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Change I Will ~ A children's book about change.'s video poster

The only constant in life is change. As we grow older society labels & judges us. Come follow a caterpillar out of this conditioning. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 10, 2012.

The only constant in life is change. As we grow older society labels & judges us. Come follow a caterpillar out of this conditioning.

About this project

About this Project:

Change I Will helps parents tell children a story about having an inner voice, observing others judgements, and understanding the very nature of change. I explore this fragile concept for children in Change I Will with pages filled with pictures that will trigger your child's imagination about change. The symbols, textures, and characters are there to reinforce that journey we all must go on to become our authentic selves.

Ask yourself this question, "If I could tell my child version of me anything, what would I say?". The answer for me without a hesitation is, "The only constant thing in life is change". The very idea of permanence or that things are the way they are, just because, is what limits potential. In our world today, society preaches to us that we need to be in a specific field to be anything at all.  In reality, the Universe seems to prefer an evolved being that is diverse and well rounded. The concept of being well rounded stems from ones capability to understand the function of change.

Crafted for children roughly from 5 to 8-years-old, Change I Will is written and illustrated to include all types of kids. The main character has no specific orientation to race or gender; it is a conscious evolution to story telling.  The pictures are created to be colorful, lots of texture, filled with nature and animals for a child to jump right into the story.

Written and constructed by Matthew Schildkret an experienced artist and Urban Planner. Change I Will is being designed and produced with minimal carbon impact on the Earth and will be an exquisitely made 18 page hardcover full color picture book. It will captivate your child and leave them with the concept that change is all around us. So if your family is experiencing a divorce, a sibling is leaving for college, your child is heading into a new grade, or there was a death in the family, or you simply want your child to learn more about how things change, then Change I Will is the book for you.



(The gift scarf styles will vary. Check LateSundayAfternoon to see what styles are available)

Why I Want to Make This Book:

This book is in response to turning 30 and having just lost my father to cancer. I had a great childhood, filled with books I loved, nature, and family. Though, I gained little from most children's book that did not have a clear message about change. As I look back on my last 30 years of life, I recall my 20's being about understanding the 'new me'. My teens were filled with the conditioning of the friends, the media and overall society. It was the time when I thought for myself but mostly only as far as other kids or the culture. But my childhood was a mix of being totally conscious as most children are and being conditioned by everyone and everything around me. Sure my parents read me books that touched on change but these books never really explained what was happening and why "I felt" the way I did. Children go through immense changes every single day. I hypothesize that children cry mostly not because they are sad but because they cannot comprehend why things are changing so much.

The Story:

A Caterpillar, who loves being a caterpillar, has a feeling inside one morning that has never came up before. The caterpillar meets a wise owl, who reflects to the caterpillar the question the caterpillar asked the owl, "What is beyond this tree". Change I Will takes place in the stage of this caterpillar's life when it stops eating and decides to go embrace the feeling of change. We watch this brave caterpillar leave on a journey that will transform its very existence. Along the way we meet three distinct colorful characters: a bumblebee, a cricket, and an owl. 

The Bumblebee flies fast and swift around the caterpillar's world. He sees only one dimension of the caterpillar's world. He cares not of who the caterpillar really is or why it is on a journey. The Bumblebee is stuck in judgement about this slow caterpillar.  

Cricket who creates beautiful music and sits upon a most unusual flower. She only knows what she can do and has only words to stay about herself. She will never give the caterpillar a chance to believe that it could play music as beautiful as hers. The Cricket is stuck in expectations about this most quiet caterpillar.

Finally, the wise Owl  who has seen many caterpillars come to his tree. He gives the tiny caterpillar exactly what it needs; a teaspoon of guidance, a place to build a cocoon, and the promise that he will be there when the caterpillar wakes up. The wise Owl is the mentor and gives confidence to the brave caterpillar that whatever will be will be.

Come follow this amazing little caterpillar as it journeys through its right of passage in the world. 

