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A documentary look into the soul of the Northwest real-life superhero movement. We follow Phoenix Jones and many other RLSH in Seattle.

Why we need you:

  • Post-production costs
  • Festival submission fees

Where your money goes:

  • Hard drive storage
  • Editing and color correction
  • Original Score
  • Sound mixing
  • Entrance fees to film-festivals

Why this is a slam dunk:

  • We've already shot it, using awesome Canon glass and the best camera people in town.
  • One of our subjects has garnered international attention; if you haven't heard of him yet, you will soon.
  • Some of our footage has already appeared on Australia's 60 Minutes in a segment about RLSH.
  • We have an offer from a local post-production house to drastically reduce the normal costs.

The story behind our story:

In February 2011,  Matt Harrison decided to make a documentary film about the Real Life Super Heroes (RLSH) in his hometown of Seattle, WA. While consulting several Northwest film-makers, he realized it was easy to generate excitement about the idea. His all-star crew has spent countless nights securing interviews and following various superheros through the dark streets of Seattle. Between handing out blankets and food to the homeless and chasing criminals through the open air drug market, this team has immersed themselves into the RLSH life style.

“Citizen Heroes” focuses on the Pacific Northwest’s real superheroes from Knight Owl in Portland to Thanatos up in Vancouver, B.C.!! Our crew rides with Phoenix Jones and his partner Pitch Black while patrolling Belltown to keep the peace. We walk alongside White Baron, Sky Man and Black Knight during homeless outreach work under the I-5 bridge.

We started filming during the height of the “Phoenix Jones” media frenzy. We filmed his meet with 60 Minutes and his meeting with Seattle Weekly’s reporter that resulted in the infamous negative article.

Phoenix was unmasked at the end of 2011, but our movie reveals insights about his group and the superhero movement as a whole. What the world hasn’t seen is that many other heroes operate in the area, and have been doing so since 2008. They patrol alongside him and on their own all across the Puget Sound area. We meet brand-new heroes that are less than a year into it and we watch them learn the ropes. These recent recruits have different reasons for doing what they do, but they all cite recent news coverage of Phoenix Jones as bringing the Real Life Superhero movement to their attention. Can anyone become a superhero? Find out for yourself.


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    Neighborhood Watch -- Of course we thank you in the credits, but you also get a photo of a real-life superhero of your choice from the film!

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