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An NFL journeyman struggles to deal with life's complexities after his professional career is over.


I’m Matthew A. Cherry, the writer/director of The Last Fall This is my first feature film and it is an OFFICIAL SELECTION OF 2012 SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FILM FESTIVAL (SXSW). SXSW is among the top film festivals in the world and we are beyond honored to world premiere our film at this prestigious festival.

As a lot of you know filmmaking is the ultimate collaborative effort and hundreds of people worked on this project to make this dream of mine a reality and to everyone that worked on the project and will work on it in the future I am truly thankful.

I am coming to you guys today humbly asking for help. We are almost to the finish line but are not quite there yet and I need your support. As a lot of you know the film industry is a very expensive business to be in and we need some additional funding in order to complete the film and to get my cast and crew down to Austin Texas for the premiere. Asking for money is one of the last things that I want to do but it is something that I have to do in order for us to be able to maximize our opportunity down at SXSW.

Here is a link our teaser trailer...


For those of you that are not familiar with me or my film, I am a former NFL player and my film is about the difficulties that many professional athletes face when trying to transition to a life beyond the game. A lot of people assume that all professional atheltes are millionaries and the harsh reality is that a majority are not and actually struggle once they find themselves in retirement. This is a side of the game that has never been captured before in a narrative feature and we are so excited to finally be able to show the world what it is we have been working on. We have an amazing cast that includes Lance Gross, Nicole Beharie, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Obba Babatubnde', Michael Moss, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Sinorice Moss, Harry Lennix and Keith David.


Specifically when I say that we need help finishing the movie, these are some of things that I mean.

  • HD Masters & Dubs: We have to provide a final master and dub for the festival so that they can screen the film at the festival..
  • Marketing, Publicity, Street Team & Final Poster Design:  once we get to the festival, we have to ensure that the film gets its fair share of media coverage and fanbase interest.
  • Original Score & Music:We have to pay our composer to finish the original score and we have to pay to license the music that we plan on using in the final film.


In exchange for your in kind donations to our cause we are providing some amazing gifts in return. They range from some of the promotional materials that we are going to use to promote the film down at the festival (key chains, stickers, post cards, etc.) up to actually credits in our final film. The full list of the incentives are to the right of this menu.

Those of you that follow me know that I am very open with my process and I really want you guys to feel just as much as our movie as we all do. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your kind words and support over the years. I appreciate you taking the time to check us out and please donate if you can. 

All The Best,

Matthew A. Cherry.


Lance Gross // Kyle Bishop

Nicole Beharie // Faith Davis

Vanessa Bell Calloway // Marie Bishop

Harry Lennix // Ron Davis

Keith David // Sydney Bishop

Rell Lee // Darrin Dewitt Henson

Larry Armstrong // Obba Babatunde'

Marcus Sparks // Michael Moss

Von Davis // Sayeed Shahidi

Drew Irving // Sinorice Moss

Agent Vincent // Brandon Anderson

Christine Bishop // Yaani King

Trisha Mann // Beverly Davis

Ellis Williams // Mr. Edwards

Sam Scarber // Coach Green

Britt Loren // Stacy

Portia Jenkins // Diana

Sabrina Sky // Amanda

Rayan Lawrence // The Turk



WRITER/DIRECTOR: Matthew A. Cherry

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Ellis Hobbs, Monique Hobbs, Matthew A. Cherry, Lance Gross

PRODUCED BY: Nikki Love, Scott Hebert

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Dawn "Lucky" Manning

CASTING BY: Michelle D. Adams


EDITOR(S): Michael Norville, Matthew A Cherry


COSTUME DESIGNER: Neiman Tate, Paige Michelle

1ST AD: Chandra ALexander

2ND AD:  Tyler Stratton

2ND 2ND AD: Danielle Clark

KEY MAKE UP: Starrlynn Burden

KEY HAIR STYLIST: Anthony Cherry, Monda Scott

SOUND MIXER: Kirk D. Dwyer


SOUND DESIGN: Shyam Sundar


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