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Perhaps the last ever feature shot entirely on Super 8mm film, which now needs to get transferred to video for post-production!

What is this "sky melting" thing?

HOW THE sky WILL MELT is the name of an original micro-budget feature film debut by me, Matthew Wade. Back in 2012, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce the film, which you can see here. Though it failed to reach it’s goal, it did allow us to connect with lots of people and get a very enthusiastic response from folks out in the social media world.

With a couple thousand dollars donated to our movie’s Paypal account by very generous friends and family, and by the production team shelling out a massive amount of time, energy, and money (massive to us, anyway), we somehow shot the entire film as we had intended to: on film stock. Super 8mm, to be exact.

So now the entire film has been shot. Production is officially wrapped. The only thing left for us to do now is transfer that film to video so that it can be edited.

On the set of 'HOW THE sky WILL MELT'
On the set of 'HOW THE sky WILL MELT'

What is 'HOW THE sky WILL MELT' about?

Set in the colorful 1980's, our story follows Gwen, a young musician with a growing paranoia disorder, who finds herself returning to her small hometown of Boise, ID after a traumatic event she was involved with back in Los Angeles. Upon her return she and her old chums spend their days speculating on the defects of an ever-present normality that suffocated them.

They soon conjure up a perceived answer to their boredom: an antique chest that houses the ingredients to make any number of things from a birthday cake, to a monster, to the apocalypse. Diverting her emotional issues with this strange discovery, Gwen and her friends begin to deteriorate their own lives and the fabric of the universe.

It was important for us to shoot HOW THE sky WILL MELT on film, and not video, because we wanted it to not only be a sort of period piece based in the 80’s, but also that it would look and sound like a relic from that time.

We are used to making odd, personal films. My short films (all shot on Super 8mm or 16mm) have screened all over the world in major and genre/niche festivals. But a project this size requires a larger amount of support and that is where the Kickstarter community comes in.

"We are breathing, dreaming blood-filled machines, and the work of those machines is always a struggle against their own failure. This is how Matthew Wade scares me: not in vision, not that grainy texture of film he uses in so many of his films, but in realization. In watching a Matthew Wade film I’m forced to consider the precarious dilemma of my own existence." -Timothy David Orme

To see some behind-the-scenes footage of us shooting HOW THE sky WILL MELT, watch our video at the top of the page. All of the behind-the-scenes footage was shot by our good pal Zach Voss of Retroscope Media in Boise, ID.

Why do we need KICKSTARTER (aka, what is our money going to be used for)?

We need Kickstarter to help us raise the final funds the movie needs so that we can transfer the reels of film to High Definition video (called telecine). All movies, TV shows, and commercials still shot on film have to be scanned by a lab into a computer so that post-production work can be done on them.

After the film is transfered to video and put onto hard drives, we can edit, complete sound design, do the animation FX, and everything else we need to get the film ready to show an audience.

The best way to see what we are talking about is just that - see it. So here is a sample of several Super 8mm projects transferred by LIGHTPRESS, a Seattle lab we really dig who specializes in HD film scanning/color grading.

Because it requires a lab with fancy equipment and highly skilled folks to run it, we want to be able to pay for the best possible version we can get for our film.

If you have specific questions about the process of telecine, why we chose to shoot film, the details of how this telecine thing works, check out our FAQ section below. Or hit us up.

Our movie: A bunch of boxes of film waiting for your help.
Our movie: A bunch of boxes of film waiting for your help.

Any extra money (above and beyond the $5,000) will all go toward the post-production process. The amount we are asking for is the bare minimum for a quality transfer of the film. However, the more we have, the more time and quality we can assure goes into this process.

Also, one of the fun parts about running a campaign is coming up with stuff that we think we would like to get as a reward for helping get a film made. This includes a retro-style VHS transfer of the completed film with original sticker art, Sara’s bake sale for the holidays, the Production Book (which is being designed now and is coming along to be a really cool relic from the making of this movie), original drawings, and lots of other collectors’ items. Additionally, each backer at the $75 and higher level will get a pair of tickets to a private screening being held at a date TBD in Boise, ID. We are doing it in Boise because it's where we shot a majority of the film, contains the majority of the crew, and is home to most of our families, who deserve to see what they have been contributing so much day-and-night hosting and fund-and-food-furnishing to).