What I Already Have and Need:

I have the story written and 7 pages complete so far.  I need $10,000 as a base to have the book edited, scanned, touched up, published, and start the next book in the series. Plus, I have to make all your gifts!  If I reach my goal I will also be giving out copies at Burning Man :)

About Me:

Matthew Schildkret, is respected in communities across the world, has worked at the White House Council of Environmental Quality (Check out the announcement), given numerous talks about community and change (Check out a recent article on Matthew!), recently featured in a community blow in Venice (Check out the profile on Matthew), and has worked diligently on his own inner change through losing his father on February 27, 2011. 

I have studied art in Amsterdam and have been creating for nearly 20 years.  The creative Matthew Schildkret will bring his colorful and practical eye to the project; while creating rich images that will draw children and adults in for a fun story.

We have the community: You! Which brings us to…

What I Need from You:

The goal is to raise the funds to:

·      Pay for the time and labor to create the hand made tedious images

·      Pay our amazing editor in Los Angeles, CA

·      Pay our picture editor so the images are scanned and clean in the book

·      Cover the costs of the first print run of 1,000 books (including shipping it   out to all of you.)

This is a project that has classic elements form traditional children's books that every generation can resonate with. The way I want to create the images, the process from start to finish being local: from the environmentally friendly printing to the very nature of the Kickstarter campaign is a new paradigm of how the system of publishing is 'changing'.  Your support lets me do it as an artisan.  It's also a way of making a statement about supporting a visionary, who seeks to create a conscious collection of books for children.  This is why our different reward levels are tagged with various stages of metamorphosis. 

All children deserve stories that teach them not only about how they are special, but also about what connects them to their life's journey.  Change I WIll tells the story all children go through as they evolve.  

Please back this project and bring more conscious stories of change into this wonderful world.


If you’re not sure how this whole Kickstarter thing works, check out their FAQ page.  If you have any questions at all about the project, about where your money will go, or if you have ideas or suggestions of ways to collaborate please get in touch.  You can email Matthew at

International backers (outside the U.S. or Canada) please add $20 to help us with the cost of shipping.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    WELL WISHER: You get access to all project updates (which will include several jokes appropriate for your favorite 4-6 year old) and our sincere gratitude for your support.

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    FAN CLUB: Get an official “Change I Will” sticker. Let your kids remember that change is the only permanent thing in life with this colorful joyful large sticker.

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    OCCUPIER: All of the above + an eBook version of Change I Will (for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Cranny, etc…)

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    EGG: All of the above + a first edition, hardcover copy of Change I Will. Sit with your child and read this full color old school hard cover version over and over again.

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    LARVA (the caterpillar stage)): All of the above + a personalized book inscription from the author/illustrator.

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    PUPA (the chrysalis phase in a butterfly's development): All of the above + you get a second copy of the book to give to your sister who just had a baby, your favorite pre-school teacher, or we'll deliver it to a bookmobile, shelter, fertility clinic, parenting group, library, or anywhere else you tell us.

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    BUTTERFLY: All of the above + a handmade "Late Sunday Afternoon" scarf; made from the author himself.

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    CHANGE ENTHUSIAST: All of the above + we’ll deliver to you a framed original piece of concept art from the book process.

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    METAMORPHOSIS: All of the above + author/artist Matthew Schildkret will create a one of a kind 16x20 painting from your child's favorite page in the book!

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    BUTTERFLY COLLECTOR: All of the above + 1(one) of the 18 original story boards + a 1-on-1 story time\Q&A on Skype with Author/Artist Matthew Schildkret.

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    WARRIOR OF CHANGE: 4 copies of 'Change I Will" + a Late Sunday Afternoon Scarf + a framed painting (either original art from or a new custom painting from artist Matthew Schildkret).

    PLUS a 2 night stay at Jim Morrision's old apartment in Venice California just steps from the beach.

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