (after being held up in the winter storm). We had a wonderful packing party over the weekend, and your book and rewards shipped out first thing this morning!

Be watching for yours soon :)

You can find more photos of the progress on the @yabsticker Instagram account, or my personal @heyitsmatthew Instagram account.

Also, if you haven't filled out your survey yet (and you know who you are), please do! We'll send your pack of goodies to you, just as soon as you let us know where to send them :)

A little preview for you.


I wanted to share with you 10 chapter lessons, along with a few virtual images. The idea is that this book becomes an inspiration manual for your own creative ideas. I can't wait to send your copy! 

The book was designed by Firebelly Design in Chicago, printed by Shapco Printing in Minneapolis, and made possible by you.


Start anywhere 

As long as it’s now

If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, you'll be waiting forever. Measure twice and cut once…but eventually you have to cut the board.

Keep going 

You’ve got this

Everyone is not going to agree with you. People might not get it. And that's ok. Don't stop yourself short, trust you are doing incredible things.

Put your back into it 

Get your hands dirty

If you're not going to give it your all - stop what you're doing and walk away. Don't be above any job, you need to be willing to do the heavy lifting.

Take action 

Embrace risk

At some point you have to brave the climb, when there is no turning back. Make grand gestures, act unforgettably. Do things that scare the pants off you.

Create an impact 

Do a lot with a little

Do something for a stranger unexpectedly, unapologetically say it's ok to be human. Be audacious, a little dangerous, give gifts and have fun.

Start a conversation 

See where it leads

Nothing happens when you keep it all inside. Just say hello…something. Your individual voice will change to a dialogue, and nothing will ever be the same.

Make it yours 

Run with it

Life is open source, it’s for everyone to interpret and rework. Get inventive, contribute in your own way by creating unique and memorable moments.

Work together 

And invite people into your world

Give someone a chance to shine, give others opportunities you’ve only dreamed of. Lend a hand, and remember that we’re all in this together.

Be open 

And define your success

Your path is unique, those bruises and scars show how you never held back. You have no way of knowing what lies ahead, and that's the fun part.


Be spectacular 

Be you

We need you to be larger than life. Be your own parade. Do and create things that leave nothing the same. Let's be human to each other again.


Copies of A Decade of You Are Beautiful are available online here.

We're almost there!

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