What happens after all the film gets transferred?

We have all of the equipment and team ready to handle the editing, sound design, soundtrack recording, animation, and artwork/design materials. Many industry pros have offered their time and service to seeing this film get to its finish line.

With your help, of course, we will be there sooner rather than later.

Who are we?


Sara Lynch - 'Gwen' / Co-Producer / Costumes

Sara Lynch has been acting in films and dancing since she was in high school. She is a strong character actor who studied Acting for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has done costume design for a number of films, including HOW THE sky WILL MELTSara on IMDb and on Twitter.

Annika Karlsen - ‘Pearl’

Annika Karlsen was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After receiving her IB diploma at the North Carolina School of the Arts, she studied at the Vancouver Film School for Acting for Film and Television. She is not only a very strong performer, but also a producer working diligently on some projects currently in development. Annika on IMDb

Scott Alonzo - ‘London’

Scott Alonzo is a Vancouver based actor and filmmaker. He is a graduate from Vancouver Film School's Acting for Film and Television program. His last film, ‘Chishio,’ which he wrote and directed picked up awards in Cinematography and Audience Choice and is set to hit festivals later this year. Scott on IMDb

Mike Webster - ‘Micah’

We have worked with Mike Webster on a number of projects over the years. He is an actor, a great cook, and an artist who is always working on a variety of projects (from installation pieces to gardening difficult flowers and plants). Mike on IMDb

Rodney Genther - ‘The Man from the Sky’ / Grip

Rodney plays the summoned interdimensional traveler who nobody is happy to have show up. When not in front of the camera in make-up, he worked on the entire film shoot as a strong man / grip sort. Catch his stand-up comedy if you can. He’s hilarious. Rodney on IMDb


Matthew Wade - Writer / Co-Producer / Editor / Director

Matthew Wade is an award-winning filmmaker and illustrator whose work has been published in major publications and websites, and screened at major festivals and art exhibitions around the world. Matthew on IMDb, his Official Website, and on Twitter.

Jacob Kinch - Sound Design / Recordist / Co-Producer

Jacob Kinch is a Seattle based sound designer, audio engineer and musician. He has worked on sound for a number of films, TV shows, and AAA video games. Jacob on IMDb and on Twitter.

Chaz Gentry - Co-Producer / Cinematography

Chaz Gentry is a do-it-all guy in the world of indie film. Owner of Strangecraft Grip & Electric (a mobile movie van with lights, a generator, grip equipment, etc) Chaz was a key contributor to getting HOW THE sky WILL MELT made. He contributed loads of his professional and personal time to the project. Chaz on IMDb

Yong Jin Kim - Cinematography / Grip

Yong Jin Kim received an M.F.A. in Cinematography from the American Film Institue conservatory. Yong Jin Kim was raised in more than 7 different countries. This created his unique vision towards the world. His work has been screened world-wide and won many awards. Yong Jin on IMDb

What can you expect from us during this campaign?

We have tons of exclusive stuff from the production to show you as we run this thing, including video from behind the scenes, interviews with cast/crew about making the film, artwork and designs for the custom props and costumes, and lots and lots of really cool stills.

We want you to be as involved in what we are making as possible because that is how we have gotten this far to begin with. So many people, close friends and strangers alike, have pitched in time, effort, resources, and money to help us get HOW THE sky WILL MELT where it is today. It's been encouraging to see so many people so into what we are making.

How anyone can help.

Kickstarter film projects like ours, that have no celebrity names involved to bring in a wide range of fans and celebrity pals, depend on the word of mouth and support of people out there united behind original ideas and attempts. We've come a long ways and have a short way to go to see this passion project reach its end. 

Sharing this project on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, movie blogs, fan sites, DIY forums, and any other places that inevitably sprout up between today and tomorrow, does wonders for small projects like ours.

You can find us at FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, and our cast and crew on Twitter (see names above).

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Movie projects on Kickstarter often talk about the potential problems that come with producing and shooting a film (location issues, actor sickness, equipment rentals/insurance being too high, etc). But here's the thing: Our movie is shot. Production is done. We have the finished film in boxes simply waiting to be transferred.

With your help, before the year is out, you will all get to see preview clips of the film you helped support. We want this thing transferred and into editing ASAP!


  • Short answer: No, but thanks for offering.

    Longer answer: The special way we are writing and recording the score requires folks I am already hard at work with (who I have been working with for a long time) who understand the equipment, style of the movie, and what I am trying to achieve with the way it is scored, going against most traditional sounds and emotional cues in favor of something more authentic to the experience we are creating in 'HOW THE sky WILL MELT.'

    Music in my projects is always being discussed and worked on, to some degree, right alongside production. Both the visual and musical aspects of the film go into post-production together. They exist as a co-dependent singular idea right out of the gate.

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    Thanks! Get a shout out on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and the occasional rooftop + Exclusive Kickstarter updates.

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    A digital download of the original, full-length ‘How The Sky Will Melt’ SOUNDTRACK (recorded, mixed, and mastered on an array of analogue hardware and modern computers) + the shout out’s mentioned above.

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    The $25 rewards + A very limited edition, signed DVD of the completed film sent your way, including a bunch of the extras we all like so much on DVDs.

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    The $50 rewards + Each backer from this reward (and higher) receives a PAIR OF TICKETS to a private, invite-only screening being held in Boise, ID (date TBD after completion of the film) for cast and crew. (Does not include travel or accommodations.)

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    The $75 rewards + A signed, one-of-a-kind VHS TAPE version of the finished film (including original sticker art, signed and numbered). Like any good A/V mix-tape these will include a bunch of footage/oddities not found anywhere else.

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    The $75 rewards + Sara's bake sale! Sara, our lead Actress/Co-Producer, will prove her awesome baking skills by sending you MADE-FROM-SCRATCH BAKED GOODS for the holiday season (based on your taste, allergies, wacky fad diets, etc). Baked goods ship in the U.S. only.

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    The $150 rewards + An original, one-of-a-kind BLACK AND WHITE INK DRAWING by Matthew Wade (you can decide together what you want a drawing of). It’s a cheap way to commission a professional illustrator! No limit on how many of these he's willing to fulfill.

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    The $250 rewards + Get a signed and numbered hardcover PRODUCTION BOOK being made specifically for the production cast, crew, friends, and contributors (there will be only one printing). The book will feature concept art, storyboard sketches, tons of behind-the-scenes photos, words from the cast, crew, and unwitting family members caught in the crosshairs of the lengthy production. Your name will also appear in here as well as one of the contributors to the film and book.

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    The $400 rewards + You are credited as an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on the film and Like any movie producer, you'll want to hang the OFFICIAL MOVIE POSTER (design TBD) on your bathroom/office/garage wall. This will be a full color, illustrated poster (not Photoshop heads floating over irritating font).

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    The $500 rewards + Jacob Kinch, the sound designer for our film, will do a SMALL AUDIO GIG for you, such as: mixing an original song, restoring some aged, damaged audio, or anything you and he can come to an agreement on before the close of the campaign. Jake is a professional audio designer/mixer in Seattle, WA. He has done audio design for a number of AAA video games, short films, features, and television productions.

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    The $500 rewards + Jacob Kinch, the sound designer for our film, will do a REGULAR AUDIO GIG for you, such as: original sound design for an iPad game or app, mix your EP/demo, help you record some music (in Seattle area only), get you a pro theater sound mix for your short film, or anything you and he can come to an agreement on before the close of the campaign.

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    You are named as a CO-PRODUCER on ‘How The Sky Will Melt’ in the credits as well as + MIX AND MATCH whatever rewards you want. Double up on something you like, ask for the jumbo sampler of Sara’s baked goods, make Matthew do an illustration of your dog (or worse, your kids) in full color, or whatever. Have Matthew Wade illustrate a cover for the EP you are mixing with Jacob Kinch. Have another idea we can do? Maybe you like something in the movie (lots of rad, rare and original costume pieces, props, and so on) and want it to add to your movie memorabilia case. Let us know!

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